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Feb 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

January was a very interesting time for the team and residents living here in Spain. In short it rained a lot. A year s normal rainfall landed in one month. Fortunately the wall to wall sunshine has returned now that it is at the end of the month. As is the British way of life everybody complained about the weather although the complaints soon diminished once people saw on the Sky TV the weather they were missing in the UK and of course the chaos that went with it.

With our two busiest months coming as far as visitors coming to take a look for themselves (March and April) we thought this month that we would try and give a flavour as to what to expect on a short fact finding visit. It is intended so that those who are in the process of finding a low cost flight over the internet at the moment will now have a good idea what they are going to experience once they get here apart from the information on the website.

The pick up from the airport is quite straight forward of course and visitors are soon relaxing in the hotel in the heart of Antequera. The town itself is very Spanish with an old part of town as well as a very cosmopolitan section with street bars and cafes. It is a very safe town and going for a nice walk in the evenings enables visitors to soak up the atmosphere which is all part of the Spanish way of life. One of the advantages of Costa Difference Ltd is that we only represent four parks in 3 villages close to Antequera so the town itself plays a big part in the new lifestyle that comes with the possibility of buying a mobile home on one of the residential style parks. To our knowledge we are the only company in Spain that can show everything on offer in just one short visit as we do not represent parks or camp sites all over Spain. We think that is the main reason why our short visits are so popular.

Having spent an evening in Antequera the next day the fun begins. From the hotel you are taken to the first of the four parks which is Flamingo Park in the village of Fuente de Piedra. It is a very small and secluded park with wonderful views of the famous Flamingo Lake which fortunately now has plenty of water for the visiting Flamingos. The village itself is also popular with many British residents living in the village itself.

Next it is onto the village of Mollina which has two mobile home parks, Saydo Park and Park La Vi?a. Both parks are very different in style. Saydo Park boasts a huge outdoor swimming pool as well as an indoor pool. It also boasts a hotel on site as well. Park La Vi?a on the other hand not only has the usual swimming pool and community centre but visitors soon feel how relaxed and established the park is and on talking to the residents during the pleasant walk round they soon realise why. It is also the park that is within very easy reach of the village which means not owning a car is not a problem at all.

The final village visitors are shown is the village of Alameda which is where Park La Posada is situated. The park is the newest of the four parks and is different because the emphasis has been put on making the park look and feel very spacious. All the plots are 200 sq metres and not many parks offer plots that size as the norm.The village itself is very typical and in many respects the park complements the village very well. This is down to the design of the reception on the park.

Having seen three villages and four parks in one day means that once back in Antequera visitors have plenty to talk about over dinner that night.

The final day depending on flight times allows visitors to enjoy a last look round Antequera or for the few who would like to go back to see a particular park again we are happy to collect them for a second look. In both cases a time is set for the return to the airport.

We now hope that those planning on coming soon have a better idea as to what to expect. If there are any questions that have remained unanswered by all means reply to this newsletter and put them to us. We are like to think of the the inspection visit as the “eye opening tour” because at the end of the day that is its main function but we also realise that e-mails are also a great way to gather information in the early stages.

To conclude, we have always said that doing the homework is always a very important first stage when thinking about the possibility of moving to Spain to live. We can safely say that very few people make the move having just had the one visit. It is for that reason we offer visitors the chance to come on as many fact finding visits as they would like. Making the right decision in the end is what is important.

If anyone would like to talk to someone in person regarding any aspect of a visit Derick is on hand in the UK and can be contacted on 0117 318 2188. For those who prefer e-mail there is

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