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Posted on March 31, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2015

** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Where did 2015 go? WOW, we seem to have gone through the fastest year on record. One moment we were talking about the plans we had in mind for the year ahead and now we are talking about what has happened over the year.

We are glad to say, however, that all we had planned to do in 2015 happened.

First, we changed the “£69 visit the park” format and that meant we had a lot more visitors come and see the mobile home park lifestyle in 2015.

We had also planned to design a brand new mobile home that is ideal for Spain in 2015, and that the home could then be priced and sold as a resale mobile home demonstrator in situ. We are glad to say we did design a home (The Cordial) and have it built in the UK and shipped to Spain. The home is now on Park La Posada as a demonstrator and can now be sold in the same way as a resale home thanks to their support in making this happen. The home is fully furnished and is priced at £29,950.

So why did the year seem to pass so quickly?

The answer of course is because there was so much going on. Apart from meeting lots of visitors on the regular 4 day visits, we also enjoyed one weekend away in the village of Albatera.  This was for us to see the new Paradise Park in that village at the owner’s request. The visit was all we hoped it would be and resulted in us adding their park to our website.

For us, it is a great park to represent because as everyone knows we ONLY represent quality residential retirement parks in Spain. We leave the campsite parks to other companies operating in Spain.

So 2015 meant, we now have one park on the Costa del Sol and one on the Costa Blanca. We also discovered that Manuel, the owner of Paradise Park, likes to welcome everyone personally to his park. This is a useful bit of information because we are told that anyone visiting the park in December and January can expect to be given a nice bottle of red wine from him as well.

The year continued to be busy for us because we also went to the UK to attend more new mobile homeshows in 2015 than we normally do. In May, we were in Worcester for the dealer show followed by the Olympia in London at the end of May for the “Place in the Sun live” exhibition.

Add to those, the two usual shows we always go to every year. The first was “The Lawns” near Hull which is always in the beginning of September and the second is “The Beaulieu Show” in the New Forest at the end of September.

The result of our very busy year? Lots of people now know what the area and lifestyle is all about, and possibly planning for the future. There are also people who visited the parks in 2014/2015 and are now living their dream, having bought a mobile home during the year.

>>>The years fly by, but they are always enjoyable<<<

The First 2 parks visit in 2016: This is a very special offer and is for newsletter subscribers only.

We are offering the chance to visit both Park La Posada and Paradise Park during the same visit to Spain. You will get to see inland Costa del Sol and inland Costa Blanca at the same time.

To take part, you will need to find flights to arrive at Malaga airport on Thursday the 3rd of March and leave Malaga airport on Tuesday the 8th of March. Please make sure you find (but not yet book) your flights first and then tell us you would like to come. We will then reserve your place, so you can then book the flights you have found.

This is what will happen on the visit itself.

On the 3rd of March, we will collect you from Malaga airport and take you to the town of Antequera, where you will be booked into the 3* Coso Viejo hotel. On the 4th of March, you will be shown Park La Posada, the village of Alameda and the surrounding area. In the evening, you will be taken around the town of Antequera enjoying the “Tapas” trail.

On the 5th of March, you will be taken overland past Granada to the Costa Blanca. We will make the journey an interesting one taking most of the day. You will then be staying in the town of Granja de Rocamora at the 3* Hotel Versalles.

On Sunday, the 6th, you will visit Paradise Park and the village of Albatera. You will then relax for the evening enjoying Granja de Rocamora.

On Monday, the 7th, we will again return to the Costa del Sol making an interesting day of the journey. We will be taking the coast road past Almeria passing interesting places like Nerja. That night, you will enjoy the resort of Benalamadena, staying at the 3* Hotel Bali.

The two parks visit will then come to an end on the Tuesday where you will be taken back to the airport to return to the UK. It will have been a very busy few days but also very interesting.

The cost of this very special visit is only £40 per person per night (£200 in total), and the nights in the hotels and all the transport will be included in that price. What is not included will be your flights, food and drink.

So, if anyone is really interested in seeing both parks and their local areas, please check the low cost airlines now and see if you can book flights to arrive at Malaga airport on the 3rd of March and leave on the 8th of March. It will not matter what time the flights are.

A non-refundable £25 per person deposit will be required when booking your place with us. The balance will then be due at the end of February. To reserve your place, please email or telephone 0800 772 3980. Places are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

Following the visit, we can promise this. Park La Posada and Paradise Park will no longer be in the “wonder what they are like?” category. You will know exactly what they are like, what the villages are like, and why so many people are already living here.

>>>This special offer is only for newsletter subscribers<<<

Christmas in Spain: Very different to the way we celebrate in the UK. Yes, they have trees and decorations all around the village. Yes, they look forward to Christmas as well. No, they do not have homes covered with flashing Christmas lights and huge Father Christmas decorations and no, they do not have a full turkey Christmas dinner on the 25th of December.

For the Spanish, they celebrate “Noche Buena” which is held on the evening of the 24th. This is great news for people like Martin who likes to do things very low key at Christmas. This is because on the 25th all the bars and restaurants in the villages are open as normal and charging normal prices. It is a normal day for the Spanish. That means like Martin, you can enjoy a nice steak dinner with a wonderful bottle of Rioja wine for less than 20€ per person. No stress involved either.

Talking of stress. Being away from the family is also not stressful. Skype is the invention of the century. With a built in camera in the tablet or laptop, residents can easily watch grandchildren excitedly opening their presents as if they were in the room. Then they can switch off and go out and enjoy a wonderful lunch. A relaxing day all round.

That does not mean that some residents do not go back to the UK for Christmas. The UK is after all only a few hours away by plane. However, they will be very happy once they get back to Spain. For Park La Posada residents they can also feel at home by listening to Posada FM the parks own radio station.

>>>Spain offers a very different lifestyle<<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life), so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain, which as you already know begins as soon as they leave the park.

For this month, we are using the words Feliz Navidad which is “Happy Christmas” in Spanish. The word Feliz is pronounced “Fell Leeth” and Navidad is pronounced as “Navvy Dad”.

You will get one very big smile from the cashier at the supermarket if you say that, just as you are leaving at Christmas time. For sure they will reply “igualmente” pronounced “ee gwal ment te” which directly translated means equally but in this case it means “to you as well”.

Also, as Christmas is just around the corner we would also like to wish all our newsletter readers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone at Costa Difference Ltd.

>>> The lifestyle is great so why not try and say a few words in Spanish <<<

Finally: Nearly everyone likes the idea of retiring to Spain. The 2 parks visit planned for next March is perfect for anyone wanting to look at the possibility of buying a new mobile home and retiring to Spain. Both Paradise Park and Park La Posada have plots ready now.

However, it is fair to say a lot of people also like the idea of buying a resale mobile home with everything already in place. For that, there is only one place to visit. Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol. It is truly a 5* park with a few resale mobile homes on offer.

On a dedicated 4 day 3 night visit, you will learn all about the retirement in Spain, lifestyle, plus see inside some great value mobile homes. You will also see for yourself, if the park is as good as we make out plus talk to the residents and ask them how they feel about living in Spain. The short visit only costs £69 per person including the nights in the hotel and transport. We run these visits all year round so everyone can make the most of any cheap flights they find.

To plan your lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

Kind regards and Happy Christmas from,

The Costa Difference team in Spain