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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Dec 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Team news: Malcolm and Sue Hewett joined us in November and becomes the new team members for Costa Difference Ltd representing Park La Vi a having transferred over from our sister company that has represented that park for the past 12 months.
What it means is that that once again we are able to re-introduce the two residential parks inspection visit once more.

Park La Posada and Park La Vi a are the top two dedicated residential mobile home parks on the Costa del Sol both offering a very high level of service to their residents. With both parks being quite close to each other it made a lot of sense the one company to be showing both parks at the same time. The lifestyle on both parks is very similar and both parks have a settled community having been established for over 7 years now. The differences between them will be the feel of the parks themselves as visitors walk around and of course the two villages which are very different to each other yet both very Spanish.

The new inspection visit: As before our dedicated 3 day 2 night visits will still include airport transfers, 2 night s hotel accommodation as well as seeing the parks and area. What will be new however is that now it will be Peter, Jean, Malcolm and Sue who will be showing the parks at different times during the short visit.

For visitors who wish to come on their own to take a look at the parks during their holiday here in Spain nothing has changed. Peter and Jean will entertain the visitors on Park La Posada and Malcolm and Sue will look after visitors whilst on Park La Vi a and we are happy to supply full directions from any resort location along the coast.

Website changes: We have always said that nothing beats coming to take a look in person but as a first step we recommend that the videos on the website are seen in the first instance so that you can have some idea what to expect when a visit is finally planned.

The homes for sale are also not listed in any park order because clearly there will always be the need to take a look at the two parks themselves before any home is considered. That is the beauty of Park La Posada and Park La Vi a along with the villages of Alameda and Mollina. All perfect in their own right and all so different. That said, both parks offer the perfect location to retire to and both villages have everything you could possibly want.

Active retirement: One thing we should make very clear at this point is that the parks are not simply residential parks. They are communities and residents ages range from 50 to 70 ish and the one thing everyone has in common is that they have come to Spain to enjoy life. There is a bowls club, fishing club, line dancing and many other activities as well as golf in Antequera. Residents arrange their own coach trips as well as party nights in the community centre.

The better weather means that a lot more outside activities can be done on a daily basis and for pet owners there are some great walks all around the parks. All the more enjoyable knowing they can go for a walk without dressing up as if they were going to the North Pole beforehand.

Lifestyle: Christmas is as always a time for families and thanks to Skype a lot of residents no longer feel the need to go back to the UK and freeze for two weeks. They can see the grandchildren open their presents, talk as if they were in the same room and enjoy a certain amount of Christmas spirit using the laptop with built in camera and Skype. When the parks were being built in 2004/2005 none of the first residents could of imagined being able to watch Christmas unfold in the UK whilst still being in Spain.

Advantages being inland: Everyone knows what it is like to be on holiday for two weeks in Spain but only the residents know what living in Spain is really like and can appreciate the differences.

We have mentioned Real Spain many times and for good reason. Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella are well known holiday resorts on the Costa del Sol and so it is obvious that anyone speaking English will probably be regarded as a tourist and only going to be there for a few weeks or in some cases the winter. As we all know only too well the world over, from London to New York, tourists are not treated the same as locals and in some cases the prices also reflect that. Tourist hot spots tend to be more expensive as well as busy during the months of July and August.

The town of Antequera on the other hand is not a known tourist resort. Although tourists who want to see real Spain do visit the town, the amenities on offer in the town are for the local population. That means the shops and bars accept English speaking persons as residents because there are so many now living in the area. Hundreds is not an exaggeration as there are at least 350 living on the two parks already. Integrating into the Spanish way of life is so easy and of course on the parks themselves everything is in English.

There is also one other big advantage in living slightly inland. No mosquitoes. Not one, and so there is no need to spray the bedroom at night before going to bed from May onwards.