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Dec 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Merry Christmas: First the team both in Spain and in the UK would like to wish all our newsletter subscribers a very Happy Christmas no matter where you will be celebrating it. Here in Spain the Christmas holidays last from the 24th of December until the 5th of January which is the Three Kings Day. Because the park is owned by a family from the local village (Alameda) the atmosphere at Christmas is a great mix of British and Spanish traditions.

Christmas always kicks off with a party thrown in the community centre by the management for all the residents. Spanish food, wine and beer are offered to the residents all afternoon with some entertainment as well. Many of the Spanish staff working on a daily basis on the park attend which is great for those who like to practice their Spanish in relaxed surroundings.

2011: Has been a great year for the park. The 4 lane outdoor bowls green was completed early on and then phase 2B was bought forward and as a result there are more residents now living on the park having relocated their existing homes. There are now only 6 plots left for new or relocated mobile homes to arrive in 2012. The result of this will be that the demand for resale mobile homes will increase as more and more people like the idea of retiring to live in an affordable mobile home with all the hard work done already.

Why retire to Spain? The first reason of course is the much better weather. The second reason is that the cost of living is so much cheaper. The third and most important reason is that owning a mobile home on a legal dedicated residential retirement park means there are no risks whatsoever. Homes can be bought for as little as 20,000, the park takes care of anything that is Spanish related, retired people get free medical care and the medical facilities here are second to none. What is on offer on Park La Posada is a brand new lifestyle knowing that everything is taken care of. Not to mention making lots of new friends as well.

Retiring in 2012: If you are due to retire in 2012 then now is the time to start thinking about checking out the park and lifestyle. Around March and April is a great time to plan a visit. Visits are always regarded as simply fact finding by us unless we are instructed otherwise. You are welcome to come and visit the park as many times as you wish.

Residents who bought their homes in 2011 had visited the park on more than one occasion and with our help timed their purchase here in Spain to suit their circumstances. Nearly all sales were carried out using a standard three month legal sales contract where a deposit held the home until the buyer and seller were ready to complete. It is not necessary to use a solicitor to oversee the purchase but of course you are more than welcome to use one if you prefer.

Resale home of interest: There is only one Pemberton Mystique on Park La Posada. What makes this home special apart from the price of 29,995 is that it has only been used as a holiday home so inside the home is as new. It really is special. The home is located at the top of the park and has views to enjoy from the decking. Further decking can also be added which makes it very easy to put your own stamp on it.

New mobile homes : In 2012 many manufacturers will be launching new or updated models. If anyone would like more information by all means contact us. We will then pass the enquiry onto the new home distributor in the UK. However, because of the quality of the resale mobile homes that are currently for sale on the park, most people start off by taking a look at the park and the resale homes first and then if they decide they would prefer a new mobile home we then make all the arrangements to see new homes in the UK.

Malaga Airport: The airport has been completely transformed and the new motorway access means getting to and from the airport is quicker as well as easier. It also means that all the low cost airlines now operate in and out of Malaga which opens up nearly every UK airport to at least one airline company. We have noticed more and more people flying from airports such as Bristol where both Easyjet and Ryanair are competing. Cheap flights is one of the main reasons we have been as busy as ever showing people the park. Booking flights three months ahead normally enables visitors to get some great flight deals and our three day two night visits are great value at only 59.

Question asked this month: How much does the insurance cost to cover the home and contents? There are several companies that deal with their clients in English operating here on the Costa del Sol. The park office has all the details and will enable you to get a quote for any home and any value of contents. The average price that residents are paying at the moment is 250 Euros per year.

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