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Dec 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

2011 around the corner: November has been and gone and for us it means getting ready for Christmas, New Year s Eve and then the rush of visitors in 2011. It happens every year. As soon as winter strikes hard in the UK people look on the Internet to see what weather we are having here in Spain and then they come to see for themselves. Sound logic really as they will be seeing Spain at its worst time of year which means any decision to move to Spain is based on facts and not dreams and having seen on Satellite TV that the UK is already in the full grip of winter we think more people will be coming early next year than normal.

Spain in the winter: As expected the rain does come in the winter months but on average rain is only seen on 20 days a year. It goes without saying that not a drop falls in June, July and August. Planning a BBQ in Spain is easy during those months. However, do not be fooled by this. Last winter was the wettest on record. This year we expect it to return to normal and so far during October and November everything seems normal. The good news however is that when it does rain in the winter it is around 15 degs C which means that it soon dries out once the sun returns. If however a hard winter is to hit the Costa del Sol then it can go down to 8 degs C. When that happens it is usually minus 5 degs C in the UK so we should not complain.

To buy or not to buy?: As the recession now seems to be taking effect again in the UK with the sales of houses slowing right down again, people can now see that the advice we give as far as not putting deposits down on mobile homes in Spain before selling their homes in the UK is sound advice. We say this for a very good reason. Selling a home in the UK is stressful enough without adding a purchase of a mobile home to the stress as well. We will always have a good selection of resale mobile homes to offer when the time is right. Coming to take a look is ideal before placing the home in the UK on the market because you will then have an idea what you can buy once the house is sold. A lot of people return to the UK after a visit and place their homes up for sale. Once the home is sold it is a very exciting time to fly out to Spain, choose a home and then return to the UK to prepare everything. It is then a very stress free experience.

Renting for the winter: Because a hard winter has arrived so early in the UK we have again been flooded with requests regarding renting a mobile home for the winter. There are mobile homes that can be rented on camp sites all over Spain but because the parks we represent are residential, renting out the homes by the owners is not allowed and for quite good reasons. The main reason is quite a straight forward one. It is nice knowing that when you buy a mobile home to enjoy your retirement you are not going to be having someone different living next door to you every two weeks on holiday or in the winter months have different neighbours every month or so avoiding the winter. Your neighbours on the park will be home owners who like you have decided to retire to Spain. In a lot of cases neighbours become good friends as they have the same frame of mind as far as living in Spain is concerned.

Back to mobile homes in Spain: On the parks there is a good mix of mobile homes made by all the major UK manufacturers. One home however stands out in that it is the only one of its kind on the parks. It is an Atlas Concept. The home is very modern in design with a raised dining area which is very different from the normal mobile home design. We have of course added a video to the listing which can be found on the webpage that the home is listed on

So, if you fancy a very modern designed mobile home in Spain then this home is well worth a look.

Relocating your own mobile home from the UK to Spain: We have again received a few requests this month asking us what it might cost to move a mobile home currently sited in the UK to Spain. Fortunately we have negotiated with Park La Posada that up to four homes will be allowed onto the park on the new phase due for completion early 2011. We say fortunately because there are not many parks that allow relocations.

Each relocation will need to be priced exactly of course depending on where the home is situated and how easy would it be to load onto a transporter. However, so newsreaders have a rough idea we can tell you that the price for a 38 foot by 12 foot model mobile home currently situated in the middle of England which is quite easy to load would be 6000 entrance onto Park La Posada including full installation to mains water, electricity and sewage as well as Satellite TV and Internet plus 5876.40 to transport the mobile home from the UK to Spain. Both prices include VAT. Contact us if you need any more information regarding relocations. Relocating a mobile home that is already in Spain will of course be cheaper as far as the transport goes.

Question asked this month: Do the Insurance companies for the home and the car deal in English or Spanish? The answer is in English. The policies are written in English and the customer care representatives all speak English as well. We advise and help as far as telling you which companies deal in English. The insurance that is on the home when purchased remains in force until the expiry date.

Useful lifestyle information: Christmas is very different in Spain. They celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th of December. Nothing is open then. The Spanish on the 24th are all at home enjoying dinner with the family, Noche Buena . It does mean however that on the 25th most of the Bars and Restaurants are open as usual and Martin for one will be enjoying a steak in his favourite restaurant instead of doing turkey and all the trimmings. The weather could also make Christmas seem different because if the sun is shining it could easily be 18 degs which is a far cry from the UK on Christmas day.

Finally: As expected early December is busy and from the 3rd of December until the 7th of December we are fully booked with all team members showing clients around. From the 7th until the 22nd of December we are able to accept bookings but then we will be closed for Christmas until the 3 Kings Day on the 5th of January. If you do want to visit us before Christmas it is important to phone Derick as soon as you can on 0117 318 2188 so that he can arrange things our end.

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