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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2009

Dec 2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Firstly a very Happy Christmas from all the team:

Christmas holidays here in Spain last longer than the holidays in the UK as the festive season does not come to an end until after the 5th of January being the night of the Three Kings. Many of us will be spending the time with families and friends in the UK and for sure after a couple of weeks in the cold and wet everyone will be looking forward to returning back to Spain in the New Year.

2009 has been an interesting year and like a lot of businesses throughout the world and companies here that are selling new mobile homes in Spain have had to adapt to the fact that Spain and the UK were hit hardest and longest as far as the recession goes. Although Spain enjoys a lower cost of living than the UK in general it is fair for us to point out that the cost of living advantages are governed somewhat by the level of the Pound verses the Euro.

So why have we pointed this out? When considering buying new mobile homes the mobile homes themselves can be purchased in the UK in pounds so no change there (basic price of the home). The cost of transporting them to Spain can also be paid in pounds so again no change there as most of the time UK transporters are used (around 5000 to 7000). The problem over exchange rates comes with the park entrance/connection fees as they have to be paid in Euros. This sum is usually in the region of 5000 Euros and to give an example, the pound at 1.15 Euros means that you will be paying 4347.26. However, if the pound is at 1.05 for example you will be paying 4761.90 which is over 400 more. It is factors like these that have prompted many special deals being advertised (using the same make and model home as their competitors) with the transport and entrance/connection fees being built in to an overall price. The buyer taking up these special offers will be laughing if the exchange rate at the time of purchase is 1.02 Euros to the pound for example but not doing so well once the pound reaches 1.20 Euros again next year as predicted by many economists. The election result we think will determine just how high it will rise.

The good news as far as buying a resale home is concerned is that with resale mobile homes there is no 5000 Euro entrance/connection charge as the home is already on the park. What that means is that it removes all aspects of the purchase from the currency exchange rate as the home is bought and sold in Sterling. If you are buying a home for 35,000 including decking, aircon and much more, then the home you have purchased is worth all of that from the moment you own it. Not so with new homes. Once a new home is on the park the decking and aircon required will have to be paid in Euros as well and those costs will run into 1000’s of Euros.

So what is there to look forward to in 2010? Until the middle of the year (when the pound is expected to be settled at the correct exchange rate) resale mobile homes seem to be the better bet for anyone who would like to start a new life in Spain. The reason being is that for a relatively small outlay (in buying a home terms) you can buy the mobile home easily, securely and cost effective as all the hard work and substancal costs have been dealt with. We expect to be showing a lot of people around the parks and the homes in March, April and May. It is during those three months we find most people like to plan a short visit. Shake off the winter blues and have something to look forward to. We are quite used to people booking Inspection Visits months in advance as the better flight deals are found when looking that far ahead. In June and July however we do think we will also be showing the new plots available on Park La Posada once again as the exchange rate will be in favour for those only interested in buying a new mobile home once more. At least the decking and air-conditioning will be cheaper at a decent conversion rate.

Inspection Visits: As already stated we do except a booking months in advance, however we feel that after Christmas and of course the New Year there might be a few newsletter readers who would like to come and enjoy a visit earlier. To that end we have just negotiated a special deal with the hotel we use in Antequera. Newsletter subscribers can now book Inspection Visits during the 10th to the 31st of January and have a 3 night break instead of the usual 2 nights for the same price of 49** per person (based on 2 sharing a room). The viewing visit can be taken Monday to Thursday, Tuesday to Friday or Wednesday to Saturday. To arrange this you will need to telephone Derick on 0117 318 2188 by the 23rd of December at the latest as the offer is restricted to 20 rooms only.

** Flights, food and drink not included