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Posted on March 31, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2015

** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

What a difference: Everyone agrees, it is very warm in Spain in July and August. But let us be honest, the Spanish do not go out between 2pm and 5pm. They all enjoy a nice long lunch followed by a siesta.


That is how everyone should approach July and August when living in Spain. Stay in the cool during the hottest part of the day. Or spend it in the pool of course.


Imagine then, what a shock to the system one team member had. On the 23rd July on leaving Spain, it was 32 degrees and sunny.  On landing in Holland on holiday, it was 20 degrees and cloudy. The next day, there was a huge storm, thunder, lightning, wind and rain.


The temperature was 18 degrees. If ever he needed a reminder as to why he chose to live in Spain, he got it. Yes, it is warm in July and August, but you can at least go for a lovely walk in the mornings without an umbrella.


You can also have a healthy lunch and a siesta in the afternoon, plus you can go out in the evenings. You can be out all evening if you want because it is that nice.  BBQ’s can also be planned knowing they will be enjoyable.


>>> The weather is at least predictable in Spain <<<

The September mobile home shows: September is now just around the corner and so are the two main mobile home shows that introduce the new 2016 model homes. The Lawns show at Cottingham, near Hull (5th and 6th Sept) and the Beaulieu show in the New Forest (25th, 26th and 27th of Sept).


Martin and Steve will be attending both mobile home shows and again they will have a very special promotion to offer. On all new Willerby & BK Bluebird mobile homes, they will be offering free entrance and standard installation on any chosen plot on the 5* Park La Posada saving £2500. The home must be a single unit homeand at least 35 feet long in keeping with the style of the park. The park can take single unit homes up to 44 feet long, so there are plenty of models to choose from.


The RRP of the new mobile home quoted by Willerby and BK Bluebird following the launch at the two shows will now be the full price of the home installed on the park minus transporting to Spain. Transport to Spain can be paid at cost price and direct to the transport company, so you will know you are getting the best deal possible on a new mobile home on Park La Posada.


If you are close enough to go to one of the two UK shows in September, please make sure you pop and see Martin or Steve on the display stand within the Willerby new mobile homes display.


The plot for your brand new mobile home can be reserved following a visit to the park any time after that, when flights are cheaper perhaps. Plots will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Homes have to be ordered by the 31st of December, but delivery can be delayed until the end on April 2016 if required to coincide with retirement plans.

>>> The money saved can go on the decking to be built <<<


Another Costa Difference first: In 2007, Costa Difference Ltd was the first Company to introduce custom built homes in Spain to include real tile flooring. We had our own range of homes and of course each one was different. The idea was soon copied, of course, but not to the same standard. All our designer homes had two bathrooms. Now we have taken the plan a stage further with the help of Willerby Homes.


The original idea in 2008 was that anyone with nice furniture in the home they were selling in the UK could then bring it all to Spain and furnish their new park home to the same quality. In fact the home could even be designed with the current furniture in mind.


Now, in 2015 we are again going into new designer territory, but the other way round. We have a client, who after looking at many UK models liked the Willerby Lyndhurst.  However, they also wanted to use their own furniture in the lounge and bedrooms with some design modifications.


The Willerby Lyndhurst is, of course, a standard production model. So, after negotiations with Willerby we are now having a Willerby Lyndhurst 2016 model built with the lounge, dining area and bedroom custom stripped of all the furniture, including what is normally built in.


It will also be fitted with the current 2015 model curtains in the lounge. We are calling it the 2016 packaged Lyndhurst.


By changing the build specifications for the new home, the packaged 2016 Willerby Lyndhurst will now arrive at the park later this year exactly how the client wants it. The lounge and bedrooms all ready for their own furniture to be installed.


Furniture from the UK costs only £90 plus VAT per cubic metre to be transported to Spain. If you have quality furniture in the house you are selling in the UK, it makes a lot of sense to bring it to Spain. It also means that once fully furnished, this new Willerby Lyndhurst home will be like no other.


With outlook doors and double glazing also ordered to be installed, it will be absolutely perfect for Spain. We will look forward to the home arriving on the park. Thank you Willerby for all your help in making it happen.


>>> Why sell off quality furniture when it can be used in Spain? <<<

Lifestyle: Summer is a great time at the parks. There is always a lot going on. Many residents have family and friends visiting and the parks are in the perfect location.


If visiting Park la Posada then Malaga, Seville, Cordoba and Granada are close enough to be explored as part of a real Spain holiday based on the Costa del Sol.


If visiting Paradise Park on the Costa Brava then there is also a lot to see in the Alicante, Murcia region including the two cities themselves. The town of Elche is also very nice to visit. Every visitor to the parks will really enjoy themselves.


After enjoying days out, the evenings can be spent sitting around the pool, enjoying a cool beer or a nice glass of wine is pure heaven, and more to the point there is not a lager lout to be seen or heard.


Inland Spain is so different from the resorts this time of year.


A good example of what we mean, is that the bars and restaurants in the villages near the parks are used by the locals and not tourists. That means the quality and prices in the bars and restaurants remain the same.


Remember by now, the English residents on all three parks ARE locals. It is only the villages that are different. La Posada has Alameda, La Vina has Mollina and Paradise Park has Albatera


>>> All villages have some great tapas bars and they love the English <<<

Did you know? You can easily retire to Spain in a mobile home for as little as £20,000 with new furniture in the lounge and the chosen resale mobile homeenjoying some TLC before you pay for the home in full. Yes, we have homes that are on superb plots and ready for our TLC department to work a little magic. We have some great ideas and our negotiation team can put together a great TLC included deal.


For example, on one home, we can envisage that by simply relining the ceilings in the home, decorating the living room with a favourite colour, replacing the seating in the lounge with two new black leather 2 seat settee, adding a coffee table to match, and a nice cream rug on the wooden flooring that you will end up with a home worth as much as 20% more than you paid for it, and a wonderful home to live in.


The idea is very simple. First, you will have to come to the park and view the homes with a TLC package in mind. The TLC package recommended by us is then negotiated and entered into the sales contract. Next, the 10% deposit is paid based on the sales contract. The work relating to the TLC part of the sales contract can then be carried out straight away. Furniture removed, decorating completed and the new furniture installed. The sale will then complete with the home transformed by the TLC contract.


For people who cannot use a little TLC imagination when looking at the homes for sale tThere are, of course, many homes that do not require any TLC whatsoever. Newer model homes of course and with prices starting from £32,000. With TLC or without TLC the choice is yours.

>>> Every TLC ready home is a golden opportunity for someone <<<


Forward planning again: October and November are great months to visit. The weather is normally perfect, the summer rush for flights is over and our team is looking forward to showing the parks and area to people who are looking to retire sometime in 2016 or even 2017.


Remember, we told you about the “book flights ahead early” trick in a recent newsletter?  Give it a try. See how cheap you can find flights to Spain four days apart.


For those who want to stay longer than three nights, four days we are happy to help make arrangements so you can enjoy a partial holiday on the coast at the same time as seeing the parks on a dedicated £69 visit. Martin will be the one to help make the arrangements.


>>> Three nights with us in Antequera and then transfer on holiday <<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life), so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain as soon as they leave the park itself.


This month, the chosen words are “un poco” pronounced “un poko”. Translated it means “a little”. These are two very useful Spanish words to use every day.


Used with other words you have easily learnt from living in Spain. You order a tea (pronounced Te) in the café. The waiter asks “leche?” (milk), and if you want a normal tea you will say “un poco”. Otherwise you will end up with a weak milky tea. The Spanish drink their tea without milk but they all know the British take milk in their tea.


>>> The locals love it when people try and say a few words in Spanish <<<

Finally: Regular newsletter readers must now be wondering why we are no longer promoting Park La Vina on the Costa del Sol. The answer is this. Over the years there has been two companies representing Park la Vina along with other parks in the Antequera area.

The Park La Vina management have now decided to appoint the other company as sole agents on their park, based on the fact they have sold more homes than we have on the park.

We cannot argue with the fact because the other company does not show Park La Posada at the same time as Park La Vina to their visitors. They showed other parks in the area.
So, on the 30th of July Costa Difference Ltd shut down its Park La Vina website as requested, bringing an end to a ten year relationship.

Fortunately for us however our 4 day 3 night lifestyle visits will be unaffected. We will still continue to show all four parks in the area plus both villages.


We are also now going to be looking at ways of expanding our working relationship with Caravans in the Sun in the area. We will do this in order to give our visitors as much park lifestyle information as possible during a dedicated visit. We are already showing their clients Park La Posada because of the 5* reputation the park has.


Malcolm on La Vina will remain on the team and will be given a new role shortly. To assist the sellers on La Vina they can also use if they want to advertise their homes for free. The advantage for them is that all our websites link to that website.
To plan your visit to see the parks and area yourself why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.


**free when using UK landlines**

Kind regards

The Costa Difference team in Spain