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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Aug 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Was the UK hotter than Spain? What a July it has been in the UK except of course it was a different kind of heat. The heat in the UK was very humid and uncomfortable compared to the dry heat we experience here in Spain. It is also worth remembering that all mobile homes on the parks have air conditioning so we think it is fair to say the residents were in a better position during the month of July. They were either in the house with the aircon on or in the pool. Either way life was comfortable. The evening sat on the decking was also the order of the day. Derick by the way is no longer the pale one in the UK for the time being.

Health care: Following the changes last year to residency rules it is now a requirement that new residents have access to health care here in Spain supported by a third party and not to rely on free use of the Spanish health care system. For those who are retired on a state pension it is simply a matter of applying for the form S1 from the Department of Health in the UK and then their use of the Spanish health care system is covered by the NHS. No problems whatsoever. New retired residents are registered with the doctors and have full health care cover under the same terms as Spanish pensioners.

However, for those on early retirement the form S1 is not an option. To get round the problem several banks have launched private health care schemes that allow basic access to health care here in Spain. La Caixa bank for example offers a basic policy for 30 (55-64 years) per month. Once retirement age is reached the form S1 can be applied for and the policy cancelled. Cath the interpreter guides new residents through the whole registration process.

Visit the parks: Malcolm, Sue and Sandie are on standby during the month of August to welcome visitors to the two parks who are holidaying on the Costa del Sol. Being residents themselves means that they can not only show visitors around their respective parks but can answer a lot of questions at the same time with authority. All we ask is that if anyone is coming to see the parks for a day to let us know in advance. An e-mail will do. We can then give full instructions on how to get there and of course make sure you are greeted at the park entrance.

The reason for being met is that both parks are fully residential and only residents and their guests have access using remote controls. Visitors are very welcome to come and see the parks for the day and will no doubt be surprised at the quality of the parks and facilities. If however anyone would like to make the visit extra special by staying one or two nights in the local town of Antequera we can book the Hotel Castilla for them in advance for only 40 a night per room. Ideal if you want to spend more than one day looking at the parks and talking to residents.

Retiring in 2014? This year is flying by and it will not be long before 2014 is upon us. Only 4 months left. So, if anyone is thinking of perhaps looking at Spain as a possible retirement location for next year or a home to escape the winter,then now is the time to be checking out the low cost flights and plan to come over for a visit. Perhaps a short visit in September or October?

There are only a few places left for the Spanish Experience Week on the 23rd of September if anyone would like to spend a week here. It costs only 125 per person for the whole week including all the days out being shown what real Spain has to offer. Martin and Mila will be your hosts for the week and Derick is on hand to assist with any booking. He can be contacted on 0117 318 2188.

Lifestyle: Congratulations to the La Posada bowls club for being featured in the next edition of the Nationwide Bowler magazine due out at the end of August. Park La Posada management and Costa Difference Ltd have supported them as well with a full page advert. Although the club is based on Park La Posada thanks to the 4 lane bowls green established there, the club is open to all mobile home residents and so residents on Park La Vina can become members and enjoy bowling as well.

As well as bowls, both parks have fishing clubs and golf societies. For fishing there are some wonderful lakes all round the area and for golf there is the Antequera golf course. There are also darts leagues and pool leagues throughout the year so there is always plenty going on.

Park Posada or Park La Vina? Costa Difference Ltd has now completed and launched the two park information websites promoting both parks separately from the main Costadifference website, although every visitor is always shown both parks at the same time when visiting in person. It was decided to try and give a better feel for each park separately using the internet and of course the park videos displayed. By having some kind of feel for each park separately in advance thanks to the web sites and videos it is hoped that it will help visitors on a short one day visit to feel at home straight away once walking round the two parks.

We have found in the past that because both parks and their local villages are so very different in layout and style we are able to offer visitors real choice for their retirement in Spain location even though the service and facilities on both parks are more or less the same. For example, this month we have new residents taking possession of their new mobile homes on both parks.

As always they were shown both parks at the same time (they are 14kms from each other) and as always they preferred one over the other in terms of park layout and their respective villages at the time of viewing. The choice of park is made even though the one not chosen could not be faulted in any way in terms of facilities or quality. It is simply down to personal choice at the end of the day and the park that made them feel most comfortable. Often it can be the village itself that makes the difference.

Finally: We are often asked what the monthly outgoings might be on the two parks. To that end we have asked several residents to give us an idea of what it costs them in total per month excluding food and drink. The answers have been around the 500 Euros a month mark which is 434.00 per month at the moment. It also seems that food and drink without going mad is around 80 Euros a week.

This information is useful for those who are thinking of retiring early because knowing the full costs helps in planning the years before retirement age and of course a pension. More and more people these days are getting out of the rat race early and looking to enjoy life instead. 500 Euros a month buys a lot of enjoyment.