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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Aug 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Newsletter and fact sheet:

News is news: One thing that has got everyone talking about lately is the news on television.

The only difference is that it depends on where you live. People living in the UK for example, ask us if the news they are watching on television about debt problems in Spain is really a problem.

People living on the park here on the Costa del Sol are also talking about the news from the UK seen on their satellite television. They have seen how much it has rained over the last few months with the resulting floods causing so much heartache to so many people.

Both news items are true of course, but as always they have to be taken into context. Not everyone in the UK have been flooded out and reduced to tears for example, as seen on television, and of course not everyone in Spain is affected by any aspect of a debt crisis. In fact, for retired residents living on the park it is quite the reverse. The Pound is now worth a lot more against the Euro, which means residents now have more money to spend and not less.

Good news for a change: Yes there is good news sometimes, and anyone in the fortunate position to be planning their retirement can really make the most of the future, if they are up for the challenge. The first good news is that the starting point for buying a resale mobile home on the very best dedicated residential retirement park, in Spain, is now as little as 15,000.

An absolute crazy price when you consider what a life changing event is really taking place in buying one. A whole new way of life is on offer.

Moving to Spain is not for the faint hearted. It is never done on a whim. It takes research and forward planning of course, but when got right it has boy, am I glad I moved to Spain written all over it.

Being part of a fully established expat community, on a dedicated residential retirement mobile home park, puts you on the other side of the fence, you could be talking about the rain and floods in the UK and not the Euro crisis. You could be waking up in the morning basking in sunshine, and not doom and gloom. You could be looking forward to a trip to the UK to visit friends and family, and not wishing you were leaving it. You could be living amongst like minded people who become friends as well as neighbours and what is more it is so straight forward to do. In Spain buying a mobile home is easier than buying a car.

Real Spain: Nothing like the Costa s at all. If you think you will be on holiday 24/7 forget it. The people next door are not just there for a couple of weeks holiday, they re your English speaking neighbours and like you they will be busy enjoying life.

Like them you will be going to the local garden centre to buy plants for your hanging baskets. You will be going to Antequera shopping mall for the weekly shop. You will also be treating your decking every year and other tasks that always need doing around the home. You will be invited to or inviting friends, to BBQ s or birthday/anniversary parties, most weekends. You will no doubt have a steady stream of visitors as well. You will for sure wonder where the time goes.

That is real Spain, and the lifestyle that goes with it, and if on a visit to a mobile home park in Spain you talk to a resident, who tells you they are bored, we can tell you straight away that you are not on a park like La Posada. There is no time to get bored. The lifestyle we refer to so much of the time is what makes Park La Posada so successful. It is a real community.

Facilities, such as the swimming pool, bowls green and community centre are nowhere near as important as the care and support the reception office offers residents. It is the focal point at the heart of the community.

Add to that rubbish collected daily, first class medical facilities and the full support of the local villagers and those in authority and you will see why life is so different here. Rubbish collected daily disappeared a long time ago in the UK.

Deal or no deal: Nearly everyone has heard of the program on television of course but not many people will think of Spain in those terms. In truth everyone should. Can you deal with such a different lifestyle and culture? Can you deal with the fact you are in a different country with very different weather? Can you deal with the fact that you do not understand a single word that the man, having a drink next to you in the Tappas bar, is saying?

For newsletter readers who one day think they could well be living in Spain, then for sure they will be thinking I wonder if the lifestyle is as good as Costadifference says it is? or I wonder what real Spain is really like? .

Of course even better if you are thinking I wonder what he is talking about? but not necessary thanks to the free translation service that the park offers. Living here you soon pick up some of the language.

In short, deal or no deal because at the end of the day only like minded people similar to all the residents living here already will seriously consider moving to Spain one day.

Now to make this section of the newsletter really interesting, what if you could get the cost of coming to take a look refunded if as you suspect the park and lifestyle is exactly what you was hoping for and you can see that you are exactly like the residents already living in Spain?

Well, that is what is now on offer thanks to a promotion we are offering newsletter subscribers this month. Plan to visit Park La Posada anytime during 2012 and we will refund the inspection visit up to a max 500 Euros following any mobile home purchase on Park La Posada within the next two years.

It can be 500 Euros paid back to cover the cost of a dedicated 3 day visit or 500 Euros towards the cost of a full holiday on the Costa del Sol having taken time out to visit the park at the same time.