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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2010

Aug 2010** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

First: We have been asked a couple of times in July why we think that owning mobile homes in Spain for only holiday use is a thing of the past and not a good idea in today s climate? Simply put, unless the mobile home is going to be used for 6 months of the year or bought in advance of retirement in the future then on a year on year basis when all the costs are taken into account you are not getting true value for money. It is by using all the services and facilities that the parks offer that makes mobile homes in Spain such good value..

A mobile home for retirement or planning a retirement is a totally different matter altogether. Firstly the home will be on a dedicated retirement park that enables you buy a home to use part time to begin with so that everything is in place for when you actually retire. Such forward planning is a great idea because it means you are able to become part of the community, be settled in Spain, without actually living here full time until you are ready to do so. A lot of people are at this stage already with up to two years or more before retirement.

Is retiring to Spain easy? Yes is the answer. Because Spain is part of the EU so much has changed over the last 10 years. People now can buy a mobile home in Spain in Sterling from the UK, easily open a Spanish bank account in the local village and register with the local council only once you are living in Spain full time. It is that easy. Things like registering with the doctors and obtaining your NIE (National Identity Number) are done for you as well once you are here. We look after all the paperwork side of things free of charge.

More exciting news: We have negotiated with one of the two main retirement mobile home parks we represent to open the doors to a new way of life to a lot more people. Before now new residents had to be either British or Irish in line with the typical British way of village life concept that that most dedicated retirement parks like to follow. However, after talks with Costa Difference Ltd over the advantages of having residents of all European nationalities on the park (normally this happens on campsites only) they have decided to change the criteria for issuing park contracts to new residents in future.

From the first of September any client from any European country can now buy a resale or new mobile home on the park provided they have a reasonably good command of the English language and are prepared to use it whilst living on the park. The management now agrees that it is speaking the same language that is important and not so much which country in Europe they come from. It is hoped that everyone can enjoy their retirement on the park and as long as everyone understands each other we think it will make it a much more interesting place to live. Without doubt some very interesting friendships will flourish.

We have promoted this great idea because we already as a company have links to Holland and as most people know English is their second language. It is hoped that over the next few years the park will grow into a unique village with many different interests being catered for. Once again an all time first, a European Dedicated Retirement Park here in Spain. A website dedicated to retirement is already well under way to be launched in Holland before the first of September and a total European site will follow shortly afterwards.

Another question asked this month: Why can we not complete a purchase whilst on an Inspection Visit? This was a good one as the client who asked it was on their second visit and they thought the rule was only as far as the first visit is concerned. In short, we do not allow anyone to buy a home during an Inspection Visit. We do understand the need to take a home off sale during the visit if necessary but that is as far as it goes. For those who have never been on an Inspection Visit and had our procedures explained we would like to use this newsletter to explain.

If anyone is on an Inspection Visit with buying a house in mind we try and show them as many homes on the Parks that meet their requirements and budget. Being agents on a fixed fee basis where there is no advantage in showing homes above any budget means that in 99% of cases we get the right home on the right park shown to the client in a very short space of time. As soon as we see the wow factor with a particular home and it s location we know we have got it right. In most cases an offer is put straight away and if accepted our job of showing homes comes to an end.

It is only at this stage do we need to take the home off sale. To do this only requires a 200 Euro deposit. The home is then taken off sale for a period of 7 days after they have returned to the UK. We like to think that the purchase is then thought through without the magic of Spain or the parks being an influence. At the end of the seven days a 10% non refundable deposit is due. It is then that the purchase process begins and the sale then has to be completed within three months of the offer date on a date to suit all parties. This is done with the balance being paid into our dedicated company client account.

The seller is only paid in full from the client account once the legal transfer of the home and park contract has been completed. This buying process applies no matter how many Inspection visits are taken. It forms the back bone of our no pressure approach. For those who already live in Spain the same applies except they can pay the 10% deposit as soon as they return to their current home in Spain.

September show – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September: The Lawns in Cottingham, near Hull, is Europe s largest mobile home trade show and generally features a large number of mobile homes, lodges and park homes from most of the major British manufacturers, as well as an ever-growing number of supplies and services exhibitors. Although the show is dedicated to new mobile home sales we do like to support Carefree Lifestyle Ltd (Authorised New Home Agents on the parks) with our expertise in retirement parks and of course the lifestyle that goes with it. To that end we are sending Martin, Steve and Derick to assist John Robinson and his team. They will be there to answer all your questions and of course will be able to talk through all the processes as they are the same for resale or new as far as retiring to Spain goes. You will find them on the Carefree Lifestyle stand which this year is number 11.

For more details click on:

The reason why we are sending three of the team to the Lawns is all part of our service of providing people with as much information as possible about owning a mobile home in Spain. They will not be there to sell homes. They will be there to talk about the area, parks, legal requirements, pets, cars, doctors or any other aspect of retiring to Spain. So, if you have any questions or you would like more information why not go along and introduce yourself.

Finally: August is the quietest month for the team both in the UK and of course in Spain (due to summer holidays and high cost of flights) and so Derick during the first week in August will be in Spain joining the rest of the teams for a holiday. All team members including Derick will be dealing with all their emails on a day to day basis but as far as the phone goes in the UK it will be manned by young Jamie who will be there to take messages. If you have an enquiry between the 29th of July and the 7th of August simply leave your name and landline number with Jamie and someone will call from Spain and deal with the enquiry in full. We have installed a landline number by the pool just so we can offer this service. Enjoying the life is what it is all about even when working.

That is it for now, have a great August and for those who are on holiday in the UK we hope the weather is kind to you. Here we will be getting between 30 and 35 degs every day so Derick and family should return with a nice suntan.