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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2008

Aug2008 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Everyone here in Spain is now waking up in the morning knowing it is wall to wall sunshine for the rest of their day. There is no need to check the weather forecast. It is going to sound very crazy but ask some residents what they are missing now and they just might say a rainy day.

The Spanish are so used to a nice hot summer and they know how to handle one. The British however have to be told. Wear a hat, put on sun cream, and drink plenty of water. That is the beauty of living in a community with Spanish staff. It is their job to make sure you stay fit and well and so they are always advising the residents so that they take care of themselves.

Evenings is what August is all about, sat outside with family and friends having a late night BBQ. New friends are made and family and friends who are visiting have to go back to the UK very envious of those who have chosen Spain to be their new home.

Enough about August and the wonderful life we lead. What is new? The sales of the resale mobile homes have been ticking away nicely and there are some great value homes on our books to show you still. The real exciting news however is that on plot one on Park La Posada (made available by the show home moving) there will be later this year a new Ibiza Mobile Home and as the plot is at the entrance of the park and opposite the reception building the new owners had a brilliant idea and have designed the home so that the windows and walls match the reception exactly and so will be in the Andaluc an style regarding colours. Very Spanish, it will look fantastic as you enter the park.

The idea was theirs entirely after they took a good look from the top of the reception at their empty plot. They started off with the floor plan of a Devon model and made their changes so that it was exactly the home they wanted. 2 bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms and what is more 2 French Doors.

As is our policy if the floor plan has been changed to a large extent it then becomes a model in its own right and we name it after the town or village where the new owners live at present. The Dublin was born from the Cornwall and the first Dublin arrives in September. To follow this we now have The Exeter born from The Devon . I hope that if we have a customer from Snodland in Kent in the future who orders a home based on an existing floor plan and changes it completely that they will not mind if we call the model The Kent .

Resale verses new? Resale means you can see the home, plot, decking and much more straight away and you do not have to imagine the finished product. However, sometimes you do have to look at some changes you can make to what is on offer to make the decking exactly what you are looking for. If you can do that then resales are fantastic value. Paul and Caroline had to do exactly that when they came looking for a mobile home recently. They liked one home because the home was perfect and they liked a second home because the decking was perfect. Without interfering we showed what can be done and the perfect home was purchased at a price allowing for the decking to be changed.

That is the real advantage of resales.

We have said many times that coming to take a look is the only way you can rule anything in or rule anything out for the future. Now a tip, Inspection visits are great value as far as we are concerned as we only charge 49 per person including 2 nights hotel accommodation as well as airport transfers and of course a look at the parks and homes.

To make your visit A1 you need to match up with good flight prices and as with all airlines the early bird gets the best deals. So August is a great time to start looking for flights during the last 2 weeks in September and the whole of October. Flights 3 days apart means 2 nights in Spain and you will see and learn a huge amount about what it is like to retire to Spain on a residential style park. If you are thinking of coming happy hunting and if you find a good flight deal give Derick a ring on 0117 318 2188 who will check and confirm that the dates you have in mind are fine and will tell you to go ahead and book them.

That is it for now, time we hit the swimming pool again. As always during the month of August the higher cost of flights means we have less inspection trips booked and more time to enjoy the life style we have been talking about all year. For the few who have booked to come please do not worry we will be at the airport to meet you. Bring your hat and sun cream.