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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Apr 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Happy Easter: Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Spain is very special and nearly every village celebrates it all week with colourful parades every day. These include marching bands as well as various religious statues being carried by all the men from the village for many hours. It is all very colourful and attracts a lot of visitors to the village to stand and watch the processions go by. Residents quite often have visitors over Easter from the UK and the parades make it all the more special. Better weather and a lot more going on is ideal for friends and family to shake off the winter blues.

Lifestyle & Real Spain Experience: Just to say that there are now only two places left for the Weeks Lifestyle in Spain special we are running from the 13th until the 20th of May exclusive to newsletter subscribers only.

It is very important therefore that if anyone is thinking of joining the newsletter subscribers who have already booked their places for that week to telephone Derick first before going ahead and booking flights. Full details with pictures on what the Lifestyle Experience week in May is all about can be found on our website. The office will be open again 9am on Tuesday for reservations to be made.

The week is all about showing the area and lifestyle and is ideal for checking out what real Spain has to offer. We are expecting a lot of questions from our visitors and nothing else. It will be fair to say that Martin and Steve will enjoy the week as much as those who are coming and if it helps with doing the homework as much as we think it will, then the idea might be repeated later in the year. We will see what the feedback is at the end of the weeks visit.

Confusion regarding changes: Never before has a dedicated mobile home park for the retired been such a good idea and we have the Spanish Government to thank for that. There have been a few changes to various laws regarding living in Spain over the last 12 months which means that anyone buying bricks and mortar has to rely on Lawyers and Accountants to see them through the new minefields that have been created for home owners.

Not so with Mobile Home Parks, resident registration is a process that every resident has completed either with the park s help as in the case of Park La Vina or by the park itself as in the case of Park La Posada.

For other matters the parks have on hand bi-lingual experts who look after the residents in every aspect and it is simply a matter of popping into the park office. That is the beauty of the mobile home park system because there are no surprises, everyone goes through the same processes and everyone deals with the same expert which is a very cost effective way of doing things. From cars to home insurance everything is to hand.

Retirement: The new laws introduced favour the retired who have decided to retire to the sun and once registered life is quite simple and straightforward. For those who have not retired fully then there are a few more hoops to jump through and of course they now have to wait until retirement in order to receive the same benefits as the retired. Residential status is no longer given willingly to anyone who has not retired or receiving a pension be it a works early retirement pension or a state pension.

So what does this mean? If the idea is to use a mobile home for holidays then no problem because not a lot has changed. If however you are not retired and plan to live in Spain full time then you will need to have the basics in order to be considered for resident status. Firstly you will have to be able to show that you have enough money to live in Spain and will not be relying on social security to kick in at a later date. Secondly you will need to show that you have private health care and this costs around 55 Euros a month per person. Without the two basics in place getting registered is very hard work. This only applies to people who are NOT retired.

For retired people it is simply a matter of being granted resident status and registering with the local doctors with the correct paperwork. It is for that reason retirement parks are such a great idea. The care and support that the park receptions offers means that residents who are retired can get on with enjoying life knowing that if anything does change the park will know what is required and will offer the support necessary.

Cyprus: What a lesson everyone has learnt in the last few weeks. Money in the bank is no longer safe. What a crazy world we live in right now. Never before has the saying you only live once been so apt. The UK it seems is still the best place right now to leave your money with the deposit guarantees in place but after weeks of freezing temperatures and snow in the UK, Spain is by far the nicest place to be living right now.

The solution? Simple, live in Spain and use a UK debit/credit card that gives you the full exchange rate with no transaction charges. For people who agree that you only live once then they should move to Spain and be enjoying the sunshine yet knowing that their money is safe.

For those coming on the Spain Lifestyle Experience week in May Martin will show you how it all works as he uses a card all the time that has no fees whatsoever and gives the full exchange rate for every purchase in real time. The full bank rate and not the tourist rate as they are very different. The tourist rate has at least a 2% deduction and in some cases a lot more.

You only need a local Spanish bank account to cover the day to day bills and transfers into that account are straightforward using an online currency service which again is free. As a company we use one all the time.

Single or couples: We have been asked quite a few times if the parks only cater for couples. The answer is NO, they cater for the retired. It is very strange but on the parks life is all about friendships and it makes no difference what anyone s circumstances is because the social life is based on the residents and not couples.

On both parks there are single people enjoying life and are very comfortable with that, and on one of the parks a resident has put their home up for sale having recently got married to someone they met who was already living in Spain. Happiness comes in many forms and of course it can be as simple as being sat at one of the nearby lakes fishing in the sunshine all day or going out and joining in a bowls match against a club on the coast. One thing is guaranteed, you will meet some very interesting people.

Finally: Spanish, the language. It is not to be scared of. It can be fun trying to pick up a few words and although on the parks everything is in English the locals love it when residents give Spanish a shot . The different language simply adds to the spice of life. You will be amazed once you are hearing it a lot of the time how much you can pick up.