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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Apr 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Retire to Spain, a big step: This month s newsletter is going to be dedicated to all the newsletter subscribers who are seriously thinking about retiring to Spain more than news and information on Park La Posada Retirement Park itself.

Reason being is that because living in Spain in a mobile home is so easy to achieve, it is also very easy to make a mistake and make a wrong choice with regards to location, type of park and of course monthly costs.

If a mistake is made then there are only two ways to correct it. Sell the home you have bought or relocate it to the park you should have chosen in the first place. If however you make sure you make the right choice with regards to location and type of park that suits you then you can look forward to a fantastic retirement with much better weather and a perfect lifestyle with like minded new friends. That is why there are hundreds of people who have done just that and are delighted to be living in Spain enjoying life to the full.

The many questions we have answered over the years during visits to the park and area has made us realise just how useful having all the facts at a very early stage will be to anyone thinking about retiring to Spain in the future.

The mobile home: The type of mobile home you want now becomes the last thing you need to consider as there are decisions that have to be made first which in turn will influence the choice of mobile home. That does not mean that you do not look at what is being offered however because in many cases reading between the lines in the very beginning helps you further when making choices.

For example, the UK manufactured homes in Spain all had to be transported from the UK to Spain initially at costs of between 6000 and 9000 pounds. This is worth remembering because if you see a park with lots of mobile homes for sale at prices well below the same homes being advertised in the UK you have to question why considering they cost between 6000 and 9000 more in the first place. A home for 10,000 might look great at first but if it is less than 10 years old you have to ask why?

The region: Spain is a huge place and it is very easy to think that everywhere in Spain is wall to wall sunshine and tee shirt weather. The truth is it is not and if you chose a campsite/mobile home park high up in the mountains you can expect to see snow in the winter in any region in Spain. Parks like that are there mainly for the campers in the summer when without doubt they are then the perfect location. It is worth remembering at this stage that the park fees are monthly all year round and not for when you are staying there so buying for holiday use only does not make financial sense.

The parks: This is where most people go wrong in life and it can be wrong in either direction. No one person is looking for the same way of life or facilities.

So, if it is down by the sea in a holiday resort you fancy at first then the parks available are joint camping/mobile home parks. Many people go head long in that direction thinking it would be great to be on holiday 24/7 365 days a year.

Things to consider first however are a) the monthly fees are likely to be higher per sq foot as they are based on camping rates and b) the lifestyle will also be higher as you will be paying tourist rates locally especially around June, July and August with holiday makers and campers.

It is important to note that the monthly living costs involved in being on holiday 24/7 will sneak up on you and you will find that going to the bar with new friends every night is to be avoided. Living costs is the biggest single factor why so many people have failed to settle in Spain long term.

The cost of living is cheaper here in Spain as a whole (petrol, water and electric) but only as far as living a UK style way of life. Everyone knows how much spending money is needed when on holiday but very few consider it when it comes to living in a holiday resort.

For those who do not fancy the idea of living in a holiday resort and being on holiday 24/7 the other option is the dedicated residential only parks that tend to be 50kms inland from the beach. For sure you can not walk to the beach but they are after all only a short drive away.

Residential parks tend to be run on the same lines as small villages in the UK. There is the village hall (community centre) park reception (local council office) and a community spirit where everyone helps each other. Add to that the facilities as well such as swimming pools.

The only holiday makers to be seen will be friends and families of other residents. The main difference financially is that park fees per sq foot are lower and the local prices are what the Spanish villagers are prepared to pay. Quiet nights in will also be the norm with UK TV and Internet unless enjoying dinner with friends or popping to the quiz night in the community centre.

Lifestyle: No matter which lifestyle you choose you can be sure of one thing. The parks are there to look after you. Not speaking Spanish is not a problem. The reception can arrange everything from a washing machine engineer to a car mechanic. It is the single, most important reason why living on a mobile home park makes sense.

You are never alone and there are no nasty surprises. On offer with both types of lifestyle is peace of mind as far as everything Spanish related is concerned. Get the choice of park right for you and you will have a wonderful time in Spain.

What next? For those who are not sure if they would prefer a joint camping site with a holiday lifestyle or a residential park with a community lifestyle the answer is to look at both types of park without any obligation and ask residents you meet as many questions as you would like. If checking out the residential parks concept seems like a good idea then please give Derick in the UK office a ring on 0117 318 2188 and he can help arrange a visit where we can show different styles of residential parks in the area rather than the dedicated visit we usually run.

This type of visit will be based on information gathering only and will be invaluable to you because it will reduce the chances of you getting it wrong. The special fact finding visit will again only cost 59 per person (based on 2 people sharing a hotel room or 69 if one person only is coming) and a few days can be enjoyed in Antequera. The visit includes airport transfers, visits to several parks and hotel accommodation.

Back to Park La Posada: One interesting fact is that because the park is now fully established residents have formed a social committee. The idea is to arrange things in the community centre and outside events that the residents can enjoy. Residents can get involved in as little or as much as they want. For example, in April they have arranged a Coach Trip to Granada Market and then on to Rio Frio for lunch or walk about.

Question asked last month: If I bought a car how easy is it to insure it and deal in English. The answer of course is very easy. Direct Line Insurance operates here in Spain and you can transfer your no claims bonus and yes, everything is done in English including the policy.

Finally: For newsletter subscribers on our price alert service we felt that sending out a price alert so close to a newsletter was going to be counter productive so we have included it in this newsletter. Added to the website this week will be an ABI Beverly 2 bedroom home complete with decking for 35,000.