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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

Apr 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Pet Owners: The month of April is one of the best for residents who own pets. To start with there is hardly any rain and the temperatures are perfect for long walks in the fabulous countryside that surrounds the parks. Good for the owners as well as their dogs. Not so for the pet owners in the UK who have to dodge the April showers.

Social Life: One interesting fact that we hear many times from new residents once they have settled in is that they are enjoying a social life like they never have before. One of the main reasons of course is that once living on the parks they have the time to enjoy themselves. The other reason is that there is always something going on and of course they can get involved in as little or as much as they would like to. Visitors to the park are able to get some idea what is happening when they enter the community pool bar complex and take a look at the notice board.

Relocations: Our item on relocations last month gave a lot of people ideas. We had a lot of enquiries from people all over Spain who were unhappy with the way their parks were either not progressing as promised when they bought their mobile home or had not kept up the standards required to justify the park fees. A visit to Park La Posada soon showed people what they should be getting for their money. Steve who is the project manager for relocations is expecting to be very busy during April and May as many wish to have their homes taken off the existing parks before the summer. There are now only two plots left on phase 2A and homes can be relocated onto the park for as little as 4000 Euros including transport and full installation to all mains services.

Show Park for homes for sale: One problem many people have in Spain is that if due to circumstances they have to return to the UK whilst their home is up for sale they still have to pay the full monthly site fees even though they are not using the home. On some camping coastal sites this can be as much as 5500 Euros a year and although we have had many requests for help in the past in selling a home that is currently sited on a camp site unfortunately we are unable to assist as we are a company dedicated to residential style parks only.

So, how can we help? is, as newsletter readers know, dedicated to selling quality resale homes on quality residential parks. However, thanks to the success of Steve and the team in moving homes all around Spain we have now developed a show park for resale mobile homes in the village of Alameda where we will be able to put homes for sale that can either be bought by customers who have their own land (Spanish or English) or by customers who then want the home installed on the park of their choice.

Now the good news: For the people who are selling their homes whilst they are empty they will be able to have their homes moved onto the show park by Steve and his team and advertised on thus saving the monthly site fees that they are currently paying. After transport the only cost involved whilst the home is up for sale is 60 Euros a month security fee and of course a fixed sales commission once the home is sold. For people paying 500 Euros a month or more in park fees it represents a huge saving whilst the home is up for sale.

Under offer or sold? We have been asked this month why we have homes under offer advertised on our website and so we are happy to explain. When someone sees the home of their dreams they are able to take the home off sale for a period of seven days straight away with a payment of 200 Euros only. At this point the home remains for sale but is not shown to prospective buyers as it has been reserved. After seven days a 10% deposit is then paid into the company client account which then places the home under offer. From the under offer stage it is then decided between the buyer and seller when the completion date is to be and that is normally within three months. It is only then once the sale has been completed that the home is then listed as sold.

Visiting the parks: We have teamed up with Jet2holidays, Last Minute.Com and Thomas Cook in order to offer people some great holiday deals were we can also collect them from their resort in either Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Nerja and take them to see the parks and homes for a day whilst at the same time enjoying a holiday. More details and links to the holiday companies can be found on

We do of course still offer the dedicated 3 day visits as well. Ideal for taking a first look at the idea of living in Spain as it answers so many questions.

Question asked last month: Does the home have to come off the park after so many years? The answer is no, it does not. Unlike homes in the UK the weather here in Spain is perfect for mobile homes and they can look as good as new after many years of service thanks to the fact that there is so little rain. As long as the homes are kept in a good condition they can stay on the park forever.

Useful lifestyle information: For people who wish to use their homes for holidays the parks are ideal. What a lot of non residents have done is buy a small car and it remains next to their mobile home when not in use. However, when they come back for a holiday a friend normally uses their car to collect them from the airport. This means that whilst on holiday they have their own transport at a fraction of the cost of renting a car. At the end of their holidays their friends again use their car to take them back to the airport. As for friends, everyone who buys a mobile home on a residential park has a friend on the park in a matter of days. It is such a friendly community.