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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2009

April 2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

This months newsletter is dedicated to Roz, for reasons we are about to tell you.

Roz had already been on an inspection trip (fact finding) last November and also had her best friend (of many years standing) along to make sure she was doing the right thing. They both enjoyed themselves and Roz kindly left positive feedback meaning that the trip did what it was supposed to do.

So why are we writing about her now? Well this March they came on a second visit and so were shown more of what the area had to offer as well as a second look at the parks themselves, Roz retires in July so this time it was a serious look, with the best friend s approval of course.

Now to the funny part. Having chosen the home they liked on the park they liked (using the reserve for 6 months deal) they still had one day to go before flying back to the wet and cold. Martin their guide decided to take them out and show them the lakes at Iznajar for the day as it was nice and sunny. So off they went, and to add atmosphere Martin had his MP3 player tuned to the car radio.

Here is what happened:

The village is a typical white village surrounded by lakes in the mountains. At just the right moment Martin played Andrea Bocelli – Por Ti Volare (Con Te Partir ) whilst driving round smooth curves in the road surrounded by olive groves and mountain views, and as the classical style music grew to a crescendo the village and lakes came into view looking fantastic in the bright sunshine, it is a wonderful sight with turquoise coloured lakes, and what were the two girls doing? Crying their eyes out!! Martin has had his leg pulled no end by the rest of the team (once they were told) for having that effect on two women on a sight seeing tour. Martin has tried to say that it was nothing to do with him or his jokes.

Roz however (despite the tears hidden behind borrowed sun glasses) was so impressed she said wanted to leave feedback again telling everyone about what she was shown and how she felt, however, Company policy only allows for one feedback per customer on the website so she could not do it. We have as you now know compromised (as always) and have made her story the subject of this month s newsletter which means she becomes the first client to be mentioned in a newsletter. Thanks Roz for letting us tell the story our way.

Back to the newsletter:

Regular website visitors might have seen on the site that certain homes are under offer and seem to be for quite some time. This is because it is possible to by some homes over 6 months and during that period the home remains off sale and under offer. It only requires 10% to be paid which saves loosing that dream home whilst things are sorted in the UK

More news:.

With the parks we represent being residential style parks with only mobile homes allowed, we were pleased to have helped several clients move their own mobile homes in Spain that were sited on parks that were mainly camp sites onto Park La Posada. It was not something we had considered offering in the past but having seen how happy the clients were after we moved them we can now offer the same service to anyone who has a suitable mobile home less than 5 years old.

So why not recommend homes on camp sites we hear you ask?

In short, security, lifestyle, costs and far worse, try selling it afterwards. We will not offer for sale any mobile home that is sited on a camp site. The fees are higher and the plot sizes tend to be smaller.