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The Park Lodge show ground near Malaga

The Park Lodge show ground near Malaga on Park La Posada.

Park La Posada in the village of Alameda not far from Malaga on the Costa del Sol is the only park in Spain to have a dedicated Park Lodge Homes showground. Opened in July 2018 it will be displaying five single unit Park Lodge homes as well as one double unit Park Lodge home. The show homes on display will all be homes that have been built for residential use and of course built to Park Lodge quality.

That is good news for anyone planning on enjoying one of our four day three night £79 pp visits to Spain to see Park La Posada. Now you will also be shown the only Park Lodge home show ground in Spain if buying a new home is your idea. This is because all the models on display have been built in Spain for Spain. Park La Posada have built a dedicated show ground for the sole purpose of being the only location in Spain to display such quality homes. People from all over Spain will be coming to take a look at our range of Park Lodge Homes designed by us.

The Reading Park Lodge

One of the homes you will be shown is the Reading and the floor plan above gives no real clue to the real reason we designed it in the way we have. The master bedroom is very special, it uses the full width of the home.  That allows space for a dressing table plus a good size en-suite. The lounge converts into a proper bedroom with a wardrobe thanks to the very clever design.

No other home on the market does that. The Reading will be a prime model on the show ground and if a new one is ordered it will take about six weeks to custom build it. The floor plan of course gives you no idea what the home will look like once the home has been constructed. The picture below is of the Reading Park Lodge home in Spain designed for residential use.

The Reading Park Lodge on the show ground

The other models designed by Costa Difference Ltd to go onto the show ground will be the Solero, the Sandringham, the Windsor and the Ascot. By the end of 2018 the show home will be ready for all the clients who have reserved plots in advance that will be ready early 2019.

The first models to arrive on the newly opened park was the one bed Reading that converts to a two bedroom home instantly and the two bed Langport that has a MAXI Space twin room that allows the room to be used for something else when there are no guests.

The show ground on Park La Posada in Spain

The Park Lodge homes are built for Costa Difference Ltd by Alhambra mobile homes in Alicante and the Eurocasa group in Burgos. Homes designed by us and built to the quality we are looking for. Solid structures with walls that do not move. Real wooden internal doors and real ceramic tiles instead of hollow wood effect doors and plastic splash back tiles. Park Lodge homes are nothing like mobile homes. Quality build minus the bling, that can always be added by the owner.

On the visit you will also be shown resale mobile homes as well if you see any on our website that interests you.