Freedom Visit to Spain

Freedom Inspection Visit to Spain.

Visit the mobile home parks in Spain

Want to visit the parks plus have the freedom to explore the local area for yourself?

Well now you can thanks to the deals we have put in place. It is as easy as onetwothree and we can supply all the directions you will need. See the lakes, see Granada, see Seville. Three places residents enjoy a lot.

First have a go at finding some low cost flights using the links below, there are lots to choose from. On finding ideal flights from your local airport make a note of the dates and move onto the next step, finding a hotel.

Easy Jet for Belfast: Bristol: Central Scotland: Glasgow: Gatwick: Liverpool: London:  Manchester: Stanstead: Southend.

Ryanair for Aberdeen: Birmingham: Bournmouth: Bradford: Bristol: Cardiff:  Edinburgh: Exeter: East Midlands: Glasgow: Leeds: Luton: Manchester: Newcastle: Stanstead: Southend.

Jet2 for Belfast: Bradford: Birmingham: East Midlands: Edinburgh: Glasgow: Leeds: Manchester: Newcastle: Stanstead:

TUI for Belfast: Birmingham:  Bristol: Cardiff: Doncaster: East Midlands: Edinburgh: Gatwick: Glasgow: Luton: Manchester: Newcastle:

Norwegian Air for Edinburgh: Gatwick: Manchester:

If you have flights in mind that is stage one completed.

Next look for a hotel in Antequera the nearest town to Park La Posada. There are quite a few nice hotels and the town itself is very Spanish.

From there you can easily visit the park and explore the  area. We of course can suggest where to go and provide directions. The lakes, the villages and of course you are only 40 mins from the coast if you want a day out on the beach. That is after all what the residents do as part of their new lifestyle.

Book your stay in Antequera

That is now stage two completed if you found somewhere to stay that matches the flights, again make a note.

All you need now is some transport from MALAGA airport. Again to match your flights. The search form below will take you to some great car hire deals. No need to book anything big as the roads are wonderful and most are 80 kmh anyway.

Enter the exact dates and times matching your flights arrival and departure (-2 hours) below to book your cheap car hire. We have preset it to Malaga airport for you to get the best deals. Change your country of residence and age range if you need to.

Book a hire car in Spain

By now you should have your flights in mind, where you are staying in mind and seen a car you can book to get around. If happy with all three you can go ahead and book everything.

1-2-3 all in place. What next?

Call 0800 7723980 if in the UK or use the contact us form on this website to tell us you are coming. Tell us when you are coming and which hotel you are staying at.

We will then book you in to see the parks making sure someone is on hand to greet you. Once done we will send all the instructions on how to get to the parks from your hotel.

Why a Freedom Visit?

Freedom visits mean you can experience the area and do what the residents do. Go to the lakes, go to Granada, go to Malaga. The only difference is you will be in a hotel and not on the park. You can also arrange a second visit to the park.

Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain image, the lakes near Malaga

The costs involved are nothing when you think that the visit could help decide your future. It is after all a working holiday in most people’s minds. We are on hand to make it all happen. The hotel link and the car hire link are designed to get you the best deals straight away.

Parks videos

Park La Posada:

Corrales Park: