Ways to visit the park in Spain

Dedicated visit to Spain

Plan a freedom visit to Spain

Visit the parks during a holiday

Visiting a genuine residential mobile home park in Spain is perfect for anyone thinking that they might like to retire to Spain one day.  On the Costa del Sol the park to visit is Park La Posada. On the Costa Blanca, it is Paradise Park. Below are all the links you need to arrange a visit.

Visit the 2 parks easily:

Park La Posada: Hire a car from Malaga Airport Book a hotel in Antequera

Once you have dates in mind call 0800 772 3980 in advance to arrange a visit to the park during your stay.

Paradise Park:  Hire a car from Alicante Airport. Book a hotel in either Alicante or the town of Elche.

Again once you have dates in mind call +34 657 63 17 45 in advance to arrange a visit to the park during your stay

Park La Posada reception

On Park La Posada you will see a park that offers the full lifestyle package. 

The facilities are community-based and as a result, there is a settled park community.

Residents enjoy a lively social life.

On Paradise Park, you will see a park that is very different.

It is a private residential park offering residential-style facilities.

The theme of the park is based on palm and fruit trees.

Paradise Park in Spain

Watching the videos of both parks will give you a good idea as to which one you would like to visit. Park La Posada on the Costa del Sol or Paradise Park on the Costa Blanca.

Visiting either park will give you a good insight into the park home lifestyle in Spain. We will supply full directions to either park when arranging a visit.

Park La Posada video

Paradise Park video

On Park La Posada it is the residents who welcome visitors to the park and show them around. That is what makes visits so worthwhile as residents know all the answers to any question a visitor may have.

With their help, we have three different ways we can arrange a visit to the park. Residents love showing people around “their” park. They also love answering questions and between them, they know all the answers.

First up is a short “Dedicated Visit” usually over four days. This visit is perfect if you want to find out what life is about whilst enjoying a few days in Spain.

Next, we have what we call the “Freedom Visit” where you will stay in Antequera. This is where you can stay in the area for as long as you wish and visit the park several times.

Finally, we have the “Holiday Visit” which is where you take a day out from your holiday in the area and come and visit the park for a day.

Mobile home park La Posada in Spain. Street image eighteen

Visiting La Posada

In all cases, we will arrange for a resident to welcome you. We arrange a time and supply full directions to the park from where you are staying.

For the dedicated visits and freedom visits, we suggest staying in Antequera. It is a wonderful town not far from Park La Posada. The hotel booking link is on the right-hand side.

For hiring a car Malaga airport is perfect for getting some great deals. The airport to Antequera is easy as it is motorway all the way.

A visit to Park La Posada will be worth its weight in gold as far as doing the “move to Spain” homework is concerned. You will then know if living in a residential mobile home park in Spain is for you.

Visiting Paradise Park

Visits to Paradise Park are coordinated by our partners Costa Blanca Trading based in Alicante. Eduardo is the person who looks after all the visits to the park as well as the Alhambra factory.

Similar to visits to Park La Posada, a visit to Paradise Park can be either day visits whilst on holiday in the area, or four-day dedicated visits.

Four-day three-night dedicated visits to Paradise Park include airport transfers and only costs £79 in total for up to 4 people. 

Paradise Park on the Costa Blanca

To visit Paradise Park over four days you will need to fly into Alicante airport and book a hotel for three nights in or near Alicante city itself.

Once you have flights and hotel in mind you need to call Eduardo on 0034 657 63 17 45 or use the contact form to arrange your visit.

If planning a holiday in the area and thinking of hiring a car you will need to hire one from Alicante airport.

There are lots of car hire companies to choose from. Using the Discover Car hire link on the right should find you a good deal.

Paradise Park was the first park in Spain to have custom-built park homes installed. All but one were designed by the owners. It will always be a park with more resale custom-built park homes than mobile homes.