Visit the mobile home parks in Spain.

3 ways to visit the parks

We have three different ways to come and visit the number one residential retirement park in Spain, Park La Posada.

Our visit options are such that in all cases you will be looked after by a resident on the park. This is important to us because they are the best people to give you answers to all your questions.

Dedicated visit to Spain

Plan a freedom visit to Spain

Visit the parks during a holiday

Option one, a short 4 day visit

First we have the popular four day three night dedicated visit. You are only coming to see Park La Posada simply to make sure it is the park and lifestyle for you. Short and sweet but very informative.

You can enjoy two days on the park or fit in a visit to Park Corrales as well. Staying local to the park means you have time to relax as well as see everything. Learn more.

Option two: A dedicated visit which is part holiday:

Next up we have a longer visit which also allows time for you to explore the area as well as see Park La Posada.

We call this the FREEDOM VISIT. This visit lets you choose how long the visit lasts. So you can experience the area as well as visit the park we recommend staying in Antequera which is the wonderful town quite close to Park La Posada.

From there you will get to visit the park as often as you wish plus get to see the local area in detail. We will supply suggestions and directions. With this visit you will return to the UK looking forward to coming again to see everything. Learn more.

Option three: Visit the parks during a holiday:

The final option is to come to the park on your own whilst on holiday on the Costa del Sol. We simply need to know what day you would like to come.

We will supply directions from the resort you will be staying at. Like all our visits you will be met by a resident.

If you are on holiday locally we will also suggest other places to visit. Learn more.

To help you arrange your visit we have all the links to the low cost airlines on every type of visit page. They also have all the UK airports they fly from. On top of that we have a system for booking your car hire and of course the hotel.

For the short four day-three night visits we use the hotel Castilla in Antequera as they only charge 40€ a night for a double room.

For the FREEDOM VISITS we use the town of Antequera as that is not only the nearest town to Park La Posada but the most central point in the Malaga province.

From there it is very easy to get to the lakes and nothing beats having lunch with this view in front of you.

Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain image, the lakes near Malaga

One of the main reasons why we have changed the visit style completely to include a hire car is that even on a short visit you have time to explore the local villages such as Alameda or Fuente de Piedra, the home of flamingo lake. 

Parks videos

Park La Posada:

Corrales Park: