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Posted on September 30, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

The Willerby Homes Show : After a very hectic September the shows continue with us sending Derick to Crealy near Exeter for the Willerby Homes show at Crealy Park. The show runs from Thursday to Sunday 4th October to the  7th of Octoberand you will have a chance to ask him all your questions as well as see some great models such as the Willerby Sheraton.

Poor Derick also did the show at Beaulieu which was a complete wash out over the three days so this show is a good back up show for anyone who missed Beaulieu and still with questions to ask.

The Willerby Holiday Home Show includes: FREE entry to the show, FREE parking, FREE refreshments and discounted entry to Crealy Adventure Park.

If you are close enough why not pop along and speak to Derick? He will have all the information about retiring to Spain. He will be working alongside Mobile Homes Abroad and the Caravans in the Sun team.

>>> The shows are great for information <<<

Brexit: A subject that has driven residents mad over the last year and a half. In the news daily with all kinds of predictions that seem to have no bearing at all on the reality of living in Spain. It is more about politics and business rather than people. At last however the end is in sight and the real impact of Brexit will be seen for the first time, and the only question is how long will it last?

So, what are we talking about? Simply put we are waiting for a deal or no deal. First a deal being agreed between the UK and the EU. If that is the case the Pound will be expected to rise quite considerably, a real bonus for the residents. Next, no deal, the Pound will be expected to fall which of course will have a negative impact. The question is however how long do residents have to cash in on a strong Pound or ride out a weak one?

History tells us that the Pound will always go back to the correct level. It is simply a question when. The Pound on the 1st of October 2009 for example was worth 1.09 and on the 1st of October 2010 a year later the Pound was then worth 1.15. In 2009 however, the doom and gloom merchants were predicting parity with the Euro.

That alone puts Brexit in its place as far as we are concerned because despite all the hype and exaggerated predictions the Pound today is worth 1.12. All we need do now is wait to see if we “cash in” or “ride it out”.

Cashing in is easy because you only need to transfer GBP to Euros to get the benefit instantly. Riding the storm is also easy because you only need to ensure you have enough money already in Spain at 1.12 removing the need to transfer anything. Planning is all it takes.

The big advantage residents will always have however is that the cost of living here in Spain will always compensate for any reduction in the value of the Pound short term.

>>> Roll on March 2019, the end of Brexit <<<

Park Lodge show park: The idea for a park lodge home show park on Park La Posada was so that future residents would to be able to see the quality of the homes for themselves during a park visit. There are currently three models on display with a Sandringham arriving soon. Imagine our surprise however when we had Spanish citizens asking to see the homes with the idea of having them on their own land. Unlikehomes built for the Spanish market our models do not have window shutters or bars on the windows. Our homes look and feel very British.

The result has been that the Spanish love the homes and the Reading in particular. They love the fact that they look and feel so different. So much so that we have had to negotiate more build slots with the manufacturers ready to meet the demand because our model designs can only be purchased from the show ground at Park La Posada. The models are exclusive to Costa Difference Ltd.

Now more good news. You can buy any park lodge home either unfurnished or part furnished. For the same price we will include UK to Spain removals for your furniture up to 10 cubic metres. This means you can have your dream home with your own furniture. We will arrange and pay for the removals.

>>> Built in Spain for Spain <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park decided to fit an outside shower to his shed, so he could take a cold shower every now and again during the summer allowing him plenty of room to stand and get wet. First, he laid some gravel using decking boards he had left over as edging and he was well chuffed with the result. Next came a cheap shower unit from the **todo shop costing 7€ and that was then connected to the water inlet that feeds the washing machine in the shed.

In the UK it was hot this summer, so everyone has some idea what it was like in Spain. In fact, there was one day when the UK might have been slightly hotter in the south. For Ex-Pat however it was now easy, he could be sat on his decking wearing swimming trunks and a tee shirt in the shade and if he got too warm he simply went down the steps took his tee shirt off and enjoyed a cold shower.

Now to make you laugh, the first mistake he made was that the shower itself had no shade, it was in the blazing sun all day. The second mistake he made was that the plastic connection to the water supply was exposed to the sun all day as well. His third mistake was that the pipe he used to connect the shower to the shower head was a metal flexible pipe as seen in many homes or hotels in Spain.

It was 3pm the day after he had fitted it when he realised all his mistakes. The temperature was around 35 degs and Ex-Pat decided to put his new outside shower to the test. He whipped off his tee shirt stepped under his shower and turned it on full blast. All the water that had been heating up in the pipes all day soaked him in an instant, a very hot shower. It was the last thing he was expecting and the very last thing he wanted.

Not to be out done it required an Ex-Pat solution, so he placed a bucket alongside the shower. The next day at about the same time he ran the shower first putting the water into the bucket until the water was cool, it was only then that he stepped under it. The water he had collected in the bucket was then used at night to water his plants. No more hot showers outside for him and of course he was able to say he had done it that way on purpose.

** Todo means “everything” in Spanish and the shop is always very cheap.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Corrales Park: The first new home went onto the park this month and the first resale home went under offer as well. The park is very different and rustic which is what the new residents loved about it when being shown around.

One other interesting fact about Corrales Park is that it is one of the very few parks that allow double units up to 20 x 40. That is great news for anyone wanting a double lodge. The Willerby Clearwater is a home that has created a lot of interest and of course you can also have a Park Lodge Home that size custom built.

>>> Corrales = Countryside, Posada = Community spirit, <<<

Park La Posada: Work is about to begin on the final phase with all the new plots being completed by March 2019. After that the park will be complete. Presently there are already eleven plots reserved out of the sixteen plots being prepared. Work will begin at plot 150 and work downwards with plot 135 being ready before March 2019.

The park started in 2004 and here we are 14 years later telling everyone about the final phase. The park owners have done a fantastic job bringing the project to life over the years with new facilities and five-star services being put in place along the way. To this day it is the only park that provides new residents with the services of a translator to get all the paperwork in place free of charge. The park really does offer a stress-free environment when it comes to retiring to Spain.

>>> All the parks are very different. Which lifestyle do you prefer? <<<

New park coming: Within the next two weeks we will be launching the website for a brand-new residential park in the area. The name of the park will be Lago Park. Lago in Spanish means “lake” and yes, this new park is near a lake. The new website will be once it is up and running.

Like Corrales Park we will be offering a “bolt on” viewing trip to Lago Park costing £45 for up to 4 people. First however we will need to show the team members who are interested in showing other parks where the park is as it has been top secret until now whilst waiting for all the permissions to be granted.

Being a genuine residential park is what is important to us. Having been privileged to represent Park La Posada all these years it is important that we can offer clients the exact type of residential park they are looking for. We will now have three very different parks to offer but the essential ingredient is as always “genuine residential” and licenced.

The park itself is in Granada province and the park will be as far inland as you could ever want with mountains and lakes being the backdrop. It is also the perfect location to consider having a very different kind of home due to the park’s location. We are already producing some exciting designs. The park slogan will be “where lakes and mountains meet” and that is why we are designing some very special lodges for the park.

>>> Team members will see the park soon <<<

Finally: September was the month for all the shows in the UK. Steve and Martin covered the Lawns near Hull and that came close to “rain stopped play”. They got away with it with overcast skies and rain threatening over both days. Next up was Beaulieu and the Place in the Sun show at the NEC in Birmingham with both running over the same weekend. Martin covered the Place in the Sun show and enjoyed three hectic days talking to 100’s of people in the dry and warm environment inside the NEC.

Poor Derick on the other hand covered Beaulieu which was a complete wash out over the whole weekend. Being outside, the show is very weather dependant. Nothing he could do but stand inside the marquee and wait for some poor soul to pass by under an umbrella. Convincing anyone that living in Spain is so much better was easy for him because the weather was that bad. We really hope the next show in Crealy has good weather. Fingers are crossed. .

That is it for this month, thanks as always for reading this newsletter. To stop getting them at any time simply use the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

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