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Posted on October 31, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

Poor Derick: In September and early October we had four mobile home shows to attend. We go to give advice about the parks and area plus how to retire to Spain.

Martin and Steve covered the first one, the Lawns Caravan Show near Hull. It was early September and they were lucky. It rained for a little while on the Saturday but stayed dry on the Sunday. In short, they got away with it over the two days.

The next one was Martin on his own working with Mobile Homes Abroad. The Place in the Sun Live exhibition held on the third weekend in September. This was indoors at the NEC in Birmingham. It rained every day that weekend but as it was indoors it only effected the number of visitors.

Martin stayed nice and dry. The same weekend however Derick covered the Beaulieu show which is an outdoors exhibition lasting three days.

So, now to why “poor Derick” in the newsletter.

Derick covered the Beaulieu show working alongside Mobile Homes Abroad and it rained heavily all weekend. By the Sunday morning everything was under water. Most exhibitors gave up and went home, Derick stayed to the bitter end so as to not let anyone down.

His next show on his own was the Crealy Willerby caravan show near Exeter, held during the first weekend in October. Once again it was an outdoor show.

Derick based in Yeovil made him favourite to cover the show as Exeter is only one hour away. We all thought it could not be as bad for him as Beaulieu was and that he would enjoy it.

Well it was, not only did it rain all the time, but the marquee he was in became flooded inside. Going back to Yeovil helped because once he decided to give up he was home even quicker this time.

To cheer him up the next one he will cover will be indoors. It will be the Place in the Sun Live exhibition in Manchester on the 15th to the 17th of March 2019. Dates to put into your diary perhaps?

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Park La Posada news: The preparation of the final plots is now well under way. Completed by February 2019 is the aim. Clients who have reserved their plots should now be looking to order their homes. UK manufactured or a Park Lodge?

Demand is quite high for UK manufactured mobile homes such as the Willerby Sheraton. We also need 12 weeks build time for the Spanish built park lodges such as the Windsor park lodge home.

This is the first time we have seen such long waiting times for UK manufactured homes. We are also having custom-built lodges produced at a rate of 24 a year. Deciding what home to have on the plot now rather than later gives us plenty of time to secure a build slot.

For clients interested in buying a park lodge show home it is first come first served. Show homes are great as they are already on display on the La Posada show ground. To choose a show home will save 2000.00 Euros.

It is worth remembering that there are only five models to choose from. To reserve a show home requires a 10% deposit and the balance paid when it is in position.

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Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park had to return to the UK in October. This was to attend the funeral of a dear friend from way back to his childhood days.

Whilst attending he knew he would meet up with quite a few people he had not seen in years. Most of them had no idea he was living in Spain now.

During the funeral itself it rained non-stop. Getting out of the car and walking from the car park was enough to get everyone wet. It was even worse when the time came to get back to the car, puddles were everywhere.

The wake afterwards was to be in a pub he knew very well, and he was soon at home chatting to everyone. Most people he chatted to seemed more interested in his new lifestyle in Spain. It was not long before someone produced a tablet and asked him to show them the park’s website.

Ex-Pat being Ex-Pat went even further of course logging into his dropbox account. He started showing everyone his own photos. The local lakes and the lake beaches less than an hour away. They also saw lots of other photos of him enjoying himself with his friends on the park. In short, Ex-Pat being Ex-Pat started getting carried away.

When the widow approached he realised that he was in fact changing the mood of the occasion. On switching the tablet off he apologised to her for getting carried away.

Instead of being an awkward moment it turned into a great moment. A request to switch it back on with “we should have done the same years ago as well” helped. It showed him that he had not offended anyone.

To tone it down a little he made do with the park’s own website and he allowed himself ten more minutes. Soon afterwards everyone went back to reminiscing about the past and their friendship.

It was only when he said his goodbyes and left, did it hit home to him how lucky he was. He was spending quality time with his family whilst in the UK despite the occasion. He also had good friends and neighbours waiting for him to return to Spain.

He also knew his family look forward to visiting him in Spain at Easter and that he would return to the UK in the summer. On boarding the plane to return to Spain he felt good. Sad occasion over, he had a life to enjoy.

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Corrales Park. For our home design team Corrales Park went right off the Richterscale in October. The park confirmed to them that they had permissions in place for timber lodges 12m x 7m (39 x 23) in size.They also said that they have six plots ready on their park.

They went even further after they saw the timber lodge models we had designed. They now want to set aside an area next to the hotel for us to use as a show ground. That means our twin timber lodge range is no longer exclusive to Spanish clients with their own land. They can go onto Corrales Park.

Being able to put the first twin lodge onto a residential park as a display model is  perfect. Clients both British and Spanish will get to see how exciting our new timber lodge project is.

The  construction of the home takes place on the park and not in a factory. When  ready we install the electrics, the plumbing, the furniture, kitchens, and bathrooms.

In the case of the Cordoba lodge we treat the front decking as well as the house.Using the @ll Timber brand we have set up a new website,

We will soon have everything in place to turn a timber lodge into a luxury residential lodge. That makes Costa Difference Ltd the only company in Spain to offer clients every kind of home.

On the parks we always had resale mobile homes plus new UK manufactured mobile homes. Next came park lodge homes that we design and have built in Spain. Now we go even further with our new exclusive timber lodge range.

This is all down to our in-house design team working with manufacturers. We know all about mobile homes and they know all about quality builds. Together we produce the park lodge home and the timber lodge.

The manufacturers also adopt our designs. The Windsor design is the park lodge home chosen and the Valencia design will become the timber lodge chosen.

>>> Luxury timber lodges on the way <<<

Thank you, team members: 2018 has been our busiest year to date for dedicated visits to see the parks. We have had visits running every week with some weeks two or three running at the same time.

For our team members (all residents) looking after visitors can also be great fun. The visits however can also be hard work as well. More and more flights seem to arrive late and leave early now.

Visitors seems to really appreciate what the team members do for them during the visits. This is judging from feedback we often receive.

Because residents look after visitors, the visits themselves are as relaxing as possible. This is bearing in mind the purpose of the visit, a short full on visit to get lots of information. Questions asked, questions answered straight away because residents know most of the answers. The parks speak for them self.

2019 looks like it will be even busier if the advance bookings we have already is anything to go by. Visitors coming to the park on their own in future is up 300% already.

Once arrangements are in place winter holidays can now include a visit to the parks. Enjoying a long stay holiday with retiring to Spain full time in future in mind.

>>> Easy way to see for yourself <<<

Finally. At the last Place in the Sun show at the NEC in September one thing stood out. Many stands offered Spain as the destination.

So why is Spain now the country of choice for British citizens moving abroad? The first big clue is how the Spanish government is going out of their way to de-Brexit concerns.

They seem to deal head on with the issues that concern anyone wanting to live in Spain. Nothing but reassuring comments are coming out of Madrid unlike the rest of Europe. They want to remain the number one retirement destination.

The second clue is the Spanish health system. Without doubt it is one of the best in Europe. The cost of private health care as well is also quite reasonable for those who want to retire early.

The third and biggest clue involves us as a company. What we offer means that when moving to Spain no one is on their own.

What made the Place in the Sun Live at the NEC so special was that most people went with villas and town houses in mind. They were not expecting to see Mobile Homes Abroad inside with a residential Willerby Sheraton mobile home.

Many were gob-smacked though when they went inside the Willerby Sheraton on display. Even more so when they saw the display showing the quality of the parks.

Following the show at the NEC a few visitors booked inspection visits. Indeed, some went on to buy a home as a result. It was the WOW factor on display at the NEC that made that show such a success.

In 2019 we are sure Spain will only grow as a destination for anyone wanting to live in the sun. The cost of living will see to that.

>>>>>>> End <<<<<<<

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