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Posted on April 3, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2016

** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Now to Scotland:  The reason this newsletter is going out a few days earlier is so that we can confirm that Martin will be in Glasgow for the Place in the Sun Live exhibition at the SECC representing Costa Difference Ltd. The show is over this weekend of the 29th and 30th of October.

Unlike the Lawns and Beaulieu shows that took place in September the Place in the Sun show in Glasgow is not all about mobile homes. There will only be one mobile home on display at the SECC.
The show itself is all about information on how to live or retire abroad.

That is a perfect format for us to have Martin there. He will be there to offer advice about retiring to Spainto live on a residential park and of course offer any help when it comes to checking out the lifestyle that the residents are currently enjoying.

This will be the first time we will be sending someone to the Glasgow Place in the Sun Live show and for Martin it will also be his first time to Glasgow as well. So if you live anywhere near Glasgow and want to get all your questions answered in person please go to the show and ask for Martin when you get to the display mobile home.

>>> The shows are very informative in every way <<<

Ex-Pat: Patrick was driving from the park to the village the other day in a daydream. His dream was shattered however when a Guardia Civil traffic car put on the lights and siren behind him. He had not seen it coming. Once stopped the policeman got out and walked to the driver’s side of his car and saluted. Wow thought Ex-Pat, the police would never salute a motorist in the UK. As expected the Guardia Civil policeman then spoke to him in Spanish.

Ex-Pat went straight into his “soy Ingles” (I am English) routine. The policeman smiled and then pointed to a 50kmh sign which told Ex-Pat that clearly he had exceeded that. He had no idea how fast he was actually driving as he was not concentrating.

“Lo siento” (I am sorry) said Ex-Pat looking very apologetic, it worked. The policeman took hold of his hand and slapped him on the wrist saying “nada mas” (no more) and then saluted again. This was then followed by the policeman returning to his patrol car.

Ex-Pat was over the moon that the few words of Spanish he had learnt over the last 6 months had worked for him. For sure he was not that much over the limit but it was good to see that the Spanish Policeman had a sense of humour to match his own. No more daydreaming whilst driving for him in future.

>>> Speeding by more than 20kmh gets you points in Spain <<<

Brexit: Will be in the news a lot over the next 2 years until everyone is completely fed up hearing about it. The truth is however that here in Spain the Spanish Government does not want anything to change as far as UK passport holders being resident here. There are now over 330,000 registered British citizens living in Spain. Most of them are spending their UK pensions here and there is no way the Spanish want to put a stop to that.

That means it is expected that they will continue to issue residency cards to any UK applicant that qualifies under the existing rules.

Whilst the protracted and secret (or not so secret) pre Brexit negotiations take place with the hawks in Brussels speculation about Brexit will affect everyone in one way or another and there is no denying that. However, all residents in Spain registered before the UK actually leaves the EU will only be looking for two things to come out of the negotiations. First is reciprocal health care enabling them to use the wonderful Spanish health care system as they do now.

The good news on that score is that it is almost inconceivable that there will not be any reciprocal health care arrangements here in Spain post Brexit. This is because the UK currently have reciprocal health care agreements in place now with both Bosnia and Macedonia which are countries in Europe but not in the EU.

The second requirement residents will look for is a strong Pound. For sure during the Brexit process the GBP will go up and down like a fiddler’s elbow, but let us now look at the facts.

In December 2008 the GBP was 1.09 against the Euro. In January 2016 it was 1.33 to the Euro. The value of the GBP has nothing to do with the actual value. It is all about short to medium term market speculation and as always sooner or later it will return to the correct value. The average exchange rate over the last 5 years puts the GBP at a rate of between 1.20 and 1.25 and that is what we expect post Brexit. To get the best exchange rates we as a company use Transferwise online.

There is however plenty of good news for people looking to retire to Spain as well. Resale and new mobile homes are sold here in Spain in GBP and of course paid in GBP. We also make sure all residents wanting to live full time in Spain on Park La Posada and Paradise Park get their NIE and Residencia. Getting those in place before Brexit actually happens gives park residents the edge because the residencia card issued here in Spain lasts for 5 years.

In 5 years’ time Brexit will be part of history and UK relations with the EU will be very different. In much the same way as New Zealand has its own trade agreements in the Pacific region. Britain will have its own trade agreement in Europe. The UK will be in Europe but not run by Europe.

How different everything will be no one knows for certain right now but one thing is for sure, UK citizens living as residents here in Spain will know that the sun will be shining for most of the year and the risk of having to cancel a BBQ because of rain will happen as often as getting 3 numbers right on the lottery.

>>> Brexit does not stop anyone retiring to Spain <<<

Retiring to Spain? Our advice as always is to do your homework first. So many people in the past have retired to Spain and then wished they had done things differently soon afterwards. Most mobile homeparks being advertised on the internet enable anyone to retire to Spain very easily and in most cases stress free. However, we can without doubt tell you that not all parks being advertised on the internet here in Spain are 100% residential only. It is also true to say that not all parks in Spain look after their residents in the same way. It is not always about facilities.

On both the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca there are quite a few mobile home parks advertised. Many however also have camping facilities, either on the park itself or next door. Many also have shared facilities. If you are looking for a lively park (especially at Easter and in the summer) or you are wanting to sublet your home to earn money, then a non-genuine residential park is ideal for you and you have a huge choice of parks in Spain to visit.

However, if your idea is to retire to a genuine residential park where there is no camping anywhere in sight and no subletting then you are much more limited in choice. Doing the “residential parks” homework means you really should visit Park La Posada if you want the Costa del Sol or Paradise Park if you want the Costa Blanca. Failing to visit one of the best genuine residential parks first means you will have no idea how high the bar should be when visiting other parks.

>>> We can help you do the homework for only £79pp <<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life), so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain, which as you already know begins as soon as they leave the park.

The phrase this month is “excuse me”. In Spanish you can use two words. “Con permiso” OR “Perdóname (kohn pehr-MEE-soh) OR (pehr-DOH-nah-meh) These words are perfect when it comes to two Spanish citizens blocking the isle whilst gassing in the local supermarket and you want to pass. Newsletter subscribers who are also residents will know exactly what we mean and will no doubt be smiling as they read this. Two very useful words.

>>> The lifestyle is great so why not try and say a few words in Spanish <<<

Winter holidays: With the demand for family winter holidays going down because of the exchange rates it means there is a wonderful opportunity for anyone retired or soon retiring to grab a bargain flight and get away to Spain for a few weeks in order to sample the park lifestyle by visiting a park during your holiday.

We have set up to help you search for hotel deals in the resort you choose. For Park La Posada you have Malaga, Benalmadena, Torremolinos and Fuengirola just a short drive from the airport.
For Paradise Park you have the town of Elche, the resort of Santa Pola or the city of Alicante to choose from.
Hiring a car this time of year is always cheap and car hire prices can be found on of course.

>>> You can also get to know the area this way <<<

Finally: You will notice that we rarely promote one park over the other or any resale mobile home in particular in our newsletters. This is because we want our newsletters to be a source of useful “retire to Spain” information in a light hearted way. The newsletter also has a second function. It is to encourage the reader to ask questions they might have about retiring to Spain.

 This is done using the contact form on our website or the “can we answer any questions?” button at the bottom of each page. It is after all a big step to take and we are more than happy to help in any way we can. We can also help if the question is not about living on a residential park.

The questions we are asked usually feature in some way in the next newsletter. We also let our Ex-Pat pass on his experiences so you have an idea about park life here in Spain. At the end of the day however coming to take a look will answer most questions. For a few hundred pounds you can enjoy a visit to Spain and ask as many questions as you would like.

Who knows, by the time the next newsletter goes out at the end of November we could have Donald Trump as President of the USA and loads of Americans wanting to move to Spain to retire as well.
Fancy coming to see the two residential parks before all the Americans arrive?

To plan your park lifestyle visit call us using our ** UK free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read all this. We hope you have found the information worthwhile.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read all this. We hope you have found the information worthwhile.

The Costa Difference team in Spain

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