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Posted on May 31, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

Place in the Sun show in London: Took place in May and what a show for Steve. The show passed very quickly for him as he was speaking to so many people. One couple remembered talking to him at The Lawns caravan show in Hull two years ago. They still dream of retiring to Spain and they have one more year to go before they retire. After talking to Steve for the second time they now have an idea which park they should visit (as they are so different) and have booked their four-day three-night inspection visit.

Being interested in a Park Lodge Home as well, they did not realise that apart from the fact that it takes three months to custom build the home they must also book a build slot in advance as they are built at the factory one at a time. That means from design to completion can easily take six months or more. It was for that reason visiting the park was to be done sooner rather than later and if the park ticked all the boxes for them then everything else can be timed perfectly.

>>> Advice on every subject was available at the show <<<

Resale mobile homes: There are different rules in Spain with regards to resale homes on the park. In the UK most parks do not allow homes over 15 years old to remain on the park. Not so in Spain. As far as the parks in Spain are concerned it does not matter what the age of the home is. What does matter is how it has been looked after and that it is in good condition. It is the condition of the home and decking that is important and not the age.

An older home in good condition therefore becomes a perfect buy for anyone wanting to semi-retire and dip in and out of the lifestyle with minimum capital expenditure. Becoming part of the community early means being very settled and stress free when retirement comes. You will already know the park, residents and local area. Being there full time when the time comes simply means you are coming home.

Now the best part. If 100% happy with the home you already have as your full-time retirement home it becomes a real bargain. If, however once living in the home full time you wished for something newer you simply sell the one you have and buy a different newer resale home on the park at the same time.

That has been done many times. Some have even gone on to buy a new one. That is even easier. With the right home to sell it is sometimes possible to part exchange.

>>> Buying a resale mobile home in Spain is very easy <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park had his sister come to visit. It was her first visit and being 10 years younger than him he wondered if she would enjoy the park as much as he does.

She arrived Saturday morning and on walking round the park with Ex-Pat she said how wonderful everything looked. She was introduced to everyone they met and after talking to people they met for at least five minutes a good hour was spent strolling around.

That night they both joined the regular gang doing “Tapas” in the village and although she is not much of a drinker a few glasses of red wine served with a selection of free Tapas went down well. It was the perfect start to a week’s holiday for sure and she could see why Ex-Pat loves living here so much. The “gang” soon saw that she was as good a character as Ex-Pat and what a fun person she was. She knew every divorced joke there was, and you could see that she was going to keep Ex-Pat on his toes.

At the end of her week’s holiday she was sad to leave. She had enjoyed herself a lot and made some good friends along the way. She had exchanged e-mail addresses with quite a few of the residents. Having to work back in the UK means there is no way she can join Ex-Pat and her new friends full time, but she did promise to visit Ex-Pat more often. Having been kept on his toes all week Ex-Pat was in two minds as to how good an idea it was. Only time will tell.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Money matters: There is a saying “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. What good advice. There are some great ways to make pensions go a lot further simply by doing what the Spanish do. Already the cost of living is a lot cheaper than in the UK and here is how you can maximise it.

Fresh local produce is very different here in Spain. There is lots of it and the cheapest place to stock up is in the local weekly street market. The fruit and vegs stalls have the lot in all shapes and sizes at prices that put the supermarkets to shame. Now the best part, each local village has a market on a different day, so you do not need to buy a weeks’ worth. You will always be able to enjoy fresh fruit and veg.

Next up petrol/diesel, prices are set by the government and already it is cheaper than in the UK. However, certain garages offer fuel cheaper than the government’s RRP and getting to know where they are will save more money if doing lots of exploring or enjoying some great days out is what you will be doing.

>>> Locals in the town and villages offer local prices <<<

Park Lodge Homes: In May the San Jordi Park Lodge show home (with its iconic and very useful twin bedroom) was purchased on Park La Posada along with the Reading Park Lodge show home.

Also, in May a plot was reserved on Paradise Park for the Windsor Park Lodge show home that had just been taken to the park. That is the real beauty of having Park Lodge show homes. The differences between Park Lodge Homes and mobile homes can easily be seen during a visit. The client enjoyed four days looking at the park, inspecting the home and visiting the factory to see for himself how the home was built.

Other Park Home news is that the Reading Park Lodge show home that was sold on Park La Posada is now going to be replaced by an all new Langport 11 x 4 model two-bedroom one bathroom show home. Like the Windsor it is a model designed by us. It will be the first Park Lodge show home model to use our Suite Efect™ en-suite/bathroom door system design.

Suite Efect is spelt correctly by the way. We use a shadow on the one F in our advertising material and of course it was easy to trade mark it with one F. No one could object. The double door single locking design is ours as well as the Trade Mark. It replaces the old “Jack and Jill” bathroom system used by some UK manufacturers. It is a very clever idea by design but took some explaining to the factory inhouse designers as to the true purpose of the system. Once they understood the concept they asked why no one else had come up with the idea before?

For now, the new Langport Park Lodge Home being built at the factory in Burgos will be the only Park Lodge show home on Park La Posada whilst we consider our options with regards to ordering two or three more. By the end of the year we will want four Park Lodge show homes to be on the new show home area that is being prepared for us on La Posada.  For that reason, we have asked Eduardo to deal with everything to do with custom built homes designed by us and manufactured by Alhambra homes in Alicante.

His new remit within the company is to arrange factory visits and be the project manager for the build itself should a new home be ordered. Models already with floor plans include the Ascot, Windsor, Thatcham, Eton and Eastbury which is a model currently being custom designed by clients for Park La Posada following their factory visit recently.

There is now a contact form that goes direct to Eduardo on the Park Lodge Homes page on the website. That is the best method to use to enquire about factory visits or to ask for more information about custom-built Park Lodge Homes built in Alicante.

You will also see on that page the current Park Lodge Home models that can be ordered without a factory visit as they will be built in the same way and to the same design as the original show homes. We will order those models direct from the manufacturer concerned on a like for like basis.

>>> Custom built homes offer style as well as quality <<<

Corrales Park: Also, in May a plot was reserved on Corrales Park which is now coming into its own as a retirement park with a significant difference. It is the countryside feel the park enjoys that prompted the visitors to reserve a plot with an eye to buying a new Solero Park Lodge home. Theirs will be the very first Park Lodge Home on the park if they can get what they want.

When we say Park Corrales is in real Spain we cannot be accused of over exaggerating, you could not and will not find a park any more Spanish.

Park Corrales represents real Spain at its best and if anyone wants to be living in the Spanish Lake District with much better weather, then it is only park to show them. We can do that knowing they will not be disappointed in the slightest, and so it was for the visitors who reserved the plot. The park was exactly what they were looking for.

Corrales Park has the least visitors but the highest approval rate simply because we have a great policy of showing the right kind of park to the right client. Gone are the days when heads are spinning having to see so many parks in a short space of time. Corresponding with us before any visit allows us to finally suggest which park is ideal for you and then that park is given time to be seen for what it really offers during a visit.

All three parks on offer are residential retirement of course but below sums them up perfectly.

>>> Corrales = Countryside, Posada = Community spirit, Paradise = Closest to beach <<<

Team news: Newsletter subscribers keeping an eye on the website will have seen resale homes and show homes come and go at breakneck speed this year on Park La Posada. This is all down to the numbers of visitors and their reactions once they see the quality of the park for themselves.

The Costa Difference way of showing the parks is to have residents on the parks who are willing to become ambassadors for the park so that they can take care of the visitors. Our appeal for more team members recently in a newsletter had a huge response from Posada residents and this month two new teams join us, with others waiting in the wings. The two new teams are Mark and Kaye Hewins and Andy and Diana Sands.

With two new teams joining current team members Linda, Phil, Mike and Sandie it means we are now able to say yes to any planned visit. Hilary on Paradise Park might seem to be out of it a little as there are so few resale homes on the park, but she has worked her socks off showing clients both resale homes and new homes this month.

>>> Hilary also looks after the Alicante factory visits <<<

UK Manufactured homes: Visitors to the website will see that we have teamed up with the biggest exporter of UK manufactured mobile homes to Europe, Mobile Homes Abroad Ltd, to supply clients who are looking for a UK model mobile home to go onto their chosen plot.

This is great news for anyone wanting to see the various model homes in the UK as Mobile Homes Abroad have access to show grounds in most parts of the UK. All the top manufacturers are represented and of course UK models that are suitable for Spain are recommended at the outset.

The mobile home export market is huge and the biggest share of the market are holiday caravans destined for camp sites all over Europe. That is why us working with Mobile Homes Abroad and their Caravans in the Sun™ team at the UK shows throughout the year works.

Costa Difference are residential parks retire-to-Spain specialists representing the smallest share of the UK mobile home export market of course but at the shows themselves we are there to ensure that all aspects of the UK mobile homes abroad market is explained at the same time at the same show.

Talking shows. Mobile homes Abroad with the Caravans in the Sun™ team are doing a show this weekend in Scotland. Information can be found on

>>> Manufacturers include ABI, Delta, Pemberton, Regal and Willerby <<<

Latest news in the last 24hrs: For us every day is different. It is not all about conducting visits.

1) Park La Posada now has an all new 2018 park brochure download added to their website Kaye and Martin have dealt with that.

2) Two resale homes on Corrales Park signed up today to be added to our website in the next few days. They will be added  to the resale homes section on Steve signed them up and Raheel will be adding them to the website.

3) Plot 144 on phase 3B to be ready early 2019 is now reserved on Park La Posada. That means there are only 11 plots left on phase 3B for new homes to come onto the park in 2019. Steve accepted this plot reservation.

>>> Website changes, resales signed up and plots reserved <<<

Finally: Social media is both positive and negative. The same goes for the internet. There is so much misinformation or outdated information on the web. One thing we have learnt over the years is negative feedback is more often likely to be exaggerated than positive feedback, we call that the “sour grapes” syndrome.

Both social media and the internet play no part when it comes to seeing for yourself and talking to the right people. It is impossible with social media and e-mails to look someone in the eye as they are answering.

That is why UK shows like Place in the Sun (Manchester, London and Birmingham) and The Lawns caravan show in Hull, or the Beaulieu show in the New Forest are so important. Bang up-to-date park and home information and you are looking into the eye of the person giving the answers at the shows. Steve knows this only too well having covered the three days at the Place in the Sun live show in London in May.

The same goes for park visits. If you ask a resident a question for sure they will give you an honest answer. How much does it cost to live here? What are the medical facilities like? Would you ever go back to the UK to live? Just some of the questions they get asked all the time.

So our advice is this, take social media and the internet with a pinch of salt. Use them both to choose which questions to ask. Find the answers elsewhere and in person. It is the only way you will be able to decide if living in Spain is really for you.

We remind everyone who says “I read somewhere” when asking a question that there are still people who say the world is flat and that is also on the internet.

Do you have some questions? Come to Spain and ask away. We have “honest Joe” on the parks ready to answer them. Who knows, he could be the next character to feature in our newsletters.

That is it for this month, thanks as always for reading this newsletter. To stop getting them at any time simply use the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

**free when using UK landlines**

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