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Posted on June 30, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

Only a few plots left: Our time representing Paradise Park near Alicante  is slowly coming to an end. This is because there are only 4 plots left on the park now for new homes. Once they have been reserved phase two of the park will be full and we as a company will slip quietly away because we will have nothing to offer visitors.

Hilary and Eduardo will continue of course representing the company once we are longer promoting the park as a retirement location. Park Lodge Homes factory visits in Alicante will be their primary function as well as looking after clients who have reserved plots or have bought homes on the park. It will only be the promoting of the park itself that will end. Perhaps this will be its last mention in our newsletters.

The good news however is we now have Corrales Park inland from Malaga to offer clients and that is a very Spanish residential park. Corrales Park has plots available now for new homes as well as one or two resales. It is the resales on the park that are important as they offer visitors choice on a visit. That means for us as a company as Paradise Park goes off the radar Park Corrales will be coming into full view as a retirement park for the future.

>>> We only show residential parks to visitors <<<

Now to show homes: With Park La Posada being such a quality park there was only going to be one location for us to develop a Park Lodge Homes show ground. Work has already started on the chosen site outside the park and it will be ready just in time for the first Park Lodge Home to arrive at the end of this month.

The first home to arrive will be the Reading Summer Edition 2018 Park Lodge. Changes to the 2017 model include a mirror set up in the lounge, a modern style slate + electric fireplace and a kitchen island instead of a dining table although you can have that if you prefer. The Reading was our first ever concept design switching from a one bed to a two bed on demand and it was built with having a wonderful decking area in mind.

Next up will be the all new Langport model which is a two bedroom home incorporating our Suite Efect ® en-suite bathroom door system. This home will be followed by the all new Solero and Sandringham models and again using our Suite Efect ® system. A classic Windsor 2018 Autumn Edition Park Lodge or the huge 2018 Ascot Park Lodge will complete the show ground. We will be holding open days for everyone to come and look.

Suite Efect ® is spelt that way on purpose for trade mark purposes. No one can object to a misspelt word. We simply added a shadow on the one and only F to get it looking right.

>>> All show homes are listed on our website <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park has to this day never let on what he did in the UK before he retired to Spain. Even his sister would not say during her recent visit. Fellow residents have ruled as many careers in as they had ruled out over the last few years.

However, following recent events one career is beginning to stand out. Ex-Pat was walking his dog one morning when he found a set of keys on the ground just by the gate that leads out of the back of the park. It is a gate that all dog walkers use. However, as it was a Sunday and the reception was shut he took it upon himself to go to every home he knew that owned a dog to try and find who the keys belonged to.

So, starting at the top of the park he went and knocked on every dog owner’s door, he knew them all. It was not long before he was beginning to think he had the wrong approach having already knocked on quite a few doors.

Eventually he knocked on Tom and Barbara’s door knowing they had a nice little Scottie and was relieved when Tom said “great, where did you find them?” Upon telling him where he had found them and that he had knocked on every dog owner’s door starting from the top of the park down to Tom’s trying to find the owner Tom laughed out loud. “NOW we know what you did for a living EX-Pat” he said, “you were a postman!”

Ex-Pat turned on his heals and said mutteringly “no I was not” but nothing he could say now will make Tom and Barbara think otherwise. They did however do the decent thing that night and bought him a beer to say thank you. Smiles all round was the result.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Money matters: Lets face it everyone likes to save money. So here is a great tip and it works a treat. There is an app called Revolut for your smart phone. It allows you to buy a top up plastic chipped credit card for a one-off fee. After that you add money to the card anytime you want and with a few presses on your smart phone you exchange it to Euro’s at the best exchange rate on offer. The exchange rate is not rounded down either. If it is 1.1365 on the BBC website that is what you get. It is then on your card ready to use.

Trust us when we say at the best exchange rate. It matched Transferwise online rates without charging a fee for the transfer like they do, and it made UK bank debit cards look like they are being controlled by Dick Turpin with the added transaction fees and poor exchange rates.

The Revolut card is more like a gift from Robin Hood, taking money away from the rich bankers to give to the poor pensioners. Not to mention us as well, we all have one.

Topping up the card is easy and in seconds. You can top up just before paying the petrol bill in the garage. Better still, if you cannot find it at anytime you can block it whilst you look for it using your smart phone. Once found you simply unblock it the same way. This is probably the most useful info we have ever published.

>>> You can even draw 200€ in cash, free every month <<<

Corrales Park news: In June all the Posada team members spent a few hours on Corrales Park followed by a lunch in the village of Los Corrales. The reason for the visit was to make sure that anyone on a Posada visit asking questions about Corrales Park will get an informed reply.

Following that visit we then changed our four-day three-night dedicated visits format. From now on we only offer dedicated £79 per person visits now to Park La Posada. For Corrales Park we offer two options, a bolt on visit whilst on a Park La Posada visit costing £25 in total (not per person) which means you get to see two parks, or a day visit coastal collection service as per our website.

For many, Park La Posada is without doubt the best park in terms of community spirit but for those wanting to live in real Spain immersed in culture then Corrales Park is a must see park and we have three team members ready to take you there and show you everything.

>>> Corrales = Countryside, Posada = Community spirit, <<<

Single?: The parks are ideal for anyone who is single and wants to retire to Spain. Being single does not stop anyone living the lifestyle. The support the parks offer along with the social life everyone enjoys as a resident makes retiring to Spain very easy. You will have new friends in no time and plenty to look forward to.

Now the good news. The Reading Park Lodge has a new version, the 2018 Summer Edition. This Park Lodge is perfect for a single person or a couple who do not want to waste space with a second bedroom. It is a concept home and we call it the convertible.

In the lounge there is a sofa that converts into a double bed in seconds. There is also a hidden wardrobe built into the lounge furniture. For the very odd occasion that you need a second bedroom you simply convert the lounge. The master bedroom is en-suite, so it is a perfect set up.

For the rest of the time without visitors you have full use of all the space within the home. Now the real good news. The Summer Edition is now on sale for 63,487 Euros plus transport and installation. However, you will be able to buy the show home that is going onto the park and get free installation once the new plots are ready. The home will be on the showground by the end of July.

Check out all the Park Lodge models here with GBP conversions.

>>> Park Lodge Homes BUILT to be different <<<

Findinspain: With so much happening now as far as Spain goes (it is now the country of choice for retirees) we have once again allocated time to revamp the website. In the past we have used the website as a useful tool to do the research. The information however needed updating.

The first new article for 2018 was titled “basic residencia requirements”. We are also adding businesses from all over Spain. The idea is simple, enter three keywords into the search box and see what it finds. The site will grow weekly and by this time next year it will have everything you could possibly need to find out what is involved in moving to Spain.

For those thinking of moving to Spain to live here is the article in full.

We have also added an article all about Park Lodge Homes as well as buying a car in Spain.

>>> Find in Spain is not a sales site, it is an information site <<<

Finally: July and August the team members get a rest as school holidays and rising air fares put many people off coming on a dedicated visit. That said, the numbers of day visitors to the parks remain the same as people come and take a look whilst on holiday.

It is during this period we are getting ready for the shows in September publishing new brochures and banners. Needed first at the Lawns Caravan show near Hull on the 8th and 9th of September. Steve and Martin will be doing that show. Next up are two shows at the same time. The Place in the Sun LIVE at the NEC in Birmingham and the Beaulieu Caravan show in the New Forest. They are both on during the 21st, 22nd and 23rd and of September.

Martin will be covering the Place in the Sun LIVE at the NEC and Derick will be covering Beaulieu. Steve will be in Spain as we have quite a few visits already booked towards the end of September.

If you want to check the dates anytime of the UK trade shows look at

That is it for this month, thanks as always for reading this newsletter. To stop getting them at any time simply use the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

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