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Posted on July 31, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

Putting the record straight: In the UK many parks insist that mobile homes that are 15 years old are removed from the park to make way for a new one. Not so here in Spain. The rules are as different as the weather. This is because the Spanish weather is kinder to the homes which means a home that is 15 years old can look as good as new if well maintained.

Well maintained includes the decking as well as the home itself and there are some great examples of such homes being sold as resales. They represent excellent value taking the decking that is also included in the sale into account.

On Park La Posada which opened in 2004 many homes that were installed on the first phase are now coming up to 15 years old, however you would not think so when walking around the park. Being a genuine 5* residential park means the residents take immense pride in their homes. The homes are splendid examples of the difference between being used for residential rather than as a holiday home.

>>> We only show residential parks to visitors <<<

New show homes: The new show home display area on Park La Posada is now ready and the first show homes were put on display on the 24th of July. The first being the all-new 2018 Reading Deluxe and the second home is the new Langport model which is the first home to arrive that uses the “MAXI Space” twin bedroom. The next mone will be the Solero which has the “Suite EFECT™” master bedroom.

 “Suite EFECT™” is a revolution in Park Lodge Home design. Our designers looked at the old fashioned two door Jack and Jill system used in mobile homes and saw there was plenty of room for improvement. The design they came up with is very special. It involves a sliding door built into the wall between the master bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom also has a door that opens out into the hallway.

The clever part is that when locking one door shut both doors are locked at the same time. It is impossible to lock one and not the other. Privacy is guaranteed at all times unlike the Jack and Jill system where both doors had to be locked separately.

By using our “Suite EFECT™” system the bathroom is both an en-suite full bathroom or a stand-alone family bathroom. A great space saving idea which means no wasted space within the home.

“MAXI Space” is a bed system that reduces the twin room to a single bed when not in use as a twin bedroom. That makes space for the room to be used as something else such as an internet station until the day arrives when you need twin beds again. The Langport will be the only the only model to have it as standard. It also comes with a kitchen island that combines kitchen storage with a dining table.

>>> All show homes are listed on our website <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park did not have the best of months in July. He was in town doing his weekly shopping at the hypermarket when he tripped on the curb and fell badly. This happened right by the main entrance to the hypermarket. His left arm took the full force of the fall and as he tried to get up the pain was immense. A Spanish lady who saw him fall told him straight away to sit still in perfect English, a command he was happy to comply with.

Using her mobile phone, she called for an ambulance and one was there within ten minutes. “I will come with you” she said after they had put him into a sling having given him pain killers first, and she soon told the ambulance staff where to get off when they protested.

Once at the hospital things started to happen at breath-taking pace. First he was booked in using his NIE number, next he and Lola (she had by then introduced herself) went straight into an assessment room where a paramedic assigned to the hospital examined him. This was followed by a short spell in a very busy internal waiting room whilst he was processed. He was watching numbers come up on the screen and people going off in all directions when it was their number being called.

Once his allocated case number came up on the screen marked X-Ray they went into the theatre and his arm was X-Rayed. After that it was back into the waiting room looking up at the screen again to see what will happen next. Quarter of an hour passed before his number came up once more on the screen and this time it was for him to go and see a doctor in room six. The doctor it turned out spoke some English, but Lola was on fire, she was soon discussing what had happened in Spanish and there was a lot of nodding of heads between them.

Once finished the doctor said in English that Lola will explain as her English is better than his. Lola then explained to Ex-Pat that he had not broken his arm but did tear a muscle badly as it tried to hold all 15 stone of him as he hit the ground. His treatment was for him to go straight home and apply an ice pack to his arm for 20 minutes every three hours to reduce the swelling. He was also told to rest it as much as possible, he was also prescribed 1gram paracetamol tablets for the pain and was given three tablets to start him off. Ex-Pat thanked him and left with Lola.

Outside the hospital is a taxi rank and so Ex-Pat jumped into one and took Lola back to the hypermarket before going onto the park. She left with his thanks a million ringing in her ears and she told him she was pleased to have been around to help. She refused all offers of payment.

The next day Eric went with Jock to collect Ex-Pat’s car from the hypermarket. Two weeks on now and Ex-Pat is on the mend, luckily for him he is right handed.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Findinspain: The website has again had several new articles published over the past month and one in particular is useful. It is an article on getting low cost flight deals out of season. It is a great site for businesses in Spain as well because they can also publish articles in relation to their business in Spain.

Getting the right information is always essential so all articles have to be renewed every nine months to guarantee the information in the article is still valid. Knowing what you are reading on the internet is valid is a big problem because the internet does not clear out information that is no longer relevant. Googleing gets results of course every time but how can you be sure they are up to date?

That is where our use of Findinspain will come in, we can send links to articles that answer the questions we are given knowing the information is current. The latest article is all about Malaga airport transfers.

>>> Findinspain helps when doing the homework <<<

The Lawns Show: Once again this year we are sending Martin and Steve to the Lawns Caravan Show in Cottingham near Hull on the 8th and 9th of September. However, this year it is going to be very different. Both Martin and Steve will be looking after all the residential parks in Spain enquiries for both Costa Difference contacts as well as the Mobile Homes Abroad display visitors.

To make life easy they will stay close to the Mobile Homes Abroad marquee within the Willerby homes show area. Easy for us and easy for the Mobile Homes Abroad team. Why? Because we will not have to ship all the Costa Difference display material to the Lawns for the show and they will have two experts on residential parks on their stand. We are based in Spain and Mobile Homes Abroad are based in the UK so their displays are always up to date.

So, if anyone wants to know all there is about living on a residential mobile home park in Spain just go to the Willerby homes display and find the Mobile Homes Abroad marquee. Once there ask for Martin or Steve from Costadifference. They are there to answer questions and offer lots of good advice.

>>> In Spain it is very different so bring your questions <<<

Corrales Park: July saw the first Park Lodge home go onto Corrales Park. It is a Reading model and it went onto a prime plot at the entrance to the park. Corrales Park offers something that no other park can offer, a rural setting. For pet owners the park is perfect as there are wonderful walks all around the area.

The park has its own small hotel with a separate bar and restaurant which is used all the time by the Spanish. The residents are immersed in Spanish culture the moment they step outside. There is no “Brits Abroad” feeling whatsoever.

Everyone within 3 kms of the park are friends and neighbours and for the locals the residents are “villagers”. This park is like no other simply because everything is done Spanish style. The support is there of course but they do it with you and not for you.

>>> Corrales = Countryside, Posada = Community spirit, <<<

Park La Posada: The park has set the bar very high when it comes to a dedicated residential retirement park. Very different to Corrales Park and has been around a lot longer. Unlike any other park in Spain it is a one stop shop. Their service takes care of everything the moment new residents arrive. Unlike Corrales Park they do everything for you and not with you. Once on the park you could be in the UK when popping into the reception. It is only the weather and cost of living that makes La Posada a park in Spain.

Opened in 2004 the park has developed into an Ex-Pat community with everyone getting involved in as little or as much as they want to. The facilities and services the park provides are first class. For anyone who simply wants to retire to the sun without a care in the world it must be Park La Posada. It is a must visit park if you want to live within a community.

>>> Two parks very different. Which lifestyle do you prefer? <<<

Finally: Brexit. Nearly there now thank goodness. The latest is that it will all be sorted by October. What sorted? For the residents they are already residents in Spain, nothing will change that. Retired residents also have free health care guaranteed under reciprocal arrangements as that has already been sorted. Their pensions are also unaffected. So, what is Brexit all about then?

TRADE. The one word sums up Brexit perfectly. British citizens registered as living in Spain before March 2019 are residents of Spain in the same way as any resident is. Brexit is all about how we trade with the EU now and of course that is all about money.

For us now Brexit is all but over. Hard Brexit, soft Brexit or no Brexit makes no difference to the residential status of anyone settled in Spain before March 2019. The only knock on effect will be the value of the Pound. Hard Brexit means it is most likely to fall in the short term. Soft Brexit means it will most likely hover, NO Brexit will be the time for all residents to send money back from Spain to the UK as the GBP Pound is likely to soar. It will of course fall back once the hype has gone away and then it can be sent back again.

So, now is the time for residents to start Brexit guessing, Hard Brexit? move some money to Spain in advance, Soft Brexit? stop watching the news and enjoy life as it is and no Brexit? make sure you have enough money in Spain to take advantage of the shock wave that will send the GBP up to start with. You could make as much as 10% profit in the very short term.

All this is our opinion based on how we see events unfolding of course and nobody should think about betting on the outcome. On Park La Posada and Corrales Park however it is as though Brexit does not exist. Enjoying every day to the max is far more important.

That is it for this month, thanks as always for reading this newsletter. To stop getting them at any time simply use the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

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