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Getting ready: 2018 has been one hell of a year for the residential parks in Spain. Now that December is here, we have a few weeks to get ready for 2019. That is because December is one of our quietest months for visits to the parks and website enquiries. Christmas allows us to catch our breath with only a handful of visits taking place.

The first change with 2019 in mind is to divert our 0800 freephone number to Spain as we have more staff in Spain to deal with enquiries. The system we installed recently seems to be working perfectly. The call remains free to call with us picking up the costs of diverting it.

The next change was to ease the web site search traffic that attracted. There was a huge amount of traffic landing on the website that had no connection at all to mobile homes. Spain or residential parks. The solution was to rewrite some of the CSS web site scripts.

Our inhouse team of IT geeks took a week to make all the changes. The recoded web site is now slightly wider which allows us to add more relevent information within the frame. When you visit you will find more lifestyle information within the pages.

>>> The website is updated weekly <<<

Park La Posada news: Work on the final phase is now well under way and February 2019 for completion is almost certain. 2019 will be the year that Park La Posada will no longer be able to offer clients new plots, fourteen years after it opened.
The park has grown in phases over the years but phase 3B is to be the last. Once the last few remaining plots have been reserved that will be it for new homes on Park La Posada.

The other news as well is that in 2019 the park fees remain the same. This will be the 11th year in a row that the fees have not increased. The quality of the park is there for all to see and so there is no need to increase the fees.

The management are very proactive in working to create the perfect retirement location. Five-star facilities at a reasonable price has resulted in Park La Posada now regarded by visitors as the best residential retirement park in Spain.

>>> These are the last new plots <<<

Park homes: The Sandringham model park home is now on the show ground on Park La Posada. This home is very special. It is a 39 x 13.5 park home that has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. You can see a video of the home on our facebook page. The Sandringham park home is £59,600 fully installed on Park La Posada.


The 37.5 x 13.5 Solero park home has also been updated ready for 2019. The show home model now has two settees, a two-seater and a three-seater. The new pictures are already on the web site on the park homes page.

The Solero is our latest model and costs £52,500 fully installed on Park La Posada. This park home model is a classic park home at a mobile home price.

The other show home on order The Windsor 41 x 13.5 is not going to make it onto the show ground any more. This is because it has already been reserved by someone who had reserved their plot this year.

Reserving a show home during the build process is not that unusual. This is because the build has already started. It means there is less time to wait before your new home arrives.

To order a new Windsor show home means it will take nine to twelve weeks for it to be custom built. The Windsor is our top selling park home on Park La Posada. For people who have reserved their plots now is the time to be ordering theirs. A new Windsor park home fully installed on Park La Posada costs £62,400

>>> Three park home models to choose from <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park has found a new love in his life. Her name is Margarita. They met when he went to the local donkey sanctuary (which he did on average once a month) to help out for a couple of hours as a volunteer.


Margarita was a new arrival and on seeing Ex-Pat she came up to him straight away. He was soon stroking her head. The staff were amazed. Until that moment they could not get her to come anywhere near anyone.

Like most donkeys in the sanctuary she was there as a rescue. On seeing her with Ex-Pat they concluded that the only person who showed her any affection in the past was someone who looked like Ex-Pat. She had learnt to trust that person.

So, for now Ex-Pat is on a mission. He goes three times a week to the Sanctuary to see Margarita and to help her settle in. The staff said it must not be more than that as they want her to try to come to terms with her new environment. She is for now in a field with friends and cared for by animal lovers.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Mobile or park home? Is it possible to have a mobile home design produced to park home quality? The answer was finally decided on in November by Martin and Eduardo and so Raheel and his team set to work on changing the website.


People who have been inside the Reading and Langport all agree that the build quality is indeed that of a park home. However, inside it is still a mobile home in design.

It was the mobile home in design aspect which is why they are now designated as new mobile homes on the website. Park home build aspects of course such as the solid-state chassis and insulated 60mm walls but with mobile home trims inside.

The Solero and the Sandringham on display are park homes without any doubt. There are no joins in the walls. They look and feel very different. There is nothing mobile home about them apart from their size.

The result of the changes is that the show ground on park La Posada now has two new mobile homes on display (built to park home standards) and two traditional park homes.

>>> See the homes when on a park visit <<<

UK mobile homes: Visitors to the website will also see three Willerby models are now shown with FREE installation on Park La Posada.

Our idea is that by offering three Willerby models that already have the main requirements for Spain and residential use, we can get clients the homes in a version that considers lots of feedback from owners in Spain over the years.

To do that we are working alongside Mobile Homes Abroad who will now take over as the main Willerby dealers in Spain. The idea is simple, the bigger the dealer the bigger the support package will be.

The three models will all be manufactured in Hull and transported to the park. The price is an all-inclusive price. You can add optional extras of course and they will help you choose the right home for your plot.

>>> You can see show homes in the UK <<<

Finally: 2018 is coming to an end and Christmas is coming. From all the team we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.


For the clients with plots reserved on park La Posada it is now time to choose your home. For new park homes (apart from the show homes) we need nine weeks to build the home, so you need to decide which model home you want now.

For new UK homes we also must book in a production slot so again now is the time you need to decide which home you would like.

The new plots on park La Posada will be ready by February 2019 for certain now as work is well advanced. The first home to arrive and go onto the plot will be the brand new Altricia custom built park home. Named by the owners who went to the factory to design it.

A Windsor park lodge will soon follow as that was ordered a few weeks ago. Two wonderful homes to go onto phase three B which is the final phase.

It is the fact that phase 3B is the final phase that makes ordering a new home now so important. These will be the last new homes to go onto such a fabulous park.

So from all the team have a great Christmas and a Happy New year when it arrives. For us 2019 is looking very exciting as Park La Posada has new homes arriving and possibly a new twin timber lodge going onto Corrales Park.

>>>>>>> End <<<<<<<

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