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Posted on August 31, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

See you at The Lawns near Hull: Martin and Steve will be at the Lawns Caravan Show in Cottingham near Hull on the 8th and 9th of September and this will be the first year that they will be working alongside Mobile Homes Abroad. The stand will be dedicated to residential parks and as always it will be within the Willerby display area.

The Mobile Homes Abroad marquee within the Willerby homes show area will be clearly marked and in case you have a problem finding them just ask at the Willerby reception area. Both Martin & Steve will have radios, so they will soon find them for you.

So, if anyone wants to know all there is about living on a residential mobile home park in Spain just go to the Willerby homes display and find the Mobile Homes Abroad marquee. Once there ask for Martin or Steve from Costadifference. They are there to answer questions and offer lots of good advice.

>>> Learn more about the parks before a visit <<<

The Solero Park Lodge: A brand new Park Lodge model has arrived on the La Posada show ground. Built by Alhambra homes it is a 4mtr x 11mtr two-bedroom model that has the Suite EFECT™ bathroom/en-suite system. It is the first model on the show ground to use the system.

“Suite EFECT™” is just beginning to evolve starting with a concept. Our designers looked at the two door Jack and Jill system already in use in the Langport and wanted to find a way to effectively lock both doors at the same time without relying on magnetic locks.

The design they came up with is very simple and neat. It involves moving the sliding door built into the wall between the master bedroom and the bathroom nearer to the end wall and fitting a cord system which joins the two doors together.

The clever part is that with one action both doors are locked at the same time. It is impossible to lock one and not the other.

By using that system, the bathroom is both an en-suite full bathroom or a stand-alone family bathroom. A great space saving idea which means no wasted space within the home.

Priced at only 56,575 EUROS plus transport it is going to one of our best-selling Park Lodge homes for sure. To see a video with a full audio description on what makes this home so special visit

>>> All show homes are listed on our website <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park is now fully recovered from his fall at the hypermarket. He has also made sure he did not spend a lot of time in the sun during the hours of 11am and 4pm in August and when he was out he wore a hat and applied sun cream. His friend Eric on the other hand was not so sensible.

Eric is a keen cyclist and enjoys nothing more than going out on long cycle rides usually with someone else. However, on Monday the 13th of August he went out on his own around 11am wearing a cap which was good but wearing cycle shorts. It was a very hot sunny day. He usually returned around 2pm so when it got to 3pm and he had not returned Ex-Pat was a little concerned, so he rang him.

On the phone Eric decided to come clean straight away and tell Ex-Pat the whole story because he was in fact inside a bar in a village some 10 kms away from the park.

After leaving the park Eric really enjoyed his cycle ride and time flew by. He was on a route he had done many times, so he was very comfortable. However, after a few hours he felt his knees hurting which was strange but wearing sunglasses they looked quite normal. He just put it down to pushing himself too hard, so he eased off a little.

At around 1.30 he found some shade and stopped for a drink. On taking his sunglasses off to wipe his eyes he saw for the first time just how red his knees were. He knew then what the pain was, it was nothing to do with pushing himself too hard it was all down to him forgetting to apply sun cream to his legs before setting off.

Lucky for Eric EX-Pat’s car has a roof rack so half an hour later Ex-Pat was sat next to him having a drink in the bar before putting the bike on top and then taking them back to the park. Eric spent the next few days in long trousers with plenty of after-sun on his knees.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Findinspain: The website is all about advice as well as promoting Spain. This month an article with full instructions on how to renew a passport whilst here in Spain was added.

It is no longer possible to do it here in Spain anymore. However, following the instructions in the article it is quite straightforward and does not require a visit back to the UK. To read the article go to the website.

( Copy and paste the link.

>>> Findinspain helps when doing the homework <<<

Corrales Park: Sante, the man who looks after installations on Corrales Park has been very busy in August preparing a huge prime plot for the arrival of the first Park Lodge home on the park, a Reading model.

The plot is at the entrance to the park and it enjoys wall to wall views as do all the plots. This one was very special though due to its location. It is a plot that is not overlooked at all. The perfect plot for a pet and that was the reason why the plot was chosen.

There are currently six plots ready now to choose from on Corrales Park and of course Park Lodge homes can be viewed not far away on the La Posada show ground.

>>> Corrales = Countryside, Posada = Community spirit, <<<

Park La Posada: August was a very busy month for the park maintenance staff doing the Park Lodge show ground. There are now three homes on display with two more coming soon.

The other good news is that two plots are now ready to have new homes installed, plot 128 and plot 130. If anyone would like a park plan showing where the plots are please contact us through our website.

Park La Posada will be the only place to see Park Lodge Homes on display in Spain. This is because all the models on display have been designed by Costa Difference Ltd. Our designs think right out of the box. A one-bedroom convertible (The Reading) plus using our Suite EFECT™ bedroom/bathroom door system in the Solero.

>>> Two parks very different. Which lifestyle do you prefer? <<<

Team members: The two quietest months of the year (July and August) are now over, and our team members can expect to be busy again looking after visitors on their four-day three-night visits. As soon as the kids go back to school in September flights go back to normal prices and visits are booked as a result. October and November are busy months thanks to the low-cost flight deals available.

So why do team members enjoy looking after visitors so much? There are several answers to that question. The first answer is that because they love the lifestyle so much themselves they enjoy promoting it to others. The parks are not full of people simply here for the better weather. They are full of people out to enjoy life to the full. Looking after visitors is all part of that enjoyment.

The team members we have today to look after visitors are a wonderful group of people. They love to be involved in all aspects and they always make sure they are true ambassadors for the parks. Steve is the person who co-ordinates the visits. He is also the person who deals with clients before they arrive answering e-mails and dealing with visit enquiries. Visitors will always know in advance who will be waiting to meet them at Malaga airport (or Alicante if on a factory visit) and of course visitors will have their phone numbers as well.

>>> Team members enjoy being team members as you will see <<<

Finally: After the Lawns caravan show in Hull we have the Place in the Sun live at the NEC in Birmingham. The dates for that show are 21st of September to 23rd of September.

Martin will be the team member flying back to the UK to cover that show and once again he will be working alongside Mobile Homes Abroad as their residential parks in Spain specialist.

The reason why it has been arranged for us to be working alongside Mobile Homes Abroad is because they are the number one company supplying UK mobile homes to Europe.

With Costa Difference Ltd working alongside a company so well connected to all major manufacturers in the UK it means our clients have choice. It is also good for Mobile Homes Abroad as well because it means they have a dedicated specialist in residential parks in Spain on hand at shows such as the Place in the Sun live at the NEC in Birmingham.

In September you will have two opportunities to see the networking partnership in action ensuring clients get the correct advice on parks as well as homes. You will not find this level of co-operation anywhere else in Spain. You will see at the shows that the clients come first under the “Mobile Homes Abroad” banner, and it does not matter which park or what home is preferred. You will only know which company you are talking to by the logo on the shirt that the person you are talking to is wearing.


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