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Posted on May 1, 2018 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2018

Place in the Sun show in London: For the second year running Costa Difference Ltd will be sending someone to the Place in the Sun exhibition at the Olympia in London.

Caravans in the Sun are once again taking a mobile home to the exhibition as well which means we will be based there making us very easy to find. There will only be one mobile home at the show at the Olympia so if you want to hear all about the park retirement lifestyle simply head there and ask for Steve from Costa Difference Ltd.

The Place in the Sun exhibition is a great one to attend because it is all about lifestyle. The show runs from Friday the 11th of May to Sunday the 13th of May. Being a lifestyle show means it is perfect in every way for us because explaining the lifestyle is what we do week in and week out with clients out on their four-day fact finding visits.

Entrance to the show is £7.50 or £6.00 if you are retired and can be purchased online.

Spending time talking with Steve away from a sales environment enables you to get all your questions answered and some answers will surprise you. For example, did you know that you have until December 2020 to register as a Spanish resident pre-Brexit and not March 2019. You will also be glad to know that you will also have full health care as well if you are retired and in receipt of a UK state pension.

Listening to someone describing the parks and lifestyle is better than anything we can put on the Internet which is why we fly someone from Spain to the UK for the show. As soon as the exhibition is over Steve will fly straight back to continue enjoying the lifestyle he would have been describing over the weekend.

So, if you can go to the Olympia in London between the 11th and 13th of May simply find the display mobile home inside the exhibition and ask for STEVE. You will get lots of questions answered and many doubts put into context. Well worth the entrance fee alone.

>>> Advice on every subject will be available at the show <<<

Willerby Sheraton: This model mobile home stands out from all the rest of the Willerby range as being perfect for Spain. Apart from being excellent value in terms of size and quality (42 x 14 two bed being £57,982.54 delivered from the UK factory to Spain) it also comes as standard suitable for Spain. We simply make a few suggestions which saves money and makes the home perfect.

For example, do not have central heating fitted as standard (used for a couple of months at most) and with the savings install two hot/cold aircon units which are cheaper to run, and you can use most of the year.

It is not often we can recommend a UK mobile home in Spain due to the build materials (for example black guttering distorts in the heat) but when we can we do. We can arrange a viewing in the UK so please contact us if you wish to take a closer look at this model.

>>> Buying the right home is easy given the right choices <<<

Resale homes explained: Although we advertise resale mobile homes on our website the homes for sale are not ours. They belong to the owners who wish to move on in their lives with many moving into local towns and villages to immerse themselves even deeper into the Spanish way of life.

They are only able to do that after living on the parks for a few years enjoying the support whilst learning the ropes. It is once they know how to MOT (ITV) their cars and do many other Spanish things on their own do they feel ready to enjoy Spain to a higher degree.

Our job is to make sure any sale goes through smoothly. It is not us that accepts an offer on the home but the owners. Once an offer is accepted we then produce a legal sales agreement that makes everything clear on all sides. We also make sure there are no debts on the home as they transfer along with ownership.

On the day the sale completes we oversee the transfer of the home and it is as easy as that. One moment the home belongs to the seller and the next moment it belongs to the buyer. We hold all the keys during the transfer process. We also make sure that the home is insured as well during the sale process with any residue being passed onto the new owners if the insurance company allows it.

>>> Buying a resale mobile home in Spain is also easy <<<

Resident Ex-Pat: Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park is now well into learning Spanish. He has discovered a YOUTUBE channel called Spanish with Paul and loves it. He now has it running in the background all the time running through every lesson one at a time.

Practising his Spanish on the park is easy, he now talks to the all the ground staff in broken Spanish as well as the reception and bar staff. This is great for him because if he gets stuck he simply reverts to English.

One of the problems he found when trying to learn seriously was that it was all about verbs and gramma. Not so with Spanish with Paul. In his lessons it is all listen and repeat with the idea of building sentences. Even better is that Ex-Pat can learn when it suits him as well. We are now taking bets on how many weeks it will take before he declares himself fluent and of course all the staff on the park will have to agree with him when he does. Providing he declares it in English of course.

>>> What would we do without Ex-Pat? <<<

Money matters: When asked, most residents agree that around 500 Euros a month is what is needed to cover park fees and all the utility bills such as electric, water, gas and internet. At todays exchange rate that is £442,56 a month, taken from the Transferwise website.

The cost of living in Spain on a day to day basis is also cheaper which means savings on food and drink can also be made compared to living in the UK.

One visitor recently asked a couple of residents what their last month’s utility bills totalled and was shocked to find that the total paid was slightly more than he was paying just in council tax in the UK. How low their water bill was, was the thing that surprised him the most.

Park fees here in Spain serve a triple purpose. Just like in the UK you pay park fees to live on a mobile home park and for that the park is maintained to a high standard. The difference in Spain however is that the fees also cover the provision of residents-only facilities that are going to be used a lot in Spain such as swimming pools. The real difference is the third purpose covered by the park fees, the support the park gives residents, so they can retire to Spain and live on the park stress free.

When visiting one of our parks in Spain you will see for yourself how well the parks are maintained. You will also see the residents only facilities. You might however have to ask residents you meet on the park about the help and support they get because that is not so obvious. That said, most residents being able to live in Spain not speaking any Spanish does give a big clue as to how much support the park provides.

>>> Locals in the town and villages all speak Spanglish now <<<

Park Lodge Homes: Very short mention this month as the factory are getting ready to show Martin & Steve some great innovative ideas when they go to Paradise Park in a few days’ time to sign off the latest Windsor Park Lodge show home.

The 2018 Windsor model has a few surprises and it will be interesting to see if we can also offer clients the chance to change that model home around in future using the same chassis. For example, a bay window to the front with French doors to the side.

We use our Facebook page most of the time to keep everyone informed about the show homes and custom-built Park Lodge Home concept so please look at our page every now and again. Type Costadifference into Facebook search and you will find us.

>>> Custom built homes offer style as well as quality <<<

Move your own home: Relocating a mobile home from a park in the UK to a park in Spain (if owning one in Spain is now your dream) is not such a daft idea if you have spent a lot of money on the home and will take a big hit selling it in order to buy one here.

Park Los Corrales has agreed to accept relocated homes provided they are under 10 years old and at least 35-foot long. Homes up to 14-foot wide could be transported for around £9450.00 plus VAT. Compare that to how much you will lose selling it first and then having to buy a new one over here.

For an exact quote we will need to know the age of the home, make and model and location of the home in the UK. Park Los Corrales is also offering free installation for the first five homes to take advantage of the offer. After that installation will cost £1500

>>> Mobile homes are just that, mobile. <<<

Finally: The weather system known as “The Beast from the East” caused all sorts of problems all over Europe during March. In Spain however, it produced rain, surprisingly lots of it. In fact, weeks of it. Experts on the Costa del Sol (hardest hit) have said that the rain that fell over the first few days in March was the equivalent of a year’s worth of rain for the Malaga region.

After many years of so little rain here in Spain so much rain is welcome by those managing the water supply and the depleted reservoirs rose by 22%. Even then they are still only half full.

Saying Spain needs the rain is of course common sense, but everyone knows that as soon as the weather returns to normal there will not be much rain to speak of. The weather will go back to producing the odd shower until the end of April and then not a drop until November.

Seeing so much rain over such an extended period is unheard of. It can and does rain heavily for a few days at a time between December and the end of March but never a few weeks. March 2018 will probably be the wettest month ever on record with experts predicting a dry warm winter next year as a result.

Now that April is here the weather is expected to be at its best. April and May are two wonderful months because the sun can be shining but it does not get too hot. Do not be fooled though, it is still recommended not to spend too long enjoying the sunshine.

April, May and June are also the best months of the year to visit the parks weather wise. Not too hot and of course everyone is out and about.

That is it for this month, thanks as always for reading this newsletter. To stop getting them at any time simply use the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

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