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La vida BONITA means the beautiful life. Read every month what the residents are enjoying.

The newsletter is read by residents as well as website visitors every month

31st of October: 

Is that going to be simply a date that comes and goes or is it really going to be the end of Brexit? When the word Brexit was first invented several years ago everyone thought that March 2019 was going to be when it all happened.

Now we have a 3rd Prime Minster coming soon with Brexit already claiming the careers of David Cameron and Teresa May.

Are we getting political now? the answer is no. Are we looking at the whole saga as perhaps a bridge too far? the answer is yes. Consensus over Brexit looks impossible right now.

One thing is for certain however, the 31st of October will come and go and we will either be busy as usual or even busier depending on what happens.

That is an easy prediction to make because everyone coming to Spain right now on park visits are fed up to the back teeth with Brexit.

Thanks to the Spanish government everything is sorted out either way as far as the residential parks are concerned. The British can move to Spain, become Spanish residents with reciprocal health care is already in place.

Retiring to Spain is the dream of many and it is very easy to do if retired or retiring within two years. The park deals with all the paperwork as far as registration is concerned, NIE, town hall and doctors. Getting here is all you have to worry about. Once here the parks look after you. 

La Posada news:  

Plot 137 has become available for anyone wanting a new home on the park. If anyone wants a copy of the park plan showing the location please contact us.

With summer now in full swing park visits are now mostly one day visits by people enjoying a holiday in Spain. This is great because they will be seeing the park at its most active.

Lots of family visit the residents during the summer which simply makes the park a bigger family community.

One question we are often asked is can family use the home if we are not there. The answer is yes provided they are family and are there as guests. Subletting of homes is not allowed but family is always welcome.

Show homes latest:

In a weeks time Martin and Steve will travel to Alicante to visit the factory. They are there to make the final design choices for the new Windsor show home that will soon be installed on Park La Posada.

A decision was also made this week that Kaye will once again be adding to the interior design making this home truly a one off. The success with the Solero and Langport models shows us just how popular unique models are.

To offer clients very different park homes we are combining two factors, a park home quality build with a very British style inside. That is what makes the Windsor, Sandringham and Solero so unique.  


Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga are all cities within easy reach of Antequera and are all worth exploring. Martin has been exploring Seville this week and was blown away.

The city has so much culture and it was like being on holiday even though it is less than 2 hours away from home.

The Cathedral and Plaza de Espania were very impressive, they took shed loads of photos. If you wish to see some of them visit:

That is what living here is all about. You can enjoy time down on the coast or visit a city for the weekend. It is like going on holiday when ever you fancy one.

There are some great hotels that charge between 30 and 40 Euros a night (out of season) for a double room. 60 to 80 Euros for a great weekend away is perfect and of course you just know that the weather will not spoil the weekend away.

That is it for this week, thanks for reading.

Park community spirit: 

Moving to Spain to live on a residential park means you are never alone. There is always someone to support you. It also means you become part of the community.

Thanks to one resident on La Posada “John Little”  it is now possible to feel part of the community before you arrive.

A few years ago John created an online radio station for Park La Posada and the residents, POSADA FM. The idea is very simple, play great music all day and night plus keep the residents informed as to what is going on in the park and village.

Type “” into the search bar and you too can listen to the radio station.

Residents are the key to a great community spirit and of course it helps when everyone on the park loves living in Spain. It is also great that all team members are residents which means every visitor is shown around the park by a resident.

The best way to learn all about the lifestyle.

Buying a car:  

In the UK it is simply a matter of choosing a car and once purchased sending off the log book to the DVLA to be transferred into your name. Not so in Spain.

Before looking for a car you must have your NIE number (similar to a national security number) issued by the national police. You will also need a certificate of Padron issued by the town hall. With these documents in your possession you can then think about choosing a car.

If you buy a car from a dealer it is quite straight forward as they will arrange the transfer of ownership with “Trafico”. If buying a car privately however you will need the services of a local Gestor to carry out the transfer with their costs usually shared between the buyer and the seller.

The good news is that on Park La Posada this is all very easy and the next section explains why.

Retirement package:

Park La Posada is the only residential park in Spain to offer a “Retirement Package”. They provide every new resident a translator to ensure the new resident is registered for their NIE, their Padron and registered at the local medical centre.

This service is FREE of charge and is simply in place to make retiring to Spain even easier. The same translator is then on hand if you need anything else sorted although you pay for any extra service required.

That makes doing things like buying a car even easier. Everything is put in place as a matter of course and in the case of buying a car your translator can also act as the Gestor if required. The park office will deal with everything else making sure you have everything you need.

It is that level of service that sets Park La Posada apart. Once you have chosen a home you can relax knowing the purchase of the home will go through smoothly and moving onto the park will be easy. You are a resident in Spain in no time.


We have put in the newsletter in the past news that we are assisting land owners to develop dedicated residential mobile home parks here in Spain, Lago Park and Saucejo Park are two such projects.

Our involvement in the initial stages is because we are recognised residential park specialists. For us to remain involved however the park concept must remain residential with no camping facilities, plus of course obtain all the licences.

It is only once the licences are in place do we proceed beyond the initial “new future park planned” stage. Once we get past that stage we then become park agents and park consultants to ensure the park is a success.

Park La Posada acts as the absolute perfect example of a true residential mobile home park.

The latest new parks news is this. Lago Park looks like it is going to fall at the first hurdle, the licence stage. That is a great pity because the location was 100% perfect for a wonderful residential park.

The initial interest we had in the park at the idea stage should have been more than enough to convince everyone that it was a perfect project. Alas the bigger picture was simply to big we think.

Saucejo Park is still in the very early stages with plans currently being drawn up. We have submitted our ideas and the mayor of Saucejo loves what is planned. Now it is wait and see.

The latest new project we have been asked to help with is in Alicante and next week Steve and Martin will travel there to make the first assessments. This project sounds very different as it is already in the licence application stage for a residential only park with plans in place.

Close to the airport and the sea it is on paper in the perfect location. Now we need to see the plans. If after our visit next week it becomes a park that we will become involved with we will tell you all about it.

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