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Costa Difference Spain

The only company in Spain to represent residential parks and nothing else.

Visits to Posada Park restarted early:

With Spain and the UK opening borders (without the need to self-isolate for two weeks), it has been decided that Park La Posada will be in a position to welcome visitors to the park again starting on the 4th of July.

Visits will be subject to the following conditions.

1. The visit is pre-arranged with us and the reception is expecting you.

2. You wear a face mask whilst in the park at all times.

3. You stay with the resident who is showing you around the park and you keep at least two metres distance from any of the residents you meet as you stroll around the park.

4. You confirm that you will not touch anything inside any home shown except the door handles. The team member will remain outside the home whilst viewing to maintain safe distancing.

Visitors wanting to see inside the homes for sale will need to inform us in advance which homes to be shown so preparations can be made in advance.



Book your park visit online:

To streamline visits to Park La Posada further we have now set up an online booking service.

You can now select the day and time you wish to visit the park. Once we receive the visit request we will e-mail you to confirm giving you the opportunity to ask for directions. 

For now, we are only accepting bookings from people who can make their own way to the park. This is to comply with national safe distance rules. We can no longer offer airport transfers or a hotel collection service.

When you arrive at the park simply go to the reception. A resident will be on hand to show you the park and homes of interest registered with us before the visit.

Currently, there is very little for sale on Park La Posada. People who have previously visited have taken advantage of the virtual viewings system and have made offers on homes even when they cannot visit the park.

A park visit under the belt is very useful if an ideal home comes onto the market. It means you can put an offer in and get it on hold if the offer is accepted. The Willerby Linear on sale was placed under offer remotely this week by someone who had visited the park previously.

STOP PRESS: If flying to Spain to visit the park you can fill in the requiredj health declaration online and in English. You will be presented with a QR code that can be scanned by authorities in the arrival airport. You can either print it or save it to your mobile phone.

Here is where you fill in all the details they now require.


Residency in Spain:

With so much news attention on COVID 19 and the world pandemic, one could be excused for forgetting that Brexit is still happening and the transition period is due to end on 31st December of this year.

Promising news on residency however was published by the British Embassy in Madrid, (who do a great job of keeping everyone up to date) using two Facebook video posts.

These videos highlight an important message, in that it will still be possible to fall under the withdrawal agreement even if you cannot obtain a residency appointment and the relevant paperwork before the end of the transition period.

That means you will only need to demonstrate that you were living in Spain and meeting the residency requirements on income and access to healthcare before the end of this year.

So the main thing is to have purchased a park home in Spain before 31st December, and to make sure you are living in Spain and satisfying the current residency requirements before the end of the transition period. The paperwork can follow.

Owning a home and having a park contract will also help to prove the date you arrived and started living in Spain. 

On Park La Posada you also have the help of the park translator to get you started as soon as you arrive. Maria will accompany you to the offices and help you fill in the right paperwork. Her services are free, you just pay the registration and copy fees.


Our new mission statement:

Pre COVID 19 our mission was to represent the parks and to offer impartial advice to anyone who was thinking of retiring to Spain. If the truth was known because we are dedicated to residential parks only we became quite good at it.

COVID 19, however, threw a spanner in the works because popping over to Spain to view the park and the homes for a few days after corresponding with us was no longer possible.

The saving grace that allowed us to carry on helping people turned out to be our Google account. Using the Google meet system we were able to offer clients a virtual viewing of any home they were interested in. 

As a result, we now have several people coming to Spain this month confident they are coming for a good reason.

Now to go back to doing the job as well as we did before COVID 19 we have introduced a new service. You can now book a “get answers” virtual meeting. This dedicated meeting will be all about retiring to Spain and what life is really like in the parks.

The beauty of this system will be that you will be face to face with the person who is answering your questions and telling you all about the parks. The homes themselves are not included in this feature. 

Because you book home viewings separately using a different system it means you will get answers to your questions and useful information only. You will also be able to put a face to the name in e-mails.

To book your online meeting to ask questions and get advice click on this link.


Finally, food for thought:

When COVID 19 hit hard we had no idea how we as a company would deal with the consequences. Our park visits went from four a week to zero. All the team members and resident ambassadors were left in no man’s land. 

The old saying “nothing like a war to bring on inventions” was shown to be very true. The war is with COVID 19. 

First to hit the headlines was the Zoom App. That enabled families to keep in touch with each other 100’s of miles apart. 

With us, however the term ‘VIRTUAL’ took on a whole new meaning. It gave us back our purpose in life, to help people retire to Spain.

Over the next few months as travel gets a lot easier and the risk of COVID 19 gets lower we have a serious job to do. Help people prepare for a visit.

It is wonderful to be busy again and better still from the comfort of our own homes. Virtual meetings and virtual home viewings did not exist in 2019. We used Skype for selected home viewings only. 

The war on COVID 19 has presented us with tools that we will never put down. Life will never be the same again. Our success in terms of helping people will now return to normal.