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Costa Difference Spain

The only company in Spain to represent residential parks and nothing else.

Walk in homes:

In the “price alert” we sent last week we described the Atlas Concept resale mobile home as a “walk-in” home. Following that alert, we received an e-mail asking for an explanation to what we mean by a “walk-in” home.

A home that is being sold as a walk-in home is being sold to include many extras and sometimes right down to knives and forks. When that is the case it is regarded as a walk-in home because you can settle in straight away by simply bringing your personal belongings.

A walk-in resale home does not happen very often because most people selling are moving onto somewhere else locally and for that reason, they take what they will need with them. In all cases, however the sale is based on the inventory that the seller provides.

Park fees on La Posada:

For the 12th year in a row the park fees on Park La Posada have not increased. They remain at 354€ a month for a 200 square metre plot. 200 square metre plots considered the ideal size for a residential home. Better still is that on Park La Posada all plots are landscaped with the hedge borders maintained by the park staff. That means each and every plot enjoys a certain amount of privacy.

The park fees cover maintaining the park to a very high standard. The park also provides first-class facilities and a secure lifestyle. So what do we mean by a secure lifestyle? It all starts with the reception. Bi-lingual staff look after the residents’ needs. They are there to look after them. Maria the translator sorts out all the paperwork so again nothing to worry about.

The result of the parks facilities and service is that every new resident immediately feels safe and secure. Once they get to know their neighbours and other residents in the park they will then start to enjoy the community lifestyle, a lifestyle which is all down to the residents living in the park.

Quality parks in Spain

Residential parks offer far more than somewhere to live in Spain.


We had to laugh this week at our own Facebook posts . On Monday it was a low key look at resale mobile homes using the Linear mobile home as an example, the post itself became one of our most “liked and shared” posts.

On Thursday it was a “funny” post aimed at Paradise Park in time for the newsletter going out on Friday. A great play on words in picture form.

Initial results are that the social media agency we are using is doing a great job. A surprise really because they are based outside Europe and do not have any other connections with the mobile home industry.

Last week we had the Posada Park funny space walk post, this week we have the Paradise Park angel post. What will happen next week we wonder?

Social media is for us a double edge sword, In the wrong hands, it can go horribly wrong. In the right hands, it could be a great way of passing on useful information. The big problem is keeping a social media flow going without resorting to anything that can be regarded as a form of hard sell.

Fun posts seem to be the answer for now although how long they can keep it going remains to be seen.

Visit the 2 parks easily:

Park La Posada: Hire a car from Malaga Airport Book a hotel in Antequera. Call 0800 772 3980 in advance to arrange a visit to the park during your stay.

Paradise Park:  Hire a car from Alicante Airport. Book a hotel in either Alicante or the town of Elche. Call +34 657 63 17 45 in advance to arrange a visit to the park during your stay.


Quality park homes in Spain

A quality park home on a quality park. It does not get any better.

Tricks of the trade:

This trick is all about travel insurance. Once registered as living in Spain you need to have travel insurance in place with Spain as the home country. That rules out most of the usual online companies as you need to be a UK resident.

The company we use is Globelink for EU residents and the policy of choice for people who travel regularly is the EU residents annual multi-trip policy. For regular travellers it seems to be good value covering each trip for up to 60 days.

Prices for people around the 65 age group works out at about £100 a year per person which means all trips to the UK or any other country within the EU outside of Spain is automatically covered. One policy covers all and you can return to the UK as often as you wish knowing travel insurance is always in place. You are not covered in Spain though, that is now the home country.


Brexit is finally due to take place in two weeks time. For now, nothing will change whatsoever because the 31st of December is when the effect of the UK leaving the EU will be realised. One thing is for certain though, the EU needs the UK just as much as the UK needs the EU.

Foreign policy will be what binds us together. The UK has a seat on the UN security council and the EU will want access to that for sure. Events in the middle east last week showed just why Europe with the UK must work as one when it comes to foreign policy. Boris Johnson was more in tune with Germany and France in responding to events and for sure that did not go unnoticed in the White House.

So, as the hype intensifies over the next few weeks we can be sure of one thing, residents in Spain will enjoy the best of all worlds. Spain is offering British citizens Spanish residency and the UK will want to keep the EU and especially Spain onboard to help deal with future world events.

We are currently thinking that Brexit will become more about economics over the next 11 months and less about UK and EU citizen rights. The reason for this is that nearly all issues surrounding UK citizens living in Spain have been sorted and agreed already.