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Years or yards?

Well done Mr Steve W a newsletter subscriber for noticing that we had said in the newsletter last week “real Spain, however, is only 50 years from the entrance of the park”. We did, of course, mean 50 yards from the entrance of the park.

Getting an e-mail telling us what we had done wrong was great because it shows that someone actually reads the newsletters.

As we said last week we spend a week editing the newsletter which starts the moment one is sent. We also use an online grammar check before sending but of course, it did not help in that instance. Following the mistake we have added a “must do better” note to the personal file of the newsletter author :).

British embassy in Madrid news:

Posted on their Facebook page and shared on ours.

“We know that many of you are concerned about how the UK leaving the EU may affect your UK state pension. There will be no changes before 31 December 2020 to the rules on claiming the UK State Pension in Spain. As long as you are resident in Spain by 31 December 2020 you will get your UK State Pension uprated every year for as long as you continue to live here. This will happen even if you start claiming your pension on or after 1 January 2021”.

The message is clear, anyone moving to Spain this year will be covered as far as pensions go. It is the date you registered as a Spanish resident that will be important, not when your pension starts. There are quite a few residents who have not reached the official retirement age but when they do their state pensions will be uprated every year because they registered as Spanish residents before the 31st Dec 2020.

Quality parks in Spain

Residential parks offer far more than somewhere to live in Spain.

Resale mobile homes:

On Park La Posada several resale mobile homes have sold recently. Not a surprise to us as the park is that good. However, what is a surprise is that the homes sold in January/February which is for us are normally the quietest months of the year.

The advantage of resale homes, of course, is that you can see straight away what you are buying. In many cases, the home is ready for you to move straight in to without the need to do anything at all.

We always say to visitors treat resale homes like a blank canvas. You can easily change furniture, alter the decking, and change the plot layout. All of which does not cost a fortune. In no time at all a home purchased as a resale can look brand new again and be exactly how you want it.

Visit the 2 parks easily on your own:

Park La Posada: Hire a car from Malaga Airport Book a hotel in Antequera. Call 0800 772 3980 in advance to arrange a visit to the park during your stay.

Paradise Park:  Hire a car from Alicante Airport. Book a hotel in either Alicante or the town of Elche. Call +34 657 63 17 45 in advance to arrange a visit to the park during your stay.


Quality park homes in Spain

A quality park home on a quality park. It does not get any better.

Tricks of the trade:

This trick was one we published in December but worth repeating for new subscribers.

Banks earn a lot from clients who use their debit cards abroad. This is what they say online. We’ll charge you a 2.75% Non-Sterling Transaction Fee for using your debit card abroad when making purchases, withdrawing cash or when you are being refunded. You also get a miserable exchange rate.

Well, there is good news. Revolut Bank has arrived. They offer a top-up credit card that you can use abroad for FREE. No fees at all for using it. You also get a good exchange rate, much better than the banks offer. Most residents and all team members now have one and this is how it works. First, click on this link to get your FREE card offer. Then load the app to your phone. After that, you verify who you are using the app.

Once active you simply load GBP onto the card using the app and then hit the exchange button. Now you have Euros on the card and when in Spain you will be paying in Euros. The Revolut card will save you a lot of money if visiting Spain and a fortune if living in Spain.


The way Alhambra Park Homes leave the factory has changed. We have now installed a 97 points quality control checklist that needs to be signed before the home can be loaded onto the transporter. That means the factory has had to change their system.

Before they booked the transporter in advance and then made sure the home was ready in time. Not any more, they cannot book a transporter until we have been sent a signed pre-loading checklist.

Until now quality control was carried out by the factory. Now the project manager is responsible and he has to complete the checklist. The next stage if needed will be to take on a dedicated quality controller who has a serious eye for detail. Perhaps someone living in Paradise Park might be interested in the future.

Quality control is not about the quality of the build itself. It is all about the little snags that go with any new build be it a park home or a new villa. A blob of paint where it should not be, or a seal not quite right, a mark on the wall where a unit has been installed perhaps. Snags so easily put right at the factory.

Raising finished product quality control awareness within the factory in Alicante is one of our prime objectives for 2020. We will know when we have achieved our goal when a home passes our quality control inspection without one single fault being recorded. That would mean that the factory staff had found them all and rectified every one before the inspection.