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La vida BONITA means the beautiful life. Read every month what the residents are enjoying.

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Happy New Year: All the team at Costa Difference Ltd would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We hope 2019 will be as good as you hope for and end up better than you expected.

>>> A prosperous New Year as well <<<

BREXIT: A word that was invented a few years ago and has ever since driven people crazy with so many different views and so many far-reaching predictions. For the residents already living and registered in Spain, Brexit seems to be all about trade and ultimately the value of the Pound.

2019 is going to be the year when all the far-reaching predictions come to an end. The scare mongering will also come to an end. 

So, what does Brexit mean to us as a company. To be honest we are as relaxed about it as are the residents on Park La Posada it seems. There are 135 homes on the park owned by UK citizens. There are currently four mobile homes on the park up for sale. That is well below the 10% which is the norm for a quality park.

The general attitude it seems is that before, during and after Brexit nothing much will change. They know that the last thing Spain will want is a recession triggered by lots of people leaving Spain all at the same time. 

Some residents even question what they would have to go back to having experienced the much better weather, the lower cost of living and of course in some cases the excellent health service.

We can go even further and say that as far as health is concerned Brexit has not been all bad news.

On the 31st Aug 2017 the Guardian reported this. “British pensioners who have retired to other EU countries will continue to have their healthcare paid for by the NHS post-Brexit, after a deal in principle was agreed by negotiators in Brussels”. 

The health care issue was tackled head on and early. They got that right at least.

>>> The health care in Spain is good <<<

BREXIT part two: We cannot let 2019 start without giving Brexit a good shove in the right direction and we only need to look at the very first residents on Park La Posada in 2004/early 2005 for inspiration.

If ever there was a time when buying a mobile home in Spain was a brave thing to do, it was then. There were no resale mobile homes and Park La Posada was still a field basically with marked out plots and impressive plans.

The first 15 new mobile homes arrived on a park with no reception, no pool, no lighting or roads. There was also no security (the gate had yet to be installed) and of course no internet.

The first residents were in fact real mobile homes in Spain pioneers. They had vision. They also had trust in the park owners that they would deliver their vision of how Park La Posada will be once completed.

15 years later the pioneering spirit is still with us it seems. Sales of both new and resale mobile homes broke all records in 2018 and without doubt the attitude of everyone who bought a home on Park La Posada and Corrales Park was “Brexit is not an issue”. 

>>> Park La Posada is now the number one park in Spain <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park had decided to stay in Spain this Christmas because as he puts it, he does not really enjoy Christmas, but he does enjoy the sunshine.

On talking to his son on Skype early in the month it was agreed that he would give the family a “Skype video call” on Christmas day to make up for the fact that he is not there in person.

He made his son laugh however when he said it must not clash with the Queen’s speech. So, it was agreed Ex-Pat would call the family at noon in Spain being 11am in the UK. He can see and chat with the grandchildren perfectly.

After making the call on Christmas day he went to the bar and on seeing Eric (who has been on the park since day one) he asked what he did in the beginning when there was no internet on the park?

Easy said Eric, we all bought phone cards from the local newsagents and went into the village to use the public telephone. Scratch the card, dial a freephone number and enter the code, you then had 60 minutes call time. 

“It is a lot easier now for sure” said Ex-Pat, “I simply WhatsApp the son and ask him to switch his Skype on” Eric laughed out loud and reminded him that the same system also allows the family to keep an eye on him. 

>>> Ex-Pat, where would we be without him? <<<

Finally: Ten years ago, in 2008, all the talk was about the world financial crash and falling interest rates. In 2007 the UK interest rate was 5.5%. At the end of 2008 it was 2% and by the end of 2009 it was down to 0.5%.

Ten years on we wonder how many people put off retiring to Spain then because of events surrounding the world financial crisis?

That said, quite a few did retire to Spain during those years with many of them are still here to this day. Interest rates have changed very little of course but that has nothing to do with the quality of life it seems. They have enjoyed life in the 10 years since the start of world financial crash.

So why is 10 years so important? At 65,66 or 67 you are young enough to look at ways to enjoy life having stopped working for a living. The next ten years can either be exciting and very different, or the same old same old that you are already familiar with.

Many people do like the idea of an exciting retirement and so plan an inspection visit to check out first-hand what park life is like in Spain, plus get to speak to someone who has already made the move.

Having visited the park and talked to the residents the decision is always much easier. You will have a great idea on just how exciting it can be retiring to Spain to live within a secure park community.

If on your visit you find it all too exciting (or not exciting enough) then of course the “same old same old” is already in place for when you return.

Happy New Year everyone, and for those who have already booked a visit in January we look forward to welcoming you soon.

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