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“Unjust” shouts Spain:

The knock-on effects of Covid-19 have once again captured the headlines this week. Recent evidence of increases in cases in certain regions in of Spain prompted the UK government to re-introduce a blanket 14-day quarantine period for anyone entering the UK from Spain.

Whilst the Spanish government has no choice but to respect the decision of the British government it has been called ‘unjust’ by the Spanish PM. The outbreaks were in two areas of Spain and not the whole of Spain.

Unjust because the outbreaks are A) being controlled, and B) not countrywide. The large majority of Spanish regions, in particular the popular tourist destinations, have contagion levels lower than parts of the UK.

The Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez, said that tourists in most regions in Spain would be safer from coronavirus than in the UK and to be fair he has a point. Leicester, for example, became the first city in Britain to be placed in a local lockdown on June 29, after public health officials voiced concern at the city’s alarming rise in Covid-19 cases. 

At the time of writing the Spanish government is pushing to try and get the British authorities to “reconsider” their blanket decision and get the quarantine period removed for people returning from the safer tourist regions of Spain, of which the Costa del Sol is one.

It is a real blow to the country as much of its revenue this time of year comes from tourism and a large percentage of that are UK visitors.

On a positive note though the parks remain as always a safe place to be. Residents are following the safety guidelines within the park easily whilst enjoying life and all visits are being conducted whilst observing Andalucian social distancing rules.

All visits are pre-arranged so numbers can be controlled, and all homes prepared for viewing.



Corrales Park – Explosion of colour!

From the 30th of July to the 9th of August Park Corrales will be showing visitors a lot more colour than usual. Glorious blue skies, green trees, and red geraniums are what most people notice when visiting Corrales Park

This week, however, sees the start of an art exhibition created by the park owner Ana Reverte.

Ana Reverte is as some people might know a famous flamenco singer in Spain and art is one of her hobbies.

Using only recycled materials and paint, Ana has created over 100 pieces of unique artwork.

One team member got a sneak preview of what the public will get to see whilst showing potential residents around the park who were interested in relocating their existing UK home to the park.

There is no doubt that Ana has a hidden talent (albeit not so hidden now) and has been keeping herself busy.

Corrales Park has been described as the most Spanish residential mobile home park in Spain and the exhibition of her paintings only goes to prove the point.

Following the park visit, the visitors reserved plot 2 on Corrales Park and arrangements are now being made to transport their own home from the UK. is where you can see a video of the park.



2021 –Residency after Brexit:

As we highlighted in the newsletter last week Park La Posada will continue to offer the “FREE” Spanish residential package next year. 

Maria is the local translator who works for the park helping new residents through the process. She continues to do a lot of work behind the scenes preparing for the new residents arriving this year.

With the park extending the Spanish residential package into 2021, you can rest assured in the knowledge that she will be here for you regardless of when you plan to get here.

Maria recently held a resident meeting at Park La Posada to update them on the new procedure for changing their residence document from an NIE to the new TIE card. 

The change is not obligatory at this stage but advisable and Maria is helping with this procedure for those who want to change sooner rather than later.

She also confirmed that those who apply for residency for the first time before the 31st December will need to have an application submitted online. Within three months of applying online, Maria will receive a letter of confirmation and then complete the process.



Price alert service:

Signing up for our price alert service has for a long time been a great way of being one of the first to know of any price changes or new home listings.  

This week two park homes were “price alerted” after both were reduced to 49,950 EUROS. One is a 2016 model and the other is an ex Windsor demo show home that is as new and has never been lived in.

Never before have we had a park home on sale for around £45,000. In one week on Paradise Park, we can offer two.

The Windsor show home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both resale park homes can be seen on our website.

You can sign up for the price alert service at the bottom of every page on our website.

Stop press: A “price alert” will go out tomorrow informing all subscribers that a 2009 Willerby Vogue is being added to the website.



Finally, food for thought:

Park La Posada is only 45 minutes from the coast for anyone wanting a day out on a beach pretending to be a tourist. A fantastic alternative to a day on the beach, however, is a visit to the lakes instead which are just the other side of the town of Campillos.

The first viewing of these beautiful turquoise coloured lakes, for many visitors, will have been from the air looking down. This is because all the lakes are right under the flight path into Malaga airport.

The area the lakes are in is often referred to as the Malaga ‘lake district’ and offers a peaceful nature reserve spot to enjoy a swim, picnic, walk, or even to fish.

The lakes are a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the coast. The lakes are also the starting point for one of the most celebrated projects in the Malaga region, the ‘Caminito del Rey’. 

‘Caminito del Rey’ is a walkway along the high walls of the El Chorro gorge which was originally opened in 1921. The walk was refurbished and reopened as a tourist attraction in 2015 and it is now a popular spot to enjoy some breath-taking scenery.

If you want to see tourists only on your day out then go to the beach. If you want to see tourists and locals enjoying themselves it has to be the lakes.