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NEC in Birmingham:

Derick arrived at the NEC early Saturday morning to join the Caravans in the Sun team for the weekend, they had been there since Tuesday. At 3pm yesterday (Saturday) he reported to the team in Spain that he had been very busy and that the NEC had 19,000 visitors booked in.

Today (Sunday) he is also expecting to be busy telling visitors all about the retire to Spain lifestyle as they take a look at the mobile homes on display. Although Derick is the only one from Costa Difference there this weekend he does have Steve in support here in Spain as the “trip advisor”.

The “trip advisor” role is to talk through the process for anyone who would like to come out on a visit. Derick simply sends Steve a text for him to call the clients later once they get home.

The “trip advisor” system was first used at the NEC last September when Martin was there on his own for the Place in the Sun Live. It worked a treat because it frees up the person at the show to talk about the parks and lifestyle which does not need to be a one on one situation. Quite often we get a group of people listening to what is being said at the shows.

Our policy at all UK shows has always been that we do not routinely collect e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. Instead visitors genuinely interested in visiting the parks can request the “trip advisor” service and of course Steve can take his time when he calls because he does not have a queue of people waiting to see him.


The success of the Willerby Sheraton model here in Spain has been a real eye opener this year. Two new Sheraton model homes are due to arrive on Park La Posada in the next few weeks. Clients simply love the way they look inside it seems. In Martins words the Sheraton scores 10 out of 10 for interior design and “bling”.

The Sandringham park home model on the other hand (also 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms) is a practical model designed by us and built in Spain for Spain. Solid as a rock construction wise but comes without “bling”. Dusk/dawn blinds instead of curtains for example, plus wooden flooring throughout.

That is all about to change however. Team members Mark and Kaye are taking on the role of interior designers and are now adding “bling” to the Sandringham model on display in the show ground. In will come a new curtain range plus other UK mobile home features. It will be the first Spanish built park home to be transformed inside to look more like a UK home.

It will be interesting to see what the visitors reaction to the new UK style Sandringham park home model is once Mark and Kaye have finished the transformation. The good news for any clients who like what has been done is that the price will remain the same. It will be “blinged” for free.

One other interesting point. The Sandringham will also be unique on the park because it will not be replaced as a show home model once sold, this is because there are so few plots left. A desirable home will then become even more desirable as it will be the only one of its kind on the park. Come to that the only one of its kind in Spain.

Custom built Spanish park homes are also being phased out on La Posada for the same reasons. That means anyone wanting a custom built park home will need to visit Corrales Park.


Reasons to visit:

Park La Posada is now down to seven plots left for new mobile homes. Once all the plots have been reserved Costa Difference Ltd will be going back to our roots on the park.

In 2006 we started out in business offering clients resale mobile homes only on park La Posada. In 2008 we began offering clients new homes as well. However, we now predict that by 2020 we will be once again only offering resale homes on the park.

Not a problem for us as a company of course because all the homes on the park have been designed around residential use in keeping with the park. That means quality resale homes will always sell quickly if priced right. We are used to selling homes within weeks or in some cases recently within days.

Reserving a plot on park La Posada does not mean you have to move in next week. It will take between three and six months to get a new home built and installed. That is why a visit now is a good idea for anyone thinking of moving to Spain sometime before the end of the year.

If on a visit you find you love the park, love the lifestyle shown, and would like to have a new home then reserving a plot simply means you can do that. Once all the plots are reserved that is it, you will not be able to do it.

The park will then have 151 homes on 200 square metre plots and will be considered complete. What a journey it has been over the last thirteen years, phase one, phase 2, phase 2B, phase 3 and finally phase 3B. The owners have done a fantastic job in building a superb park in such a way that it had little or no impact on the residents already living on the park.



By now some of you must be wondering what is happening with Lago Park. The truth is that all the licences required are still not in place yet and of course we will not start showing the park to clients until we have seen them.

Paperwork in Spain is not always straight forward and things like licences are not issued when expected. Initial licences allow us to tell everyone what is planned but full licences are required before a park can open.

It is a real shame that we cannot start showing the park in April as planned (works have been continuing) but it is company policy to make sure any park is fully legal before actual client visits can take place.

So for now the official line is that Lago Park is still planned to open sometime in 2019 but we cannot say exactly when. It is a real shame because there has been a lot of interest in the proposed eco park and of course the timber lodge range designed to go on there.

Watch this space for news as and when we get it. Corrales Park remains the only park at present where you can have a timber lodge built. More about that next Sunday.

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