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Place in the Sun NEC:        
Last Tuesday a meeting was held in Spain with our networking partners in the Antequera area to evaluate the events at the Lawns caravan show in Hull, and to map out future networking arrangements. At that meeting it was decided that Costa Difference Ltd were no longer required at the Place in the Sun shows as dedicated “residential parks specialists”. 

That decision now means that Derick and Martin will no longer be going to the NEC next weekend. The Costa Difference 0800 number will instead be answered over that weekend by team members here in Spain. They will still have answers to any question you may have relating to residential parks in Spain of course, with the only difference being that they will not be at the NEC in person.


We are getting close now one way or the other we think. No matter what happens however it will not affect residents or future residents at all. To prove a point, only this week two new residents on Corrales Park were issued with their Spanish residency papers with Maria’s help in the normal way.

For us Brexit is more about business than people. With that in mind Costa Difference Ltd will with effect from the 1st of October also be 100% Brexit proof with regard to supplying homes to clients. This is because we have decided that we will no longer be UK dealers exporting UK manufactured homes from the UK to Spain. Instead, we will be concentrating on custom-built park homes built here in Spain for Spain.

To do that we will now be expanding our presence in the Alicante area, so we can offer clients more besides factory visits until Alhambra Park is up and running next year. Starting very soon we will be working alongside a Spanish company that deals with resale mobile and park homes established on both residential and holiday parks in the province of Alicante.

The first resale park home in the Alicante area has already been added to our specialist residential parks’ resale website as it is on a residential park. Once the new website for all resale homes on sale in Alicante area has been launched all types of homes on sale in the area can then be found on the one site. More details about that website will be in next weeks’ newsletter.

Latest show home:

The Windsor park lodge show home arrived last Monday onto Park La Posada and if you want to see photos of it hanging in the air before being placed onto the plot check out our Facebook page. It looks scary but in truth it is all standard procedure now. Kaye and the team will now work their magic inside and then “Bobs your Uncle” a brand-new 2019 model custom-built park home is ready to buy.

With only three full months left to run this year we are already changing our business model to concentrate on custom-built park home models in 2020. Alhambra Park will be the way forward for us for new homes. We fully expect Park La Posada to be fully occupied and only offering clients resale homes in 2020. Alhambra Park will only allow custom-built park homes on the park.


Corrales Park:

We have always said that Corrales Park is very different, in that it is a small countryside residential park that is totally Spanish. Putting new UK mobile homes onto the park is of course no longer an option now because we have stopped exporting homes from the UK. In truth, it is not an issue in the slightest as the park is about to change direction totally. The reason for that is that the first timber lodge is about to be installed onto the park.

Once the timber lodge is established on the park for sure others will follow. It will look very special and will suit the park perfectly. To see the residential timber lodge range go to To compliment the timber lodges the custom-built park homes range will also be offered for Corrales Park.

The other news regarding Corrales Park is that until we have team members living on the park itself we will continue using the support of team members living on Park La Posada. To do this we have introduced a new visit formula. The Corrales one day visit will now become a visit in its own right and no longer offered as a “Posada Visit” bolt on only. That now means clients can arrange a day visit to Corrales Park only. The cost of a Corrales Park one day visit will be £45 or 50€.

As soon as we have team members living on Corrales Park itself we will be able to offer free one-day visits to the park in exactly the same way we currently offer on Park La Posada. The bolt on visits will continue to be looked after by the Posada team members as Park La Posada is always shown first.


First up we want to to let new newsletter subscribers this week know about the special 4 day-3 night visits recently reintroduced that includes airport transfers.  The £79 four day visit is only offered to newsletter subscribers. We will not be offering the transfers included short four-day visit option online.

Newsletter subscribers will be able to take advantage of the special four day park visit (including transfers) from the 16th of September until the 16th of December 2019. Click on this link for all the details. It includes the hotel options for early morning return flights.

Now to the finally-finally part as we will have the above in this section until the end of November for the new newsletter subscribers.

They say a week is a long time in politics, for sure the same can be said for mobile homes in Spain. In just one week it has been decided that we will no longer be attending the UK mobile home shows, no longer exporting UK mobile homes to Spain, and no longer operating in the Antequera area only. 

Our IT team informs us that their heads are now spinning. This is because starting Monday they need to change all our websites plus build a new one. All this needs to be completed before the next newsletter goes out.

We are very lucky in that we have our own in house IT team that do nothing but look after and build web sites. A side product with what we do here in Spain is to build web sites for other clients worldwide who contact us through the website It was a contact from that side of the business that lead to our networking arrangement in the Alicante area.