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The lifestyle in Spain

La vida BONITA means the beautiful life. Read every month what the residents are enjoying.

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Costa Difference Spain

The only company in Spain to represent residential parks and nothing else.

Summer is now over:

It is like pushing a switch on or around the 15th of September each year. The blue skies remain but the temperature suddenly seems to go down. Temperatures of 24 to 28 replace 30 to 34. Beautiful weather.

September and October are wonderful months of the year in Spain. With May and June, they make four absolute perfect months to enjoy life outside.

The weather is always given as the number one reason why people in the UK want to retire to Spain. Spain does have other benefits though. A lower cost of living plus a different culture right on the doorstep.

This year has of course been very different. The cost of flights during July and August usually means we are very quiet during those months. Not so this year of course as the cost of flights was at out of season levels as flights resumed again. Quite a few people came on a visit taking advantage of some very low-cost flights.



Facebook post:

Last Friday we posted on our Facebook page that a Willerby Vogue had been placed back on sale in Park La Posada with an asking price of less than £30,000. We stated that it had been independently valued and that the asking price was within the ‘priced to sell‘ price range.

So what did we mean exactly? 

Simply put any home going on sale with us now (as of the 14th of September) must be a home in the park that the owners genuinely want to sell.  This can be due to a change in circumstances or they are ready to integrate fully by moving into a Spanish village, the latter being the biggest reason for putting a home up for sale to date.

We say genuinely wanting to sell because owners wanting to test the water first with an asking price in excess of the current market value (with the idea that it can be reduced every three months until finally sold) no longer works in the new virtual viewing environment. 

To assist someone who genuinely wants to sell their home we now arrange an independent valuation (which we pay for) when they request a sales contract with us. 

The valuation we commission considers the home, the decking area, the extras that are listed in the inventory, and the location value that goes with the home being in a 5* park. 

The valuation we present the owner wishing to sell then sets the scene, using the data provided (it shows how the value is formed) we suggest three different scenarios a) priced to sell, b) market value asking price or c) an open to offers price. 

The sales contract that the seller then signs with us reflects their chosen listing format following the valuation/suggestions. a=subsidised sales contract, b=normal sales contract, or c=normal+ sales contract.

Our company slogan for 2020/2021 “the pandemic years” is ‘here to help sellers and buyers alike’. When a sale completes with both the seller and buyer happy with the result we have fulfilled our role as dedicated park agents.

The Willerby Vogue LP18 posted on Facebook is indeed priced to sell and is the complete package, it is a home on an end plot with views plus a huge decking area.




Deadlines are a nightmare and the deadline of the 31st of December this year has to be one of the worst because as the British Embassy made clear this week on their Facebook page no one knows exactly what the rules will be in 2021 for those who want to retire to Spain but missed the deadline. 

With that in mind, we have been working with the owners of Park La Posada to try and get as many people who want to be in Spain by the end of the year settled.

To try and help we have put together an offer that is perfect for someone who wants a new home in Spain but was hoping to wait until say Easter next year before committing to paying the park fees.

For the month of October only, we will be offering the Sandringham 2 bedroom-2 bathroom custom-built Park Home on 138 with no park fees to pay for the whole of 2021. No fees at all. Here is how it works.

In October pay a 10% deposit. At the end of November pay the balance. That gives Maria time to set everything in motion to get you registered as an owner. The process once started is a long one and will not complete until well into 2021 because of Christmas and the New Year.

During 2021 you can use the home as much as you wish because the home is of course yours. All it takes is a 10% deposit to secure this offer and it is a one time only offer as there is only one Sandringham Park Home on show in the park.

Virtual Viewings of the Sandringham to see the quality for yourself are available on request. 

There is a great video offer presentation by Paul Toole on our Facebook page and on the Park La Posada website. You can also watch the video using this link.

For more information call 0800 772 3980



Posada FM

There is only one park that we know of in Spain that has a radio station, Park la Posada. Run by John Little it has become the resident’s favorite online radio station. 

Better still until recently those with Alexa in the home just had to say “Alexa play Posada FM” and she would find it instantly on TuneIn. In Spain that is still the case.

In the UK however that no longer works and many people living in the UK love to listen to Posada FM using their Echo for example. To get around the problem John has signed up for Alexa Skills. 

If listening in the UK go to and click on the grey dropdown menu next to search, choose Alexa skills, and search for Posada FM, select the free download and you will have the good lady playing the station in the UK again on request.

Now to make you laugh, when he is talking on air he has to refer to Alexa as “Smart Speakers” because if he uses the word Alexa every unit tuned in stops and waits for a command.


Finally, food for thought:

This time last year everything in the world could be classed as near normal. Visitors were coming to the park in numbers, and Brexit was the only issue on everyone’s minds. Prime Minister Boris was still three months away.

A year later and things look very different. Businesses of all kinds have had to adapt to the new world order.

Getting settled quickly in Spain to live out the challenges in life to come is a priority for some that have transformed the way we have to act as a business. Being park agents we are always the gateway to a new park home lifestyle in Spain.

We now only have one chance to get things right. Coming on second or third park visits are luxuries in the past. Now Virtual Home Visits replace physical visits once an initial park visit has been done in person.

Are we getting things right? We think so because since the 1st of August we have had eleven homes go under offer, YES eleven!. Maria the park translator has a lot of work to do. Good job she is very professional in what she does.