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La vida BONITA means the beautiful life. Read every month what the residents are enjoying.

The newsletter is read by residents as well as website visitors every month

One day visits: 

2019 has seen a big rise in people coming to see the parks on their own. We are currently welcoming visitors to the parks two or three times a week.

So how does it work?

Quite easy really, if you are going to be on holiday on the Costa del Sol and have hired a car you simply call us on 0800 772 3980 to let us know in advance the date on which you would like to visit.

Steve or Derick taking the call will then book you in and a resident will be lined up to welcome you. We will also supply full directions to the park from where you are staying if needed.

Once on the park the resident will show you around the park plus show you the homes that are for sale at the time. Spending a few hours on the park gives you a good insight into park life and of course the resident can answer any question you have because they have made the move to Spain themselves.

For the best car hire deals check out the link on the right hand side of

Resale homes:  

When we add a resale mobile home to the website it is the owner of the home that is selling the home and not Costa Difference Ltd.

The transaction itself however is controlled by a Sale By Private Arrangement document that we prepare and is signed by both the sellers and buyers, with the 10% deposit ring fenced in a client account until the completion date.

The document is perfect in every way because it clearly sets out the terms and conditions regarding the sale/purchase. That means the buyer and the seller are equally protected. This is because the final payment only takes place once we have possession of the home and the keys are handed over to the buyer once the payment has been made.

The price of the home itself is also set by the seller and not Costa Difference Ltd. As with all parks the mobile homes that are priced to sell will sell quickly. When working out what the home is worth the seller will include things like decking, sheds and what they are including in the sale.

Summer is coming:

It goes without saying June gets warmer and July is very warm. Residents who have been here a while know the summer rules. First rule is wear a hat, second rule is to get everything done that needs to be done by 1pm.

Between 1pm and 6pm it is always best to stay in the shade by the pool or in the cool indoors thanks to the aircon. The rewards for this lifestyle is you can then easily sit outside on the decking in the evening until the small hours.

One trick used by quite a few of the residents is to have a ceiling fan fixed to the roof of the decking. This serves two purposes, first to provide a gentle breeze and secondly it keeps flies away from food as they hate a down draft. That means eating outside on the decking every day is a real pleasure.

Residents will also know that from the 1st of June until the middle of October they can plan a BBQ at any time knowing that it will not be rained off. Indeed cooking on the BBQ becomes a way of life in the summer. That is after all what Spain is all about.


The Solero park lodge show home was sold this week which means there are now only three show homes left, the Reading, the Langport and the Windsor currently under construction. After that there will not be any more show homes to offer.

The big advantage of buying a show home is that it is already on the park. You can see exactly what you are buying. In the case of the Solero the buyers had the advantage that the plot was already prepared for a shed and washing machine.

The Reading and the Langport are on sale for £47,900 and the Windsor is on sale for £60,900. For residential park homes they are all great value.

New park visit options: 

There has been a lot of feedback this week regarding the changes we made to the park visit options after the £79 all inclusive visits came to an end. In light of the feedback we have been looking to see if there is any way we can bring back the four day three night visits that include airport transfers and hotel accommodation in September.

Short visits are an ideal way to come and see for yourselves in a relaxed way. You are looked after by residents and of course you will see the lifestyle for yourself.

In the meantime we will continue to offer the short visit option using a hire car and Saydo Hotel in the village of Mollina. The book a hire car and hotel online method is very straightforward and will remain in place for the months of June, July and August and we will keep you informed as to what might happen from September onwards.

The 2019 Windsor park home:  

The factory have confirmed this week that the 2019 model Windsor show home will be completed in eight weeks.

As regular newsletter subscribers know each home is custom built and are not production models. That means in 4 weeks time Martin will go to the factory and make the final choices regarding colours and kitchen work tops.

If anyone reserves the show home before that then they of course will get to choose the colours instead.

Timber Lodges:

This week we had a visit from one of the directors of the factory that makes the timber lodges for us. He came to see what we had done to the timber show lodge on Park La Posada. The Valencia model designed by us was the first one he had seen constructed.

The feature of the home is the Z wall that separates the two double bedrooms. He saw for himself the reason behind our design. In each bedroom there is a wonderful area to have built in wardrobes installed and once done the noise insulation between the two rooms is complete.

The good news for us was that he has now given the Valencia model a factory 5 year guarantee on all homes ordered for Corrales Park.


A price alert went out the other day telling subscribers that a Willerby Winchester 2007 two bedroom home went on sale for less than £25,000. It is now one of four resale homes on Park La Posada.

After weeks of not having any resale homes at all at least now there is a very good reason for coming on a visit. The Willerby Winchester is a wonderful home having been changed complexly inside. It now has new flooring throughout.

If anyone else wants to be the first to know when a home is added you can sign up for Price Alert at the bottom of every web page.

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