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Costa Difference Spain

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The new Windsor Largo:

The Windsor custom-built park home range has evolved since the first one was built only a few years ago. Some of the changes were client choices when ordering a home to be built and some were designer choices in tweaking things to order a show home.

Client choices over the years have included breakfast bars and Velux windows. This is all on top of colour, flooring and tile choices of course.

Designer choices were 2 French door models, different flooring in the kitchen than the lounge, universal power points with USB connections in the kitchen and narrow edge slate tiles outside.

Now the designer has gone much further. He has extended the Windsor model from 12.5 metres long to 13 metres long. The new model is to be called the Windsor Largo and will now to become a show home model.

The extra space will be in the lounge making it a huge two-bedroom two-bathroom park home. The Largo model will also be the first model designed by us not to be fully open plan. It will now have an internal wall separating the lounge and kitchen.

The new partition wall will also include a “magic feature”. Within the wall, there will be an 85cm x 50cm window which will be fitted with a special 3D anti UV window glass art film that will change colour at different light levels. It will maintain the insulation properties of the wall plus add extra light into the kitchen area.

The wall will then be a focal point in both rooms and not just a wall.

The price of a brand new Windsor Largo custom-built 43′ x 13.5′ park home is €74.450 which at today’s exchange rate is £66,973

You can download the brochure from here:



Resident “Ex-Pat”:

We have not had a contribution from resident “Ex-Pat” Patrick for a while now. He went under the radar whilst he dealt with a health issue. We are glad to report however that as of this year he is now feeling fine again following his operation last December.

He has nothing but praise of course for the Spanish surgeons, doctors and nurses that looked after him last year. He also has his sister to thank as well because she came over to Spain to nurse him both in and out of hospital.

Now to why he is back in the news and you might find this very funny.

In early March feeling more or less 100% he flew back to the UK to attend his Grandson’s Christening. He intended to stop just two weeks.

Whilst he was in the UK Spain suddenly closed borders as a way of controlling the virus. When his return flight was cancelled his son said great you can stop with us until you can fly home again.

As the saying goes “famous last words” and the reason the saying applies now is that “Ex-Pat” was not used to UK winters anymore.

A routine soon developed, Ex-Pat would turn up the central heating and the family would turn it down again. The thermostat ended up being changed up to 14 times a day on the colder days.

In the end, the family decided to turn the dining room into his living room and then went around the rest of the house turning down the control on each individual radiator.

More or less confined to his bedroom and dining room (the only two rooms warm enough for him) he now wishes with hindsight that he had not decided to come back for the Christening.

Had he not done so he would have spent the last few months in his wonderful warm park home which comes with Spanish winter sun outside on the decking most days. When chatting to his friend Joe (living in the park) on Skype he has to hide the fact that he is very jealous.

Longing to get back to Spain he has a flight booked for the middle of June (previous flights cancelled in April and again in May of course) and he has everything crossed he can take that one.

The whole family now have a second saying in mind, “be careful what you wish for”.



Patience is a virtue:

With so many people waiting for things to improve as far as travel restrictions go patience is required for sure. 

We know from inquiries that there are quite a few people hoping to come and visit the parks soon. Based on that we, of course, would also like to show the parks as soon as possible as well.

Common sense, however, has to work alongside enthusiasm. To throw open the doors at the first opportunity would not give us time to assess the impact that opening the borders again in Spain has on the safety of the park residents.

For that reason, we are hoping to have enough information by the 1st of August to be able to say that we can start park visits again (with social distancing built-in) from the 1st of September.

We will, of course, keep everyone in the loop using the newsletter and our Facebook page.




Retirement is but one more stage in life in much the same way as turning 18. Life can change a lot at that point. At 18 you are free to make your own decisions in life and of course, you have your whole working life ahead of you.

At retirement, however, you commence your new life free of the shackles of work and with a level of financial Independence. How good your new life will be is all down to how you lived your life between the age of 18 and your retirement date.

For some retirement will mean dumping a job they did not like that much, for others, it will be all about staying where they are and becoming active grandparents and gardeners with longer holidays thrown in.

For a small minority, it will be all about moving on and concentrating on enjoying life to the full having already done their bit for the family. Doing something very different. Seizing the magic moment.

Retiring to Spain is both different and exciting. People who fancy the exciting and different fit perfectly into a park home lifestyle in Spain. 

For people who are not exactly sure about what they want to do in their retirement, a park visit will be the solution. Planning ahead of retirement is all it needs. It is much easier to say “Spain is not for us” once you have seen the lifestyle in full for yourself.



Finally, food for thought:

Over the last few months, it has been very difficult to maintain a weekly newsletter thanks to what has been happening throughout the world. As you can imagine Covid 19 has dominated things.

With the end of strict lockdown conditions in various countries, we are now at a turning point. We can now tentatively talk about the future as this newsletter shows.

Things have been happening during lockdown that will come into play once life becomes doable once more. By that, we mean that some people have sold their homes recently or have simply retired. Not everything in life came to a standstill.

Events during lockdown also mean that some people are now ready to “rock and roll” once “retiring to Spain” becomes a viable option once again. 

With all that in mind, we are half expecting to be busy between September and December this year showing the park and lifestyle. 

For sure there will be a few people who will want to make sure that if lockdown ever returns, they are residents on a park in Spain enjoying the better weather and support.

That is it for now, take care and thanks for reading. If you are forwarding this newsletter onto friends and family please make sure they know it has come from you and not sent by us as spam.