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Staying at home is the only way to bring Covid 19 to an end. If only people living in Madrid had done just that. We say that because many people living in Madrid also have holiday homes along the coast.  

Unfortunately for the Spanish authorities, quite a few Madrid residents headed down to the coast on news that the virus was spreading like wildfire in Madrid. As a result, Covid 19 cases started to be recorded in Andalucia.

Moving around is exactly what the Spanish government is trying to stop people from doing. They have put in place strict rules backed up with fines if you do not obey them. Not everyone in Spain is playing the game though.

One man, when stopped by the Police recently, informed them that he had been to the shops for food (which is allowed) and was now on his way home. When asked to show some proof he produced a shopping bag with a stale loaf of bread inside. Needless to say, he was fined on the spot.



Hero health workers:

Let us be very honest, World War Three has arrived. Not bombs or bullets this time just an invisible enemy that does not care what nationality it attacks.

No military force can fight this enemy. The United Nations has no treaty to stop it. Covid 19 has no defense to negotiate or overcome, it is free to roam and is using the human race for transport.

Support the health workers has become the new international battle cry and clapping those on the front line is now a worldwide response. They NEED our help, they NEED us to isolate socially. They need us to stop being the transport for the virus.

On behalf of the world, we say well done to all the health workers on the front line. We will do everything we can to help. We have self-isolated as a business and we are encouraging everyone to sit tight and pray that the health workers can win the battle for us.



British Ambassador:

The British Ambassador in Madrid has shown the world why he was chosen for the job. He has had a lot to deal with and using social media he has performed miracles. 

Tourists trapped in Spain unable to return to the UK was only the start, and hotels being ordered to close as well last week simply made matters worse.

Using social media he informed everyone what flights were available from every airport in Spain. He also issued digital official paperwork that people could use in order to drive to a ferry port or the channel tunnel in France. Apart from physically collecting everyone, he could not have done more.

Wartime situations always produce refugees and in this case, British citizens became refugees in Spain. Fending for yourself was the only option on the table and of course with his guidance, many made it back.

When all this is over we hope someone in the UK Government will summons the British Ambassador in Madrid to London and pin a medal on his chest. 




Life on the park right now whilst in lockdown requires everyone to have a “we can get through this” spirit.

Community living provides full support and of course, you are never alone. For residents who are used to going out and about all the time however self-isolation has come as a bit of a shock. It is true to say a few are probably only experiencing the community lifestyle at the root level for the first time.

We have always said retiring to Spain was all about enjoying life to the full. Now it is a very different story. Now it is all about keeping your head down and enjoying your home and decking area in ways you could never have imagined.

Sitting outside on the decking area in the sunshine makes everyone feel good even though it is only 18 degrees right now. With up to 40 square metres of decking allowed for each home, it makes a big difference. 

Being stuck at home in self-isolation in a residential park makes the situation less painful because you still have social contact at a safe distance.




On Monday we received a voice mail message from someone asking us to call them back which we did. The caller then said that they wanted to know how to tune into the radio station on Park La Posada using their mobile phone.

Without giving the question a second thought we went straight into overdrive with all the suggestions on how to listen to the Posada radio station online, download the app, go to or listen via their Facebook page.

Our explanation was followed by silence, our first warning sign that something was not quite right. We then asked the question that we should have asked right in the beginning, “what phone are you using?”.

“I have a Nokia 130” was the reply. Oops, not a smartphone 🙂

We then gave a full explanation as to why she could not listen to Posada FM on her mobile phone. No internet connection no radio being the clear message. Perhaps it is time for a new phone we suggested.

Her answer to our suggestion was a joy to hear, “yes” she said, “I was thinking that but wanted to wait until I had moved to Spain”.  

The call then went onto how long did we think all this will last and how quickly we could get back to normal once the all-clear sounded. 

Waiting to buy a new mobile phone instead of a new mobile home made us chuckle and she will be reading this with a big smile on her face for sure.

We said it would go into the newsletter.

Stay safe everyone and keep your sense of humour during this difficult time. A wise man once said if you can keep sane when having to talk to yourself over a long period of time you will at least be talking sense 🙂 .