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Park homes in Spain. Custom built park homes for residential use.

Residential Park Homes 

In Spain are the ultimate when it comes to owning a home on a 5 star residential park in Spain. Built in Spain for Spain the quality is there to be seen.

They are a world apart from mobile homes in terms of  build materials and how they are built. As a result no two Residential Park Homes are alike on the parks.

It all starts with a custom built super strong steel chassis. Fitted to that comes an insulated flooring base ready for the laminated flooring. Next to be installed are solid insulated walls, windows and doors, plus of course a fully insulated roof.

The factory:

Having said all that a visit to the factory in Alicante is also a perfect way to see what is involved. Especially to see how you can have your own custom built home. The form below goes straight to Eduardo also representing the factory and he will be the one who arranges any visit.

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Designing your own park home can be a lot of fun. Or you can use one of our designs such as the Reading. We had a lot of fun designing that home as it is a one bed home that converts into a two bed home in an instant. The Reading Park Lodge is on Park La Posada.

The build quality is what makes this home so special. The home is designed so that the decking area becomes part of the home itself giving up to 80 square mtrs of living area.



We have a video on Park Home builds from start to finish. Quality as standard. The design exactly as you want it. In a few years everyone will be designing their own homes for Spain. ENJOY the video:


You now know what the build process is all about. A wonderful Park Home is the result. Choose how many bedrooms, bathrooms, windows and doors you would like. There are also endless colour choices for the walls inside and out to choose from.

You can even change the colours in a few years time if you want. These homes will NEVER look old. They will always look brand new if you look after them.

Park lodge Homes only require transport from Alicante. That means most of the cost of the home goes into the quality of the home itself. This home designed in Nov 2016 arrived on the park towards the end of Jan 2017

Mobile homes in Spain image 301286

When the factory built this particular home they added an extra layer of insulation at the owners request. That means it will be cool in the summer and easy to warm up in the winter.

The combination of Georgian windows with built in shutters were also at the owners request during the design stage. This is one of the most eco homes we have designed so far. Only Park Homes have a real slate finish on the outside thanks to the solid construction.

ParkHome design:

The design team in general look to produce a different home every time. Take the Windsor for example. Until now that model is the most easy to clean home in Spain. Dust is not a problem since you can wipe every surface easily.

If you would like to receive an E-brochure you can request one here (e-brochure-request) It includes information all about the build quality and materials used.

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