4 day dedicated visit to Spain

Pick up from Malaga airport

Want to visit the parks and see what life is all about in just a few days? To do that we offer dedicated short visits. We do that using Discover car hire and the hotel Castilla in the town of Antequera.

Combined we can show you, Park La Posada. over a short period of time and at a reasonable cost.

Four days three-night visit is a short visit to get to see the concept and lifestyle of the residential park first hand.

Mobile homes in Spain on a residential mobile home park. Antequera is the nearest town

To begin planning a visit you need to find some low-cost flights that are four days apart allowing for 3 nights in Spain.

On finding ideal flights from your local airport simply make a note of the dates and flight times as you will need that information for the car hire.

Should you wish to stay longer than three nights in Spain you need to use the FREEDOM VISIT format where you can stay as long as you like and visit the parks more than once.

Once you have flights in mind you need to decide if you want to visit the park using the airport transfers option or hire a car option.

The airport transfers option is very straight forward. For Park La Posada the four-day three-night visit only costs £39.00 per person plus €20.00 a night each in the Hotel Castilla in Antequera based on two people sharing a room. For a single room, it is €25 a night. You can, of course, choose a different hotel in Antequera using this link.

For Paradise Park, it is also £39.00 per person but you will need to book a hotel you like in Alicante using this link.

The dedicated four-day three-night visits are ideal if you want to get a feel for the lifestyle. Call 0800 772 3980 for free for more information or to book a visit.

To use the hire car option you can use the search form below. Hiring a car gives you the freedom to explore the area in your own time.

Book a hire car in Spain

With flights and car hire prices to hand you are now in a position to book a visit if you wish. Call 0800 772 3980 for free or use the contact form on the website. We only need to know the dates you have in mind and if you want us to book the Hotel Castilla.

As soon as we say that everything is fine you can go ahead and book everything. 

The four days three-night visit format

On arrival at Malaga airport collect your hire car. Then make your way to Antequera which is motorway all the way.

If staying in the Castilla hotel the booking will be in your name confirmed by us. If you chose a different hotel you will have the booking confirmation sent at the time of booking.

For the first night, you can relax and enjoy Antequera. The next day at a time to suit you a resident will meet you in reception at the park. You will enjoy the day for sure.

As soon as you arrive you will see the quality of the park and the lifestyle first hand. More to the point you will also know exactly what it will be like to live in Spain.

For the second day, you can either explore Antequera or plan a second visit to the park. You can decide at the end of your first visit to the park. With this visit format, you choose what you want to do over the two free days. 

The important thing is that when you return to the UK you will know if the park lifestyle in Spain is for you.

Focus visit v holiday visit

Visiting Spain over such a short period has one advantage over taking a day out whilst on holiday. The visit is all about focus on the quality of the park and the park home lifestyle.

It will be a full-on four days with lots of questions being answered and of course, you will know when you return if living in Spain is for you.

Antequera is part of that lifestyle. It is where you will do your big shop in the shopping centre. It is where you will go for that special night out. Park residents do that all the time.

One of the reasons we suggest the Hotel Castilla is that it is in the centre of town. Bars. cafe and restaurants are not only in the hotel itself but all around. The town is very Spanish and cosmopolitan. If you love Antequera you love Spain.