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Residential mobile home parks open all year.

Visiting a residential mobile home park in Spain is ideal for anyone looking to retire to the sun. Residential parks offer lifestyle, security and support. Three essential ingredients.

The park lifestyle on offer in Spain is similar to living on a residential mobile home park in the UK. An English speaking park community living within a local village community. It is a very comfortable and relaxed lifestyle both in the UK and Spain.

The big difference when living on a park in Spain however is a) better weather, b) a different culture outside the park itself and c) a lower cost of living.  You will also get to enjoy a great social life with new friends.

Popping into the village for tapas and to soak up the Spanish atmosphere will no longer be a holiday treat. It can become a way of life. Many people living in the UK downsize for retirement but how many up-size their quality of life at the same time? Parks in Spain allow you to do just that.

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Costa Difference Ltd is a specialist company. We work with park owners first and foremost to help people investigate the idea of retiring to Spain. That is why we only represent genuine residential parks and the jewel in the Spanish crown is without doubt Park La Posada not far from Malaga, on the Costa del Sol.

Talking to residents during a visit to the park is worth its weight in gold when it comes to doing the “live in Spain” research. You learn such a lot in a short space of time. Residents are happy to pass on their experiences.

Dedicated residential park:

Parks like Park La Posada do not have tourist camping facilities like the parks all along the coast. They also do not allow the sub-letting of homes on the park.

The only people to enjoy a holiday on the park will be visiting family and friends of one of the residents. That is what makes these parks so special.   Residents’ guests soon feel like residents themselves in no time. They will enjoy the relaxed way of life on the park They also get to meet lots of interesting people.

That is why people now see established residential parks as an ideal way to retire to the sun. The parks are ideal for both couples and single people. The lifestyle is the same. Everyone makes new friends and family back in the UK are just a few hours away by plane.

The request park brochures form is on the right hand side. They will arrive in seconds straight into your inbox for you to keep and refer to at any time, even when offline.

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Park La Posada in Spain La Posada park opened in 2004. Over the years has become the number one residential retirement park in Spain. The park is perfect for us to show visitors. It has a reputation for being the best residential park in Spain.

In 2008 the park became the first dedicated retirement park in Spain. They added new services to include a translator to complete the registration processes. This includes registering with the local doctors and town hall, and the translator service is free of charge.

On a visit you see the quality of the park itself. Residents will also be the ones who will look after you showing both the park and area if on a dedicated short visit.

It is also the only park where you can take a look inside a brand-new Park Lodge show home. However, the park also offers resale mobile homes, new Park Lodge homes and new UK manufactured homes.

The plots on Park La Posada are all landscaped and 200 sqr mtrs.

Facilities include the reception, swimming pool, community centre and bar. There is also an open-air gym as well as a four-lane outdoor, competition standard bowls green.

There are 135 homes on the park plus a settled community enjoying a new kind of social life with new friends.

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No other residential style mobile home park on the Costa del Sol comes close to Park La Posada. There is a video of the park on their website.

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Los Corrales mobile home park.

Corrales residential park Corrales Park is a new park that is in the village of Los Corrales.

This park has a very Spanish feel about it. Owned by a famous Spanish flamenco singer it has a small rural hotel and a fabulous bar and restaurant. The park is the dream park for all countryside lovers.

Every mobile home enjoys wall to wall countryside views. Park Corrales is also the first park to allow timber lodge twin units onto the park. Full details and timber lodge prices are on the dedicated

Corrales Park offers residents a Spanish way of life very different to UK parks. Residents integrate into the local Spanish community. The locals enjoy the bar, restaurant and hotel which adds to the atmosphere.

Back in the UK people would be queuing up to come onto this park. We call this area the Andalucía lake district. It is only a short drive to all the local lakes including the famous Flamingo Lake at Fuente de Piedra.

The nearest airport is Malaga which is about 75 minutes away.

Park Corrales also allows homes up to 12m x 7m on the park. That gives you lots of choices both from UK manufacturers and park lodge homes. It will be a small park once complete with 50 homes in total.

There is a video of the park on their website.

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A short dedicated visit to Spain flying into Malaga is ideal. We will show you why Park La Posada is THE park to visit. It only costs £79 per person for four-days and three-nights.

The visit comes with airport transfers and hotel accommodation included.   You can also add a “£25 bolt on” to the La Posada visit and get to see Corrales Park as well at the same time.

If you prefer you can make your own way to the park. This is ideal if you are already living in Spain. It is also ideal if you are on holiday and have a hire car. All we ask is that you let us know when you are thinking of coming.

Reasons to visit:

Are dedicated residential mobile home parks in Spain ideal for retiring to Spain? Yes. This is because buying a Mobile Home or a Park Lodge Home in Spain is the same as buying one on a residential park in the UK.

The big difference of course is better weather plus a lower cost of living when living on a park in Spain.   You can also pay for your home in £’s as well. Living in Spain with new friends and neighbours on your chosen park is both affordable and easy.

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On offer is a great selection of residential use re-sale mobile homes in Spain for sale. Makes include Willerby, ABI and Pemberton.   Great value, everything is in place and adapted for all year use by the current owners.

Re-sale mobile homes make moving to Spain easy,  you see exactly what is for sale.   In short resale mobile homes come with lots of extras. Homes for sale include air-conditioning, sheds and washing machines. On the decking most homes include the furniture.

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For a new mobile home on all parks we work alongside Mobile Homes Abroad. They are the biggest exporter of UK mobile homes to Europe. We look after everything right up to the point of ordering a home.

Models suitable for Spain being the priority.   One of the most popular models at present is the Willerby Sheraton. Other models include the Willerby Linear and the Delta Superior.

You can get to see the models at their appointed show grounds throughout the UK.

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Residential Park Lodge Homes designed by us and custom built in Spain are very different. You can order a show home or a custom built home to suit your requirements.

Park Lodge Homes, construction is very different to that of UK Mobile Homes. UK home builds are on a production line using the same methods and materials as static holiday homes.

Park Lodge Homes are very different, every wall insulated to 60mm and solid. In the Solero, Sandia, Sandringham, Windsor and Ascot you will not see one single join in the walls.

The Reading and Langport models are production park lodges. You order a home as per the show home and it is on the park in weeks.

Models are available in different colours plus changes in design are at no extra cost. Personalise the home, the custom built home arrives as you want it.   Check out the full range on the Park Lodge Homes listing page.

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We are designing our own range of “@ll timber lodges” as well now. Corrales Park have permissions in place for six timber lodge models 12mtr x 7mtr.

The prime model is the all new Cordoba. It is a two-bedroom home that also includes a decking area pre-built.   The brand new Denia model is also a two bedroom home sized at 12mtr x 6mtr.

The Valencia lodge model again a two bedroom home features the Z wall. This is between the two bedrooms adding sound insulation within the home.   You can see all the models and latest prices on the website (

You visit the beach, not live on it

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Once living in Spain, you will soon appreciate the park lifestyle. It captures the community spirit with new friends and neighbours. As couple or a single person the social life is exactly the same.

With our support you can plan your retirement/semi-retirement in Spain.   The parks will deal with all the paperwork required. This includes the NIE (National registration number).

They also obtain your “Residencia” plus register you with the local town hall. Once all that is in place they register with the doctors.   After the registration process they will set up a Spanish bank account for you.


Costa Difference Ltd is commits itself to representing residential mobile home parks only. It means we never show clients a mobile home park that offers tourist camping facilities.

Residents can always enjoy the beach when they want and then return home.   Dedicated residential mobile home parks are few and far between in Spain.

That is why we only represent Park La Posada and Park Corrales for the time being. For us to represent any mobile home park in Spain it has to be a dedicated residential retirement park.

Holiday options:

We are retiring to Spain specialists with a great team in place. The park takes over once you are living here. Feel the sensation of being in real Spain the moment you exit the park. Sunshine and Tapas is a way of life here and not a holiday experience.

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The quality of the parks plus the mobile home prices provide a very low risk way of retiring to Spain. Parks provide security and support. Residents on the park help you settle in as well.

Like in the UK it only requires a legal sales agreement (which we prepare) to buy a home.   Pets are also welcome on the parks. Owners are subject to certain rules within the parks such as on leads and poop scooping.

There are plenty of walks around the parks for dog owners and residents without pets alike. Breeds on the Spanish dangerous dogs list are not permitted on the parks.