Mobile & park homes for sale in Spain

Residential parks in Spain.

Mobile homes and park homes for sale in Spain on dedicated residential parks offer a perfect way to retire to the sun. This is because buying a UK model mobile home (resale) or a Spanish custom-built park home (new or resale) on a residential park in Spain is very straight forward.

The simplicity in buying or selling mobile and park homes, makes residential parks in Spain perfect locations to retire to. When buying a mobile or a park home on a residential park you become member of a park home community.

Park La Posada residential park street level

That is very important when moving to a new country because it means you are never left to fend for yourself. You will have the support of the park and the residents already living there.

That is what makes residential parks in Spain so different from camping parks. A short visit to a residential park in Spain, will open your eyes to a very relaxed lifestyle that is being enjoyed right now by all the residents.

Retirement parks

The genuine residential retirement mobile home parks in Spain that we represent provide their residents first class facilities, plenty of support, and a wonderful park home community lifestyle.

The lifestyle includes the park taking care of everything. The residents you will meet as you stroll around the park, on a visit, are all registered by the park with the town hall and the doctors. They become a resident in Spain in no time.

Residential park La Posada phase 2

La Posada also provides the services of a free translator to take care of all the paperwork required to get you settled in Spain. Made easy of course because you have chosen to live on a residential park rather than a camp site that also has mobile homes.

Residents only pay the registration fees which are NIE certificate (9.64 euros/person) and residency document (12 euros/person). In the event that documents being produced for residency purposes need to be translated into Spanish the costs are between 50 and 110 Euros.

On the mobile home park:

Everyone speaks English. The bi-lingual reception is on hand to deal with everything Spanish. Sub letting of homes to holiday makers is not allowed in keeping with the parks residential status. Friends and family are welcome to stay of course. The parks are also pet friendly subject to sensible rules.

There is no easier way to move to Spain to live. After buying a mobile or park home in Spain you are guaranteed to make new friends.  You will also live alongside like minded neighbours within a settled mobile home park community in Spain.

The fact that you are never left on your own to fend for yourself is the reason residential mobile home parks in Spain are so successful. The park, new friends, and new neighbours between them have all the answers from where can I get this? to how do I do that? The community spirit on the park is worth its weight in gold.

Costa Difference Spain Ltd 

We are the only company in Spain specialising in genuine residential mobile home parks. We do not represent any park that also provides tourist camping pitches. 

On the genuine residential parks we represent we can offer resale mobile homes, resale park homes as well as custom-built new park homes. We also design custom-built park homes here in Spain as well. 

Mobile home park  La Posada on the Costa del Sol is for us the perfect example of a genuine residential mobile home park in Spain . It is regarded within the industry as the jewel in the Spanish crown. Fully residential with a free residents retirement package to make it very easy to retire to Spain.

With a 5 star style park you will be offered 200 sq metre landscaped plots as standard. A 5 star style park also offers the full retire to Spain package where everything is done for you in order for you to become resident in Spain. 

Talking to residents during a visit to the park is worth its weight in gold when it comes to seeing if moving to Spain is right for you. You learn such a lot in a short space of time. Residents are happy to pass on their experiences and talk about their new lifestyle.

Dedicated residential park:

Residential mobile home parks like Park La Posada do not have tourist camping facilities like the parks all along the coast. There is no subletting of the homes allowed either.

That means the only people who get to enjoy a holiday on the park will be visiting family and friends of one of the residents. That is what makes these residential mobile home parks so special.

Residents’ guests soon feel like residents themselves in no time. They will enjoy the relaxed way of life  seeing first hand what modern mobile homes are like now. They also get to meet lots of interesting people on the park.

The mobile home parks are ideal for both couples and single people. The lifestyle is the same. Everyone makes new friends and family back in the UK are just a few hours away by plane.

The request park brochures form is on the right hand side. They will arrive in seconds straight into your inbox for you to keep and refer to at any time, even when offline.

La Posada Mobile Home Park:

Street view on La Posada mobile home park in Spain

La Posada mobile home park opened in 2004. Over the years it has become the number one residential retirement park in Spain. The park is perfect for us to show visitors what life is all about. It has built up a reputation as the best residential park in Spain.

In 2008 the park became the first dedicated retirement mobile home park in Spain. They added new services to include a translator to complete the standard registration processes. This includes registering with the local doctors and town hall.

Visiting the park:

On a visit you see the quality of the mobile home park itself. Residents will also be the ones who will look after you showing both the park and area if on a dedicated short visit.

Every year more and more people come and visit the park. The park is ideal because it shows exactly what life can be like in Spain. To visit the park for the day all you need to do is call us or use the contact us link. We are happy to supply full directions and to set a date and time for the visit.

For details about the four day three night visits simply look at the visit the park page. To experience the parks and area for longer however we recommend using the FREEDOM VISIT format. It is as easy as 123. You get to enjoy longer in Spain.

First book your low cost flights using the airline links on the FREEDOM VISIT page.  After that you can then use the booking form to get the best car hire rates and book a car.

Once done call 0800 7723980 or use the contact form on this site to tell us when you are going to be in Spain. We will then book you into the Hotel Castilla in Antequera at a cost of 40€ a night for a double room or 35€ a night for a single room.

Once done we will then set up a park visit, send full instructions on how to arrive and look after you on your visit. We can also supply directions to points of interest to give you a better feel of the place if you book to stay in Antequera.

Freedom Visits enable you to visit the parks more than once if you so wish.

It is also the only mobile home park where you can take a look inside a brand-new Spanish built park home on the new showground.

However, the park also offers resale mobile homes and new UK manufactured homes. The plots on Park La Posada are all landscaped and 200 sqr mtrs.

Facilities include the reception, swimming pool, community centre and bar. There is also an open-air gym as well as a four-lane outdoor, competition standard bowls green.

No other residential style mobile home park on the Costa del Sol comes close to Park La Posada. There is a video of the park on their website.

Los Corrales Mobile Home Park

Corrales Park is a new park that is in the village of Los Corrales. This mobile home park has a very Spanish feel about it.

Technically it is on the Costa del Sol but it is an hour+ from the beach. It is a lot nearer the lakes which to many people’s minds are a lot nicer.

Owned by a famous Spanish flamenco singer it has a small rural hotel and a fabulous bar and restaurant. The park is the dream park for all countryside lovers. Every mobile or park home enjoys wall to wall countryside views. 

Corrales Park offers residents a Spanish way of life very different to UK parks. Residents integrate into the local Spanish community. The locals enjoy the bar, restaurant and hotel which adds to the atmosphere.

Back in the UK people would be queuing up to come onto this mobile home park. We call this area the Andalucía lake district. It is only a short drive to all the local lakes including the famous Flamingo Lake at Fuente de Piedra.

The nearest airport is Malaga which is about 75 minutes away.

Park Corrales also allows homes up to 12m x 7m on the park. That gives you lots of choices both from UK manufacturers and park lodge homes. It will be a small mobile home park once complete with 50 homes in total.

There is a video of the park on their website.

Resale Mobile Homes

Mobile home in Spain image 20111913

Re-sale mobile homes make moving to Spain easy,  you see exactly what is for sale.   In short resale mobile homes come with lots of extras. Homes for sale include air-conditioning, sheds and washing machines. 

Currently resale mobile homes all include a decking area adapted for all year round use. This turns a mobile home into an are for residential use. 80 square metres of living area within the 200 square metre plot.

When buying a resale mobile home already on a residential park you will own the home outright (freehold) with the plot it is on owned and maintained by the park (leasehold). The plot includes use of all the facilities and services that the park offers.

Resale homes are a perfect way to retire to the sun. This is because you are not only seeing the quality of the mobile home park it is on but the quality of the resale home as well at the same time.

If a resale home goes on sale at a price to sell quickly (or reduced as such) we offer a “PRICE ALERT” service.

We send out a price alert e-mail informing all subscribers that there is a home on the site that is priced to sell quickly. Subscribers are told straight away with a link to the home involved.

To receive that service you can sign up at the bottom of any web page.

Custom built park homes

The Windsor park home slider image

As park home designers we work alongside Alhambra homes in Alicante. Over the years we have helped lots of people design their own park homes here in Spain. We are in fact the only company in Spain to offer custom-built park homes built in Spain.

The models we have designed can easily be customised and for all the design and build details why not visit the main website for park homes,

The Windsor model is the most popular. It is a two bedroom-two bathroom model that is 12.5 metres long and 4 metres wide. 

Built in Spain for Spain they offer real quality thanks to the fact that they do not have to travel 1500 miles from the UK to the park. Resale park homes might come onto the market over the next few years because they will never be older than 2016 models.

Our Team And The Support

Costa Difference Spain Ltd is commits itself to representing residential mobile home parks only. It means we never show clients a mobile home park that offers tourist camping facilities.

Residents can always enjoy the beach when they want and then return home.   Dedicated residential mobile home parks are few and far between in Spain.

That is why we only represent Park La Posada and Park Corrales for the time being. For us to represent any mobile home park in Spain it has to be a dedicated residential retirement park.

We are retiring to Spain specialists with a great team in place. We support you in getting everything in place and here you will find some very useful links.

The park takes over once you are living here. Feel the sensation of being in real Spain the moment you exit the park. Sunshine and Tapas is a way of life here and not a holiday experience.

Useful Information

The quality of the mobile home parks plus the mobile home prices provide a very low risk way of retiring to Spain. Parks provide security and support. Residents on the park help you settle in as well.

Like in the UK it only requires a legal sales agreement (which we prepare) to buy a home.   Pets are also welcome on the parks. Owners are subject to certain rules within the parks such as on leads and poop scooping.

There are plenty of walks around the parks for dog owners and residents without pets alike. Breeds on the Spanish dangerous dogs list are not permitted on the parks.

The newsletter is also a good way of keeping in touch with what is going on and you can sign up using the link on the website. Here is what was sent to all subscribers last month. The monthly mobile homes in Spain newsletter.

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