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New Mobile Homes. UK manufactured mobile homes in Spain

Costa Difference Ltd have teamed up with Mobile Homes Abroad Ltd. They are the biggest exporter of UK mobile homes in Europe.

That means we can now offer clients UK manufactured homes from most UK manufacturers.

These include ABI, Atlas, Cosalt, Debonair, Delta, Omar, Pemberton, Regal, Swift, Tingdene, Victory, Westwood and Willerby.

Mobile Homes Abroad have dedicated show grounds in the UK. Ideal for you to go and choose a model after reserving your plot.

The process is very easy. First let us know your budget and home requirements. We then offer you all the models in that range including transport and installation.

There are two big shows in September that have all the latest UK manufactured models. The first is the Lawns Caravan show near Hull and the second is the Beaulieu Show in the New Forrest.

You get to choose your home. Mobile Homes Abroad will give advice, assist and of course supply the home of your choice.

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There are many different floor plans and models to choose from. That is why it is best to filter the selection on price first.

You are then only looking at the right homes for you. The team are on hand to offer suggestions to make the home perfect for the plot reserved.

On Corrales Park you can also have twin units. Again Mobile Homes Abroad have the experience transporting twin units all over Europe. They also have a park near Park La Posada for twin units and quite often we combine the two parks in the one visit.

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It is a known fact that UK manufactured homes come with all the “bling”. This is in the form of curtains, carpets and of course items such as footstools. For anyone wanting a home full of “bling” then buying a UK home is the only option. With Park Lodge Homes you add the “bling” afterwards.

With such a good choice of UK manufacturers you are bound to find a model you like within your budget.
Homes must be at least 36 x 12 to go onto a residential park.

You have the option of buying a one, two or a three bedroom home. Bear in mind three bedroom homes are harder to sell as a resale as the master bedroom is usually quite small.

By using the biggest exporter of UK homes in Europe we are ensuring that you get the best price for any home.

So what should you look out for when thinking of buying a new UK manufactured mobile home for Spain. First of all it is a mobile home or static caravan as it is know in the UK. That means you will be turning the home into a residential home by use of added decking.

That means the first option to have is either Outlook French Doors or double Patio Doors. That will enable you to blend the decking with the home. Next up is the build materials. Canexel or vinyl cladding is a must as aluminium expands in the heat. The same goes for doors and windows. They need to be a white finish as black also distorts and expands.

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Continuing with the build materials white guttering is also a must. This is because black, dark brown or dark grey distort in the heat. It is much better to buy a home already designed for use in Spain with a simple few changes.

Now to money saving ideas. Double glazing is a must of course but central heating is not. We suggest using two aircon hot/cold units instead with towel heaters in the bathrooms.

Central heating is only required for a short period but aircon units can operate for at least 8 months of the year. April, May , Oct and Nov tend to be the best months for a steady temperature where heating or cooling is not required. It is cheaper to use aircon as heating as well.

It also does not pay to go for homes that cannot link with decking easily. Many older models are on the parks are missing out because they do not blend with the decking. With French doors to the front clients will easily enjoy 80 sq mtrs of living area instead of 40 sq mtrs.

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So how much will the decking cost? We tell clients to budget between £5,000 and £10,000. The decking works out at great value as it adds 40 sq mtrs to the home.

Once the home is on the park it is best to walk round and see what others have done with theirs decking. You will get lots of ideas.

Deckings can easily be a lounge extension, a dining room or a utility room. You have lots of options. The park will be on hand to offer lots of advice as well as cost in what you want.

The plots are nice and big which means you can add a shed as well. That is where you will put your washing machine. Having one in the home simply means you are missing out on cupboard space. It is also a lot quieter with the washing machine in the shed.

The plot sizes also allow you to install gazebos as well as a Jacuzzi or splash pool to the rear of the mobile home. Large plots adds to the residential feel of the whole package. You do not need to buy the most expensive home you can afford.

Buying the right home with a great decking in mind is much more important. That is why we offer advice first before the looking for a home process. We have lots of ideas and once you choose a a plot, we will know how to make the very best of it.

For UK mobile homes in mind we cover the best shows and exhibitions throughout the year. The Place in the Sun shows in Birmingham, Manchester and London are good. We also cover Hull and Beaulieu.

Mobile Homes Abroad attend even more shows. That is why they are perfect as the UK home suppliers for Costa Difference clients. We look after the  park visits and the installation of the homes once they arrive. Mobile Homes Abroad are at all the shows assisted by us for some of them. It is the perfect combination.

So what to budget for. Simply put you will get a nice UK manufactured home for between £40,000 and £60,000. For a top of the range mobile home you will be spending between £60,000 and £75,000. These prices will include transport and installation.

The actual choice of home will always be down to you of course. Take into account what you plan to do with the outside space that a huge 200 sq mtr plot allows as well.

Now is a good time to see what the major UK manufacturers offer. First up is ABI followed by the rest in alphabetical order. DeltaPembertonRegalSwiftTingdeneVictoryWillerby.

1011180610 image for new UK mobile homes in Spain

Above is the plan for the final phase on Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol. Plots reserved off plan at the moment with the intention of buying a home to go onto the park in 2019.

Park La Posada has been open since 2004 and in 2019 it will be complete. The works have not been in a rush because the quality of the park and the facilities have been so important. In 2017 an open air gym became one more facility. In 2018 the pool and community centre had an update.

Reserving a plot is idea for anyone who wants to come onto the park in 2019. There will not be any more plots once the final few are gone.