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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Sept 2013 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

It is all in the name: We were asked in August by visitors to the parks why we chose Costa Difference Ltd as the company name back in October 2005. The answer might surprise you a little. Costa as in the location being the Costa del Sol was easy but Difference ?
The answer is that Difference meant promoting the dream retirement in Spain was what we were really interested in rather than us than simply selling mobile homes. If it was not then we as a company would have been keen to show mobile homes on every park or campsite all over Spain. Our name we hope portrays us as being a specialist company working with dedicated retirement parks that offer a service that makes a big difference to those who end up lucky enough to live on such wonderful parks.
So, having decided on what the core business for the company would be back in 2005 we also knew that if we did advertise homes on every park in Spain we would have had to try and convince web site visitors that all the parks and campsites in Spain were perfect retirement locations. Worse still would be if we were to also offer parks in France and Portugal as well because where would the Costa part of our name fit in then.
So there you have it. We are Costa Difference Ltd and we offer our web site visitors two first class residential retirement parks on the Costa del Sol. We also have 5 team members living on the Costa del Sol to a) show the retirement lifestyle and b) help in any way should anyone wish to retire to the sun following their fact finding visit.
The Lawns caravan show near Hull: This year we are once again at the Lawns Caravan show in Cottingham near Hull. The show runs from the 7th to the 8th of September. Steve and Martin will travel from Spain to attend and the exhibit stand will be a great place to stop and ask them any question you might have about retirement in Spain on a mobile home park. Their primary function will be to offer advice and give out useful retirement information and not to be there simply to show mobile homes. However, they will have a very special offer that will save 1,000 s should anyone want to take a good look at the new mobile homes that are on show that weekend.
They will arrive in the UK early Friday morning on the 6th of September and will have their UK mobile phones on them. Steve s number will be 07771403794 and Martin s number will be 07584062615. If over the weekend you want to make sure that you get to have a chat with them please give them a call and they will guide you to their exhibit stand. You will know it is the right stand when you get there because it will not be displaying any information about parks in France or Portugal. It will be all about a retirement residential park on the Costa del Sol only.
Better still is that you do not have attend the show itself in order to meet them. Martin & Steve are also happy to meet anyone for a drink and a chat after their duties at the show itself between 6pm and 9pm on the evenings of the 7th and 8th, should you prefer to meet them in a more relaxed setting. It is after all what they do here in Spain. A quick call to either of them on the day will tell you where they are going to be that evening and to make life easy they will be very close to the Lawns showground itself.
Joining them for a drink (Steve is buying) in the evenings can be really productive especially as you might get to meet others who have come along and are also interested in retiring to Spain as well. We say between 6 and 9pm only because at some point they will need to eat and enjoying a pub meal will for them make a change from Tapas and the Spanish dinners they are so used to. They know of course they will be horrified when they get the bill. It is guaranteed to be three times more expensive than here in Spain. They will be overjoyed to be returning to Spain on the Monday for sure.
Life can be fun: Being retired does not mean the fun stops. Nearly everything that goes on in or around the parks are either arranged by the residents or suggested by them. There is also a lot going on that is organised by the locals in the villages as well. The town of Antequera and the villages of Mollina and Alameda all have Feria s that last 4 days. The British are welcome to join in and of course the events are VERY Spanish.
Life is going to be what you make it. A good example is that one new resident this year likes to make custom made cards for every occasion. This fits in well with the craft club that already exists on the park. Other residents are keen cyclists, bowlers, golfers, walkers and fishermen. We are hoping for the winter months that someone might like to start up a bridge club or perhaps a chess club. This can be done in the leisure complex as there is a room ready for just such activities.
Lifestyle: Each month we try and give readers a little lifestyle information because at the end of the day it is the lifestyle that makes Spain so different. This month it is all about the markets in the villages. The street markets are every week and you can buy very fresh fruit and veg at local prices as well as some very cheap clothes. There is also the weekly car boot sale in Mollina on the Wednesday. Not only a great morning out looking at all the stands but a time when many people meet their friends who live on other parks for a coffee as well. It becomes a social gathering point. There are a total of 5 mobile home parks in the area of Antequera and the markets are well supported by residents from all parks and not just the two dedicated retirement parks.
Why only two parks from five with us? The reason for that is that for any park to be represented by us they have to meet the following conditions in order to be considered a top class residential retirement park. 1) Have a dedicated office manned by bi-lingual staff to look after the residents daily needs and to deal with anything Spanish related. This must also include a personal mail box with the resident registered at that address 2) the park facilities such as swimming pools must be exclusive for the use of the residents only 3) mobile homes must be on 200 square metre plots with purpose built concrete bases for the homes and are connected to all the mains services as well as Internet and British TV. Park La Posada and Park La Vina meet all three requirements beautifully and as a result they have very settled retired communities living on them.
Finally: The Spanish Experience week starting on the 23rd of September is only a few weeks away and we are looking forward to showing real Spain to those who have booked their places. They will see a lot. Seeing the parks and the local area as a group will be fun for them for sure. The one we held in May was a great laugh and they ended up seeing so many different places it meant the week flew by. Martin will start collecting clients from the airport at 11am on the 23rd with the last one arriving at 9.15 in the evening. The next day they will be taken to the top of the world first to see five counties of Spain at the same time, Malaga, Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba and Granada. That plus the chance to enjoy a typical three course menu del dia lunch including wine (or beer) for only 9 in Alameda will set the tone for the rest of the week. There are two places left if anyone else wants to join them. To book please call Derick on 0117 318 2188.