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Posted on April 30, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2017

WOW, General Election: We never saw that coming this time last month. Time now for the residents to register for postal votes, although we fancy quite a few will use the election as a reason to return to the UK to visit friends and family and vote at the same time.

As far as everything else goes of course nothing will change in the short term. The Pound has been very steady since Brexit was triggered in March and all talk now will be about Brexit and the General Election for the consumption of the UK residents. The residents will have to wait until after the election to see if there will be a strong enough government in place to get everything sorted within the two-year time frame.

Correction: In last month’s newsletter, we gave Turkey as an example of a non-EU country with reciprocal health care. The original example for the newsletter was going to be Serbia. However, after talking to a visitor to the park (who had just sold up in Turkey and was looking at all the parks in the area) we changed the example to Turkey based on his information as it seemed a better example to give.

Now, thanks to Alan and Trish (two newsletter subscribers) it has been pointed out to us that Turkey does not have reciprocal health care in place with the UK. We had in fact been given the wrong information. Instead the visitor might have been referring to the fact that health care in place was no longer needed as a requirement for residency in Turkey once over 65. As the visitor was over 65 we now think that he must have been referring to that now and not reciprocal health care.

So, back to our original version. It is countries like Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro that are countries in Europe but not in the EU that have reciprocal health care in place with the UK.  Therefore, we still see no reason why the same arrangements will not be put in place with all the EU countries as well once the UK exits the EU in two years’ time. Right message last month but wrong country. Thanks to Alan and Trish we have got it right this month.

>>> Residents cards are issued to all with the same conditions <<<

What is residential use? We use that term a lot so let us explain. When Park La Posada opened in 2004 it was not a dedicated residential retirement park at that time. It was a brand new mobile home park for people to either live on or to own a home for holidays. That meant that some homes more suitable for holidays came on the park during that period.

Four years later in 2008, already well established, Park La Posada became a retirement/semi-retirement park and so children were no longer allowed to live on the park as residents. The facilities then changed accordingly and a 4-lane competition standard bowls green was then planned and subsequently built. In 2015 with the full agreement with the park owners we changed our description of the park once more to a residential retirement/semi-retirement park.

This was a commercial decision on how we should promote the park and facilities to more accurately reflect the quality and ethos of the park. It is after all a wonderful park to retire to. A new free service to register residents for NIE as well as the town hall and the doctors was also introduced by the park.

Since 2015 we have also been working with the park management to introduce new mobile homes that are more in keeping with residential use. To do this the park also introduced a free installation offer on Park La Posada for Willerby models such as the Avonmore, Winchester, Aspen, Linear and Vogue. All models that are great homes for residential use.

You will now see lots of those models on the park plus we have 3 more homes on order to arrive before the summer. This is all thanks to their FREE standard installation offer saving clients 4000€. Clients only pay for the home itself (UK advertised online price or their custom-built Park lodge Home price) plus the transport costs to the park.

For resale mobile homes, you will find that residential use has been enhanced by many of the owners by the amount of decking area built around the home. The decking transforms many of the homes into residential use with as much as 40 sq mtrs of living area added. Many have enclosed decking built as well.

In 2015, we were invited to represent Paradise Park on the Costa Blanca which for us was a perfect park to offer clients. This was because it was already well on the way to becoming an established residential park. It only needed a bigger swimming pool and the roads tarmacked to become what clients would consider a 5* park, and these were put in place straight away. Everything else was already in place. Manuel and Trini, the owners had developed the park with residential use in mind since day one and the quality of the homes already on the park reflect that. Paradise Park was also the first of the two parks to have a Park Lodge Home installed as well, adding to the quality of the park.

With so few genuine residential parks in Spain Costa Difference Ltd are so proud to be representing the best two parks in Spain.

>>> Quality residential parks with no subletting allowed <<<

Ex-Pat: Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park knew he was going to be in the UK over Easter visiting family so he decided to fit an automatic watering system to water his plants all around his decking. He connected the whole system to the water and electric points inside his shed that are normally used for the washing machine that he has in there. So, feeling satisfied with himself he went back to the UK for Easter.

After only a couple of days back in the UK he got a call from Eric, “Ex-Pat your plants are dying, who did you ask to water them?”. “No one” replied Ex-Pat, “I have set up an automatic watering system to the electric and water supplies in the shed”. As he said that he was looking at his keys on the table including the shed key so he knew Eric will not be able to check.

“OK” said Eric, “I will water them every day until you get back because clearly it is not working”. And so, Eric the wonderful neighbour, watered Ex-Pats plants every day all over Easter, and what a wonderful Easter it was. Days and days of glorious sunshine. The plants needed watering.

When Ex-Pat returned to the park after Easter he was delighted to see all his plants had survived. Unfortunately for Ex-Pat though he had Eric by his side when he opened the shed door to see why the watering system had not done its job. As soon the door was open Eric said “Ex-Pat, you are a complete and utter PLONKER”.

Ex-Pat is now going to Eric’s house every day for the next week to water all his plants for him as punishment for installing a watering system in his shed, going back to the UK with the shed keys and NOT switching the power on.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him?<<<

Park Lodge Homes: The Windsor Deluxe Custom Park Lodge is now well under construction and will be installed as a show home on Park La Posada in weeks. The next production slot after that has already been booked by clients who designed their home in March. It will installed on Paradise Park when ready. That home will be finished sometime in June as the chassis is now complete. One more Park Lodge Home that was only designed last week with a client on their 3-day factory visit in Alicante, is now booked to be the next home to have a 12m x 4m chassis built ready for the next build slot available.

With a nine week build time from start to finish we can only build between12 and 15 custom Park Lodge Homes a year depending on size and features. That is why it is important to get the design stage done at the factory well in advance so that a production slot can be reserved for some time in the future and at a time to suit.

One client did just that and visited the factory during April to design their home for the future. With the design now ready and priced (a home with some very special features) she has already reserved a build slot for June next year to fit in with her plan to move to Spain towards the end of 2018. That means we can only accept between 11 and 14 more custom Park Lodge home orders to be built in 2018.

>>> The Windsor is exclusive to Costa Difference Ltd <<<

Spanish you will hear: Living in real Spain is one huge part of the retirement lifestyle (it is not all about park life), so why not let us help you in advance to understand a few words that the residents hear all the time when they venture into real Spain, which as you already know begins as soon as they leave the park.

For this month we are offering you a “get out of jail” card. Stops Spanish being used straight away. It is “I do not speak Spanish. – No hablo español pronounced “NO abb low espan yoll”. Imagine you are asked a question in Spanish by someone. The way you will say “No hablo español“ will tell the listener you are an English speaker and if they speak English you are onto a winner. If they do not then they will leave you alone and ask their question to someone else.

>>> The lifestyle is great so why not try and say a few words in Spanish? <<<

Finally: Expo news. We are sending Steve this time to the Olympia in London for the Place in the Sun live exhibition which runs from the 5th of May until the 7th of May. Working alongside Caravans in the Sun. Steve can be found at the one and only mobile home on display in the arena.

The exhibition itself is all about property and of course mobile home parks in Spain are a great alternative. That is why he is going. He will be able to answer a lot of questions all about retiring to Spain and the residential mobile home parks lifestyle. For newsletter readers, it is a great opportunity to meet one of the team face to face in the UK. This is always a great idea if you are not sure which is the best park to visit. Steve will describe both parks in full detail and will know which park suits you best once he has met you.

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read all this. We hope you have found some information worthwhile and our take on life here in Spain interesting.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

Kind regards from the Costa Difference team in Spain

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