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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2008

May2008 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**
Welcome to our first combined Resale and New Mobile Home newsletter. Reason why we are now combining the two is that there are exciting developments where both are concerned. The difference between resale and new is that those who are looking to retire to Spain soon can snap up a fantastic resale mobile home with everything done and lots of extras included. For those who are thinking of retiring later in the year they can snap up a prime plot for just a small deposit and then plan for the future at leisure. This option is available on Park La Posada and the new site near Cordoba that will only have 5 new Ibiza Mobile Homes sited around the swimming pool. All future Inspection Trips can include the exclusive new park if requested. If you would like to see them all it will be best to stay an extra night costing 18.00 per person. Derick on 0117 318 2188 will be able to assist.

Back to the newsletter,

We are now well into spring here in Spain and we can tell you that it is nothing like spring in the UK. It is not about waiting for the daffodils to flower but rather waiting for the water in the swimming pool to get nice and warm. The pools are closed during the winter but are still full and like the sea along the coast the water temperature plays an important part in deciding how long you stay in the pool.

Now to an ironic observation, the pools on the parks are used more by the residents during the month of May for sunbathing rather than swimming. Why is that ironic? Well it is fair to say that nearly every mobile home has a sun bathing area either on or next to the decking yet round the pool is favoured. It becomes a sociable event.

Talking ironic, it has been widely reported on the news in Spain and without doubt on the news in England as to how bad the exchange rate is with respect to the Pound verses the Euro. The good news as far as resale mobile homes are concerned is that they are priced in Pounds and as such are unaffected. The good news also extends to new UK mobile homes as they are also priced in Pounds and again as the best UK transport service is used to transport the home to Spain the price is also unaffected by the exchange rate. A small selection of the latest prices of new mobile homes made in the UK and sited on Park La Posada in Spain are:

BK Caprice D/G C/H 35×12 2008 36,350.00

Willerby Vacation D/G 35×12 2008 29,932.00

Willerby Salisbury D/G C/H O/L 35×12 2008 34,156.00

BK Bluebird Seville D/G C/H 35×12 2008 34,379.00

Cosalt Riverdale D/G C/H 35×12 2008 35,043.00

Willerby Granada D/G C/H 38×12 2008 36,340.00

Cosalt Sandhurst Super Deluxe 38×12 2008 40,435.00

Atlas Dynasty FW D/G C/H 37×12 2008 39,614.00

Willerby Winchester mk2 37×12 2008 41,048.00

Atlas Ovation FW 39×12 2008 52,232.00

Willerby Vogue Mk4 42×13 2008 59,990.00

Bk Bluebird Senator Mk 4 41×12 2008 54,800.00

Willerby Aspen Mk 6 37×12 2008 44,607.00

Prices are fully inclusive of transport and installation to all services on the park.

The park website is well worth a look.

The cost of the new Ibiza Mobile homes in Cordoba are 58000 Euros and more details can be seen on The Ibiza Mobile Homes are guaranteed 10 years.

Our good selection of resale mobile homes can be seen on the website starting from as little as 17000 including decking.

Finally, visitors to the website may have noticed a new detail on some listings, the Inspection Visit Refund Offer . On these homes the seller is happy to refund ALL the costs of coming to take a look should their home be purchased. The refund covers flights as well as the 49 per person hotel and Inspection Visit fee this offer is up to a total of 500.00. This is good news for those who are serious about buying a resale mobile home because they get to realise their dream at no cost at all for taking a look.