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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2012

Mar 2012** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Andalucia Day: February the 28th is Andalucia Day here in Spain and as usual there was not only a public holiday but plenty going on as well. The Spanish are very lucky in that most of the time they can plan events such as Andalucia Day and be reasonably confident that the weather will not kill the event flat.

Resale mobile homes: The last two months have been quite busy as usual with visitors to the park plus three new owners taking up residence. All the homes sold this year have been resale mobile homes and this is not surprising. They represent great value and of course everything is in place.

The last home sold (a Willerby Granada) was already empty and so the new owners were able to complete their purchase and arrange to move in within a week. Buying a home and moving in so quickly is of course very unusual but in all fairness the buyers had already been out on a three day visit towards the end of last year and knew they could visit again and choose a home they love. The home being empty already just made everything so easy to complete quickly.

What needs to be done after a purchase? The park is there to take care of everything. They arrange for the new residents to be registered with the local council which means that straight away they become members of the local community. The good news as far as the local council is concerned is that residents living on Park La Posada do NOT pay any council tax. The park takes care of all the payments in that regard.

The next thing is that the park then registers the new residents with the local doctors who are situated in the 24 hour medical centre in the village of Mollina. The final act is to arrange for the residents to get their NIE document from the National Police in Antequera. The park provides an Interpreter to do everything that needs to be done.

The NIE is a national identity document that is needed in order to buy things such as a car or home insurance. Once a resident has that document in their hands all is complete and the whole process takes about two weeks. Everything is stress free thanks to the Interpreter dealing with everything.

Question asked last month: A question we are asked many times and so it is back again this month. Do we need to upgrade the home after 15 to 20 years like many parks insist on in the UK? The answer is NO, as long as the home is kept in good repair and does not lower the standard of the park it can and will remain on the park.

The Spanish weather is very kind to mobile homes because unlike the UK there is never a problem caused by the damp. The insulation that goes into making the homes also means that they are ideal to deal with the summer heat as well.

Useful lifestyle information: Cars, for obvious reasons we recommend that all UK registered cars are sold in the UK prior to leaving and once in Spain a Spanish car is then bought. Driving on the right hand side of the road in a right hand drive car is at best uncomfortable and at worst considered by many as dangerous.

Buying a car in Spain is very easy and there are plenty of residents on the park to offer good advice as to where to buy a good car. Quite often there are some very good second hand cars advertised locally as well and if the car is bought from a local garage or dealer they will do all the paperwork as well. Fuel in Spain is cheaper than in the UK and so is car tax and the MOT which in Spain is called the ITV.

Owning a car in Spain is not hard to arrange and affordable once the car has been bought.

No harm looking: Looking at resale mobile homes on the website is most people s first stage when it comes to thinking about a new life in Spain. Not a bad idea as it is something that can be done time and time again without leaving home. After visiting the park this can also be supplemented by requesting photos to be sent by e-mail of homes that are of interest.

Visiting the park as part of a holiday is by far the best way. It costs nothing at all to visit Park La Posada because at the end of the day the holiday is the prime reason for being in Spain. Visitors are always made most welcome and visits are always on the understanding that the visitor is simply taking a look at what the park has to offer.

Chatting to residents whilst walking around the park is also a very useful way of learning how they feel about living in Spain. Fancy a holiday in Spain? Fancy visiting the park? Look for a holiday on the Costa del Sol and then contact us on how you can tie in a visit to the park at the same time.

Finally: The Park is, as many newsletter readers know, to be considered to be one of the very best residential retirement mobile home parks in Spain. That said, it does not mean that all the residents have to be 60 or over. Already there are residents already living on the park who are under 60 years old and lucky enough to have given up the rat race in favour of a laid back Spanish lifestyle.

Being a retirement park simply means that the residents should look forward to enjoying life in Spain without the need to be looking for work. That is important because there is no chance of anyone finding work in the local area, even more so if Spanish is not spoken fluently.