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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2011

Mar 2011** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Relocation: March is going to be a very busy month for Steve as he is overseeing the relocation of two mobile homes. One is moving from a park in Mollina to Park Las Vistas in Los Corrales which takes double units and the other is being moved from a joint camping/mobile home park near Antequera onto Park La Posada in Alameda. We are very lucky that Park La Posada has a few plots left in order for us to assist clients in relocating their mobile homes off joint camping sites where the park fees are higher than those on Park La Posada.

Extended visits in March: As expected we had quite a few take up the extended stay option in March. Although the object of the visit is to come and see the parks themselves it will be nice for our visitors to enjoy the rest of the time in Antequera itself after the one day visit to the parks. Antequera has an excellent bus service so going by bus to Malaga is a good option, alternatively if anyone wishes to hire a car during the 5 days we are more than happy to take them back to the airport early in order for them to hire a car at the airport being the location that has the keenest prices. It will simply mean that on the day to leave Spain the car is simply returned to the airport.

Andalucia Day: February the 28th is Andalucia day here in Spain and as usual there was not only a public holiday but plenty going on as well. The Spanish are very lucky in that most of the time they can plan events such as Andalucia day and be reasonably confident that the weather will not kill the event flat. Unlike last year February was a good month weather wise with plenty of sunshine. Long term newsletter subscribers will remember being told about how it kept raining during the first three months of last year. As this newsletter is being sent it is wall to wall sunshine so everyone will enjoy Andalucia day 2011.

New Listing: We would normally send out a new listing alert using our price alert service, however as it was so close to when the newsletter was going out we have decided to include it now. The home is very special; it is an Atlas Topaz one of only two on the park. This home is special as well because it is on a prime plot. The home is an end house with great views.

Priced at only 29950 it is well worth a look.

Top of the range homes: We have mentioned many times the advantage of buying a resale mobile home that is only a few years old. Homes such as the Willerby Vogue, Ibiza Devon and ABI Westward are great value when you look at the quality of the homes themselves and the quality of the decking area already in place. Most visitors come with a top figure of 40,000 in mind which is a shame because not many people get to see inside these top of the range homes. These homes were well in excess of 60,000 when bought new without any decking whatsoever.

Question asked last month: Can the home be used by friends and family whilst the owners are not in residence? The answer is yes they can. As long as the home is not sublet commercially friends and family are welcome. Commercial subletting is not allowed so that residents do not have to suffer fresh holiday makers living next door every two weeks in the summer. Friends and family inevitably becomes friends of the neighbours as well. It is one of the big differences between joint parks and dedicated residential parks.

Useful lifestyle information: We have always said that there is no waiting for God on the parks and as many residents are below the 60 age group we thought we will tell you what some of them do. First for those who like golf there is a very good golf course in Antequera. For those who like fishing there is a fishing club and there are lots of lakes nearby that allow fishing. For those who like bowls there is of course the bowls club on Posada and they are about to join the league. For those who like walking there are some great country walks including the Jose Tempranillo trail running through the village of Alameda. For those who like to relax on the beach all day there is Toremollinos and Benalmadena less than an hours drive away. In the park club there is keep fit as well as events in the evenings. In short, there is always plenty to see and do.

Finally: With Martin on his travels again (Portugal this month and Italy next month) it means that Peter, Jean, Steve and Roz will be on hand to show all visitors around the parks. Also for newsletter readers who are lucky enough to be on holiday on the Costa del Sol in March and who fancy making their own way up to see the parks it is only a matter of giving Steve a ring on (+34) 670203495 to arrange a date and time and to get directions.