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Posted on March 29, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2013

Feb 2013** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Reason to be cheerful: Winter arrived with a vengeance in the UK last week and once again everything came to a standstill. Watching the UK weather forecast on Satellite TV here in Spain made everyone realise just how lucky we are. Winter here can indeed feel cold and windy on certain days but on the whole there is still plenty of sunshine about. It is the biggest reason why so many people choose to retire to Spain.

What if?: That phrase starts many a question we are asked and quite rightly so. A new country and a new lifestyle will be full of what if s . Whether we are asked by e-mail or in person during a visit, we always try and give a full answer to the what if in question. It is what we pride ourselves on and of course giving advice is all part of our service.

Because of that we are very fortunate in that with over 100 residents living on each park full time it means that there is always someone who knows the answer on the rare occasion we do not have an answer to hand straight away. Peter on park La Posada and Malcolm on park La Vina soon get to work asking residents if anyone knows the answer. It is what makes the community lifestyle that has built up over the years so invaluable. Everyone likes to help out.

Antequera: The town is very Spanish in design as well as way of life. It is famous for its Tapas bars and narrow streets as well as a traditional high street. However, with 1000 s of British residents now living in or around the town in the various surrounding villages it has meant that the more modern side of the town has become much more cosmopolitan and language friendly.

The big hypermarket (Eroski) for example now has various signs in Spanish and English and of course many English products are now on the shelves. PG Tips and Heinz Baked Beans are just two examples. That means that the weekly shop is as easy now as it would be in the UK in say the local ASDA supermarket. The big difference here is that in the hypermarket in Antequera you can get almost anything done or purchased. It is all under one roof. Dry cleaning, keys cut or a new mobile phone. The complex has the lot.

Driving back to the UK: Quite a few people drove back to the UK to see family and friends over Christmas and it seems the favoured route was through France rather than the long ferry journey from Santander or Bilbao. The big advantage of doing that rather than flying back was the fact that whilst in the UK they had their own transport. Ideal when staying over two weeks and with family members spread out. Only the weather made them want to return as soon as possible.

For those who think they might like to do that in the future once they own a mobile home in Spain the tricks of the trade when driving to the UK are these. First, make sure when going back to the UK you have plenty of wine on board. You will be saving at least 3- 4 a bottle once in the UK on a good Rioja wine. It also allows you to have plenty of space to bring things back the other way. Secondly, fill up to the brim just before leaving Spain and on the return have just enough fuel to get back to the Spanish border. Fuel is cheaper here.

The journey through Spain and France can be an interesting one as well as a long one so taking quite a few days to do the journey is a great idea. It becomes part of the adventure. There are many reasonable hotels along the way and all can be booked in advance over the internet. In some cases friends can travel back together and that makes the whole experience a lot of fun. A few hours driving then they have a new town to explore and a different restaurant every night.

Insurance and breakdown: Spanish car insurance includes breakdown cover as standard and is great value. The green card insurance means you can drive anywhere in Europe. With the insurance companies in Spain now very used to dealing with English speaking clients everything now is in English and Spanish and they have special telephone numbers that are answered in English.

In the unlikely event of having a breakdown along the way there are roadside markers along every road and motorway telling you exactly where you are on the stretch of road. MA34 (National road) Km3 or E15 (Motorway) Km243 for example. With that knowledge a breakdown recovery vehicle is soon with you. In Spain they do not try and repair the car on the roadside. All cars are collected and taken to a garage along with all the passengers. It is a very easy and smooth operation. In some cases the Insurance Company will send a taxi for the passengers rather than travel in the recovery truck. This is all included.

Now to mobile homes: The past month has seen two Price Alerts go out to our signed-up Price Alert subscribers as the New Year started. This is quite normal as circumstances do change for some people. The new prices being offered means that owning a mobile home no longer means people have to sell up in the UK first. The homes are now ideally priced for people who intend to use the mobile home as a holiday home first before their retirement as well as to those who are thinking of living in Spain full time whilst renting out their home in the UK to provide an extra income for them to really enjoy themselves.

The last Price Alert was for an ABI Beverly that was reduced from 35,000 to 30,000 and when you take into account the amount of decking that has been built as well as all the extras that are included it makes no sense at all to be looking at buying a new mobile home. Resale mobile homes have so much more to offer and in many cases they have been upgraded in terms of furniture and d cor. Looking at several different homes during a visit will show you exactly what we mean.

Finally: One more trick of the trade. When looking at a mobile home for sale on the website take a closer look at what the inside is like on the video rather than the home itself. No two homes by the same manufacturer are the same once the homes have been lived in. Blinds added, seating changed, walls painted and of course decking built. The wow factor will still be there of course when you get to see it in real life but at least you will have some idea as to what has been changed.