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Posted on December 1, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2017

2017 ends in a flurry: November was for us a real busy month as usual and those following our website could see more homes going under offer. Our year usually calms down now but not this year because there are more inspection visits booked right up to the 22nd of December. Park La Posada seems to be on many people Christmas shopping list this year.

That said December is also the month to start thinking about next year. To see what we mean why not take a look at how cheap the flights are in March? and that is despite Monarch going out of business. Booking flights four days apart is all it takes to enjoy a quick visit to Spain to see the park and lifestyle for yourself. With the airport transfers and hotel accommodation only costing £79 per person a few days away from the cold and rain could be the start of a fantastic retirement lifestyle.

>>> Happy Christmas in Spanish is “Feliz Navidad” <<<

Chilly now: Everyone imagines that it is always roasting hot in Spain. That is not the case. Spain like the rest of Europe does have a winter. The only difference is that the temperatures do not go as low as in the UK plus as soon as the sun is out the temperature rises. If the skies are clear at night however then it can get a little chilly.

Now you have to ask why we are mentioning it? Many of the homes that arrived from the UK years ago came with central heating which as we all know is expensive to run. For clients buying new homes now we suggest skipping central heating, have a fire in the lounge, and use aircon to kill the chill when you need it. Aircon works a lot faster than central heating and is a lot cheaper to run.

All Park Lodge homes ordered as show homes come with a nice fire in the lounge and will use aircon when a little warmth is required. The extra insulation built into the Park Lodge homes help keep the homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer so only air-con is required.

>>> Chilly in the winter is better than freezing <<<

Park News: Park La Posada like many parks in Spain is fully licenced for single unit mobile homes up to a maximum size of 45 x 14 and in truth there is no better run park in Spain.

For homes any bigger it needs to be a park that is licenced to accept double units sized 40 x 20 onto their parks and they are very few and far between.

Now some good news, it has been confirmed that Paradise Park on the Costa Blanca is now one of those parks that can offer residents plots for double unit Park Lodges. Around 40 x 20 in size. Up to now only single units have been installed by us.

Our park news now gets even better, we have now become the sole UK agents for the recently re-designated Corrales Retirement Park The park is situated in Los Corrales which is on the other side of the Guadalhorce lakes on the Costa del Sol.

The re-designated process means the existing small all-purpose mobile home park will now become a dedicated retirement park will have plots available for double unit Lodge homes as well. Work has already started on the conversion and there will be four plots ready for twin unit Lodge homes by March 2018

With both Paradise Park and Corrales Park completely residential in style they are a million miles away from being a holiday camp. There is no bar or club house on either park. The only difference between the two is that Corrales Retirement Park has its own hotel, bar and restaurant right next door.

To give you an idea why double unit plots are in demand a 39 x 21 Willerby Clearwater Lodge on either park will cost £89,180 to include transport from the factory in Hull in the UK to either park in Spain.

>>> Two 100% residential parks. Live in Spain like the Spanish <<<

Ex-Pat: Resident Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park was painting his decking with a new colour/protector treatment. He has gone for a slightly darker colour this time and was very pleased with the results as he painted. Being cooler this time of the year means it is perfect to be doing such tasks and he knew it was time to do it again as it was four years ago since he did it last.

Eric who lives next door was sat on his decking (which he had treated last year) with a big grin on his face. “Why are you grinning?” asked Ex-Pat. “Simple” replied Eric, “you should be spraying it and not painting it, a whole lot quicker”. He then went to his shed to get his spray gun.

With this method in mind Ex-Pat removed all his plants from the decking as well as all the decking furniture. As instructed he also watered down the treatment a little. Ex-Pat is always up for an easy life and if spraying meant he was finished in one day so much the better.

Eric soon had him sorted. A board was placed behind the section of decking to be sprayed and the nozzle was set to produce a very fine mist and because there was no wind whatsoever it would only cover the target.  Ex-Pat was soon on the outside of his decking stood on a pair of steps spraying away merrily in no time. Doing it from the outside looking in was the easy part because the board behind stood on the decking floor itself. Not so easy the other way though when the time came because it had to be propped up on the steps and yes it kept falling over.

“How about you holding it for me?” Ex-Pat asked Eric. “No way” was the reply, Eric knew that if he did something to help him something was bound to go wrong. Then Ex-Pat came up with a great idea. He drilled the board and fixed it to his steps with some cable ties that he had in his tool box. Now he was well away, and it was not long before he had an audience, waiting of course for something to go wrong. For once nothing did go wrong, and Ex-Pat was easily finished in a day. The only problem now for both Eric and Ex-Pat is that at the end of it all everyone wants to borrow the spray gun and the steps with the board so that they can do their decking.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him? <<<

Factory news: People following us on Facebook already know this bit of news and it created a lot of interest.

The factory in Alicante was sent our brand-new twin unit floor plan design in November to draw up the detailed construction plans. This double unit Park Lodge home is designed to fit perfectly onto a 200 sq mtr plot. The home is 11 x 6 mtrs (36 x 19.5 feet).

The new custom-built Park Lodge twin unit model has also been given a name. It is now The Compton model and it is special in many ways. Firstly, the design allows for maximum noise insulation between the two double bedrooms thanks to A) well insulated walls to begin with and B) the full-size wardrobes forming part of the sound insulation barrier thanks to the clever design.

Designing your own home with us allows you to have the home of your dreams exactly how YOU want it. That means your home will always be unique. The all-new Compton design also comes with two full size bathrooms with one being en-suite. In the main bathroom there will be a full-size bath. In the en-suite bathroom there will be a power shower thus giving the new owners the best of both worlds.

The kitchen will be open plan with a breakfast bar next to the dining area. The furniture chosen by the client includes 2 sofas in the lounge to compliment the electric fireplace with a built-in side storage fireplace as first used in The Windsor model. The windows will all be pan and tilt Georgian double glazed and the blinds and curtains will be chosen later by the client during a factory visit.

The French Doors to the front will allow for easy access to the front decking which will increase this 66 sq mtr design into a 100 sq mtr home once the decking has been built. A today’s exchange rate this Park Lodge twin unit home will be £87,000 Future clients can now easily make changes to this design as well to make it theirs. It can also be ordered unfurnished.

>>> Park Lodge means your home built as you want it. <<<

Finally: Back in 2016, a chance meeting between ourselves and the management team from Caravans in the Sun at the Lawns Caravan Show near Hull resulted in us all agreeing to become network partners for the Costa del Sol region. The result of this decision was that we now work with them on their stand at all the Place in the Sun Live shows in the UK explaining to visitors how easy it is to retire to Spain, and in return we look after their clients wishing to view Park La Posada and the retirement lifestyle that park offers.

Why is all this being told now? The answer is the rebranded Corrales Retirement Park that we now represent, and the Willerby Clearwater Lodge. The Clearwater Lodge has been chosen to be the flagship UK model twin unit Lodge for Corrales Park because it is perfect for the plot sizes and it will make the most of the views.

Caravans in the Sun however also represent Park Saydo in the same area of Spain which also has part of the park dedicated for double park homes as well. Because the Willerby Clearwater Lodge is a good choice of home for Saydo Park as well, it made sense to extend our network partnership arrangement to promoting the same model park home together to go onto either park.

Park Saydo is a residential style park in the village of Mollina. Not a dedicated retirement park like Park La Posada in the village of Alameda simply because on Saydo Park you can own a smaller holiday home if you wish, with plenty to choose from on their show ground opposite. Similar lifestyles but different styles of parks.

With the network system already in place between us (designed to assist clients in any way we can between us) it has been agreed that when showing Corrales Park to our clients we can also offer to arrange for Caravans in the Sun to show them Park Saydo during the inspection visit. This for us is perfect because it gives clients choice without them having to deal with two separate companies and have two separate inspection visits.

The home will be the same, the Willerby Clearwater, and if Corrales Park is chosen then we will be the Willerby dealership in Spain supplying the home. If Park Saydo is chosen, then Caravans in the Sun will be the Willerby dealership supplying the home. “No problema” as we say here in Spain.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, or factory visit, you can also call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980.

**free when using UK landlines**

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