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Posted on August 19, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2017

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Company news: With the success of our 42 x 14 Berkshire Park Lodge Homes range, The Windsor, The Eton, The Thatcham and The Ascot, all homes designed for residential use on Park La Posada and Paradise Park, we had an established Spanish distributor on the Costa Blanca contact us. He asked if we could also design a special range for him. We were asked to design a smaller sized one-bedroom home for his Spanish, German and French clients, and he wanted the smaller homes to feel big inside.

Fortunately for us, we had recently designed a bathroom feature called “Suite EFECT” ™ which made the task a lot easier. Suite EFECT™ offers the owner the perfect solution for the odd occasion they have guests. A sliding door is built into the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. To use the bathroom as en-suite, you simply hard LOCK the bathroom door itself leaving the Suite EFECT door operational.

The bathroom is then in en-suite only mode and the Suite EFECT door is the only door used. When there are guests, you simply hard LOCK the suite EFECT door and release the bathroom door so that it is functional. That converts the home to a one bedroom, one-bathroom home using the bathroom door only.

For this challenge, the design team decided to use a 32 x 13 home chassis (most small homes are only 12ft wide) thus making the most of the width of the home allowed. Next, they decided on a big bedroom (11.55sq mtrs) followed by a good size square bathroom (3.85 sq mtrs). The floor plan design also gives an owner a very comfortable kitchen/lounge area (22.92 sq mtrs).

To make the home even more special, the design team added French Doors to the front of the home so the owner can extend the lounge easily and cheaply simply by adding decking. They also added 1.5 mtr pan and tilt windows to ensure there was plenty of light all-round the home.

The result is a very nice home for any size plot on any park and we named it “The Cookham” costing £44,829 for the standard model. The home will be built to Park Lodge Home standard in Alicante. The build plan with 3D inside pictures has today been added to our Facebook page

>>> Our design team can design any home you want <<<

Park news: Visits to both parks are still ongoing on a weekly basis and being August, we ask visitors to come prepared. Hats and sun cream are essential. The sun is one of the main reasons residents chose to live in Spain but during the months of July and August the lifestyle needs to change.

Getting everything done early is the way to go and for that reason we start all park visits at 10.30 allowing a pleasant 2 hours to stroll around the park. Residents use the time to go shopping or to do their chores. By lunch time the air-conditioned bar is very pleasant.

Visiting Park La Posada or Paradise Park in August means you get to see the parks at their busiest. The pools are perfect in every way and are used daily by the residents for keeping cool as well as socialising. That is what makes residential parks in Spain so different from the same style parks in the UK.


>>> Residential parks offer exclusive facilities <<<


King of Spain: The King and Queen of Spain had a state visit to the UK in July and once again Spain used the importance of the event to stress the ties between the British and the Spanish. In truth, they have a good reason to publicise the importance of the relationship. Most British citizens living in Spain are retired which means they are spending UK pensions within the Spanish economy. With every Euro the British pensioner spends on non-subsidised VAT products, the Spanish government get 16.66% in tax.

Looking for work in Spain is a very different matter because it will mean competing with the Spanish for jobs. Being retired and living in Spain it seems will only earn respect from everyone involved in the local economy, and that can be seen in all the bars and restaurants in the villages as they go well out of their way to attract their new British residents. The Spanish never leave a tip for example.

The town hall also loves the British resident in Spain because for everyone they register they get an allowance from central government in Madrid, no matter what the nationality of the resident is. This money is only given for residents who are on the “Padron” which is why the town halls give residential park owners a lot of encouragement.

>>> Perhaps now there will be more residential parks <<<

Ex-Pat: Patrick otherwise known as Ex-Pat on the park took his car to the ITV station. ITV is the Spanish term for MOT and in Spain there are special stations that do nothing but test cars. Unlike in the UK, garages do not test cars here in Spain and to be honest you know that if an ITV station fails your car there really is a fault as they have nothing to gain by failing it. The test centres do not repair faults. If it fails you take it to a garage and have only the fault repaired. A much better and cheaper system.

As always Ex-Pat liked to be different so he went along with Eric to do it himself, paid the 35 Euros testing fee in reception and waited his turn to enter the testing hall. Canny residents usually get their cars serviced by the local garage when the ITV is due and at the same time ask the garage to get it done for them. Stress free. Ex-Pat on the other hand was feeling confident that he could do it himself because his car was only serviced nine months ago after it had developed a fault.

The ITV (MOT) system however is very simple. You enter the testing hall (they have several testing lanes) and a mechanic begins by checking tyres, lights, indicators, wipers and emissions. Next you move forward onto a rolling road where they check all the brakes. After that you move forward to position the car over an inspection pit with the two front tyres parked on top of metal plates at the end of the inspection pit.

Ex-Pat with Eric had managed everything perfectly up to that point and had the car in position over the pit. The mechanic then instructs them to switch off the engine, take off the hand break and take the car out of gear. All instructions were given in Spanish of course but also accompanied by hand signals as well so again everything was perfectly understood by both Ex-Pat and Eric. Next, he hands Eric a walkie talkie and disappears down into the pit underneath the car.

Then the fun began. Imagine the scene. First there was complete silence with both Ex-Pat and Eric sat with blank expressions, then the plates under the front tyres start rocking gently and of course the car does the same. The plates rocked the car left, right, up and down. Next a voice in Spanish over the radio issues further instructions and Eric holding the radio looking very concerned says, “what the hell was that all about?”. Ex-Pat shrugged his shoulders as he had no idea either.

Because Ex-Pat was just sat doing nothing the instructions keep coming over and over again but of course without hand signals. Eric was by now sat horrified holding the radio as he had no idea what the mechanic was asking them to do. Even worse the instructions were coming out of the radio in a tinny voice getting louder the longer they did nothing.

Not to be outdone Ex-Pat starts swinging the steering wheel wildly and pumping the brakes for all his life. The radio then goes quiet and after a few moments the plates stop vibrating and silence is restored. The mechanic returns with a big grin on his face and collects the radio. He then signals to Ex-Pat to move his car forward to the end of the lane and wait whilst he does the paperwork. The moment of truth had arrived.

A short while later Ex-Pat was presented with a car window sticker showing his car is tested until July 2018. He was well chuffed with himself and that night he was of course in the bar telling everyone just how easy it was. Eric however vowed never to go with him again.

>>> Now you can also follow Ex-Pat on Twitter. Can you find him? <<<

Four a lucky number? So far, this year we have installed lots of new homes onto both Park La Posada and Paradise Park plus there are three Park Lodge homes currently in production. We also have several plots reserved by clients who are waiting to choose their Willerby model (waiting for the 2018 range to be shown at Hull and Beaulieu in September) or working with our design team on their Park Lodge Home to be built at the end this year when a build slot becomes available.

The result of all the activity is that there are now only 4 plots left for new homes on each park. That means for now we can only sell 8 more new mobile or Park Lodge homes. The temptation is always there for us to represent other parks in Spain that have plots available but for us the problem is that we only work with parks that are 100% residential and in the same style and quality as Park La Posada and Paradise Park.

Four might not seem like a lucky number for us right now but it is better to have four 200 sq mtr plots on each park for the residential style homes we promote than smaller sized plots on parks that are not 100% residential. Designing and building ideal homes for the smaller plots of land all over Spain looks like keeping us very busy anyway without representing the parks themselves. We can design all shapes and sizes to suit the plot it will be going onto. Homes can be priced in GBP Pounds or Euros €.

>>> We are designing a 23 by 23 home for a client now <<<

Factory news: With the factory building the Park Lodge homes in Alicante now running at full stretch it was time for us to look at how we could increase our production capacity. To do that we went north of Madrid to a factory that has a very different approach to custom builds. We say different because this factory makes everything themselves. Double glazing, doors, walls, roofs, furniture the lot. Everything is constructed within the factory itself and watching the massive woodworking and UPVC machines was very impressive. Even the curtains are made in house. Everything.

The big difference between the two factories is the production methods. In Alicante, each home is hand crafted one at a time. In the factory in Burgos they have three production lines operating and everything about a home to be produced must be decided in advance of production starting. They build to a fixed plan and design.

Take the new 32 x 13 chassis model design for example. In Alicante production will take 6 to 9 weeks and during that period you can visit the factory several times, choose colours and materials when needed and even change your mind afterwards provided it has not been painted or installed.

It is very different with the factory in Burgos. You are invited to the factory to see how your home will be built (and you will be amazed) and that is it. You then work with our design team and choose everything for your home with them away from the factory. Once plans and choices are locked in the home is then booked into production. The build process takes up to three weeks and not nine. You can also do the whole thing without a factory visit as well.

Now the best bit. Because Burgos uses a Park Lodge production line process there are savings. All standard 32 x 13 model homes built in Burgos will cost £41,246 and like the homes built in Alicante homesbuilt in Burgos will be built in Spain for Spain and will look and feel nothing like a static caravan. Real wooden doors, proper windows and all internal units such as wardrobes are constructed in house. The wall constructions both internal and external are what makes Park Lodge homes very different from mobilehomes.

>>> Park Lodge means your home built as you want it. <<<

Finally: The Caravan show at the Lawns near Hull is only four weeks away on the 2nd and 3rd of September. Once again Martin and Steve will be working within the Willerby display area offering help and advice to anyone thinking of retiring to Spain.

The advice they offer is also important with respect to the mobile homes on display as well. In Spain, the homes must be very different from homes in the UK if intending to use the home for residential use. That is why we offer Willerby and again only certain models. Martin and Steve will be offering sound advice based on experience.

The first requirement for example is to choose Canexel for the outside walls. Canexel handles the heat a lot better and does not distort. Distortion is not a problem as it only happens in July and August but it is better to have walls that handle the heat perfectly. The other thing to avoid is black guttering. Great in the UK but can distort in Spain. White guttering is perfect and will look good as new for years.

They will also be there at the show with a 7 min “How to buy a mobile home in Spain” video presentation which is full of useful advice about the different types of parks in Spain as well as what to look for when looking at resale homes.

That is why going to talk to them can be so worthwhile. Get a feel of each park before a visit. They will guide you to which is the best park for you to visit. If you are planning to see them at The Lawns why not let them know when you are coming to see them by replying to this email. It is always nice to put a face to a name on these occasions.


>>> Plan a visit to either park <<<


To plan your park lifestyle visit or factory visit why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980. Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.**free when using UK landlines**


Follow us on FACEBOOK if you want to see what we are doing most of the time. We add pictures as well as information about homes being added.

To plan your park lifestyle visit, why not call us using our **free phone** Inspection Visit hotline number 0800 772 3980 . Derick, Steve and Martin are here to take your call from 9am to 10pm UK time 7 days a week.

**free when using UK landlines**

Kind regards from the Costa Difference team in Spain

Follow us on FACEBOOK if you want to see what we are doing most of the time. We add pictures as well as information about homes being added.

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