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Posted on March 28, 2017 by @cad in Newsletters Archive 2009

Aug 2009 ** Some of the content might not be relevant on the date of reading this**

Firstly congratulations to two of the team Peter & Jean who recently celebrated their 45 wedding anniversary. A party in the community centre was held and all the residents and friends had a great night. Entertainment was laid on and there was so much food (Spanish & British) it made a night to remember and of course the Spanish guests also felt right at home tucking into the traditional food they love.

Now the latest:

Everyone here in Spain is now waking up in the morning knowing it is wall to wall sunshine for the rest of their day. There is no need to check the weather forecast. It is going to sound very crazy but ask some residents what they are missing now and they just might say a rainy day.

The Spanish are so used to a nice hot summer and they know how to handle one. The British however sometimes forget they are in sunny Spain. Wear a hat, put on sun cream, and drink plenty of water. That is the beauty of living in a community with Spanish staff. They are always on hand to offer advice if requested.

Evenings is what August is also all about, being sat outside with family and friends having a late night BBQ. New friends are made and family and friends who are visiting have to go back to the UK very envious of those who have chosen Spain to be their new home.

As August is the quietest months of the year for all the team a lot of their time is spent by the pool and enjoying themselves. Derick in the UK office also comes to take part in the August ritual. The reason why we are quiet is simple. Flights go through the roof in August due to school holidays making a short visit no longer a viable option except for the few lucky who booked early in the year.

Even though it is August we are still here in Spain to show anyone who wishes to come and take a look. We do as we have said have a few who have booked their Inspection Visits already. We also have a few who have booked a holiday on the Costa Del Sol and are taking a day out to come and see what the concept is all about. We look forward to welcoming them during the next few weeks.

So why are people coming in numbers to look at the choice of resale mobile homes? One of the effects of the credit crunch is that people are now looking much more deeply into the costs involved when buying a new mobile home. In the past everyone accepted that they had to pay to transport their new home to Spain without knowing that the cost of transportation could never be recovered should they decide to sell the home in the future. Costa Difference Ltd is one of the few companies that points this out. The other ongoing costs such as park entrance fees and installation costs are normally included in quoted cost of the home meaning that the base cost of the home (without decking, aircon or sheds) looked on the face of it value for money until after they had bought the home. That is when the real spending starts. Not so with resale mobile homes.

One big advantage with resale mobile homes is that the homes themselves are in as new condition and include decking, sheds and air conditioning. The other big advantage is that the prospective purchaser gets to see exactly what they are buying, the location of the home and the park itself as well as having a great choice of homes made by Willerby, Atlas, ABI and Pemberton. Add to that the fact that the initial costs such as transportation, entrance fees and installation costs have already been written off by the vendor s makes resale mobile homes during these hard financial times great value and of course a sensible way to live in Spain cost effectively.

So what else is good as far as August is concerned? Firstly for those who are serious about coming to take a look for themselves August is also a good time to check out the low cost flights running between the last week in September and the last week in November. Clients in the past have reported finding some great deals by booking in advance for flights during this period.