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Latest news about mobile homes in Spain

Latest news about mobile home parks in Spain:



Every month we send out to subscribers a fun style and informative newsletter. Many residents opt to receive one as well as clients who are simply thinking about a change of lifestyle. To join then simply request a park brochure.

Here is an example of a recent news flash:

5 Star Residential Parks: It has been pointed out to us by a visitor to Park La Posada that there is a UK mobile home company operating here in Spain that is shouting from the rooftops on their .com website that there is no such thing as a 5* residential mobile home park here in Spain. We have to say we told the visitor that he must be mistaken but we did say we would check.

To say we were gob smacked on checking would be an understatement. The reason for being so surprised at what they were doing was that apart from the many different camping sites the company in question represents in Spain, they are also sole UK agents for a dedicated residential mobile home park near Antequera on the Costa del Sol.

So the question has to be this, what is it about the residential mobile home park that they are sole agents for that prevents them from describing it as a 5-star residential park? We know the facilities in place on the park are ideal and of course the park does look after their residents. Very strange. What they are doing on their website makes no sense at all to us. Why belittle a park they represent simply to have a pop at us?

For us, Park La Posada and Paradise Park will always have to be referred to as 5 star parks by us in terms of the facilities they offer and the services they provide. We could not in reality describe them any other way when trying to pass on how good we think the the parks are. If fact, we invite everyone to come on a visit and tell us if we are wrong to describe them that way. The visitor who told us all about it certainly agreed with us. The park they were visiting was perfectly described as 5 star.



Client testimonials: We have also been told that it has also been said that Costa Difference cannot be very good at what we do because we do not have client testimonials on our website. Well in truth, we beg to differ. There is no way to check if a testimonial published online is genuine or not. In much the same way as us going on to say what a wonderful family run business we are (and we are a family run business) and how we look after our clients. We do not need or want that to be the basis of our website. Us giving useful information about the park home lifestyle here in Spain and what is needed to come and see the parks and lifestyle for yourself is far more an interesting read. We prefer to offer website visitors substance over hype.

However, if anyone is really looking for a real client testimonial, please come and visit Park La Posada or Paradise Park. The residents themselves already living on the parks are testament to the quality of the parks, and how we are looking or have looked after them. They have all done the same. Came on an inspection visit to see a park. Walked around the park freely and talked to the residents. Ask questions and listened to all the answers. Then and only then did they get to understand what the lifestyle is really all about.

Us not having client testimonials on our website does not mean we do not care about the service we offer. We care passionately. It simply means you will never see a Mr & Mrs H gushing about what a wonderful time they had on their visit and what a wonderful company we are on our website. We prefer clients on a visit to bump into the owners of number xx who then go on to say that they are the happiest people on earth and love their new lifestyle. There is no way we can put that on the internet. Impromptu testimonials during a visit to see the park works much better.

Call a spade a spade: Negative publicity has never worked and we are surprised there are still people in business who thinks it will. Cheap digs have always backfired. Our business model has not changed in any way here in Spain. We are the only company that specialises in genuine residential semi/retirement parks only and we have been doing so for well over 10 years now.

That means that when we say we do not represent campsites it simply means we do not represent that lifestyle. It does not mean we have anything against the campsites themselves or the lifestyle they offer. There are after all many people who would love to be able to sublet their homes to holiday makers all year round as well as to soak up the atmosphere when the parks are busy during Easter and summer with touring campers.

As soon as anyone lands on the website the message is clear as to what it is that we are offering. This is backed up by the fact that we only represent two parks. If ever we are asked to represent a park that is equal in terms of quality or service as Park La Posada or Paradise Park it will be added to the website like a shot.

Finally, the whole team at Costa Difference are at your service. We use residents to show visitors around the parks, we use Steve and Martin to answer all your questions via e-mail and the website, and we have a UK Freephone number 0800 772 3980 should wish to give us a call.

We also have a Facebook page giving out the latest news. and that seems very well received. In other words, we are all about giving information and answering questions. We are also happy to put the record straight at any time like we are doing now, because we have learnt over the years that in doing so it will give clients the confidence to come and see for themselves and meet us face to face.

Please do not let silly comments aimed soley at trying to stop us from describing the parks as 5* put you off seeing for yourself what could be described as the perfect retirement lifestyle here in Spain. The two parks are very successful in what they offer. For sure it is that success that has prompted what can only be described as “sour grapes” comments, and whilst the comments remain on the internet the request will always be for everyone to come and see for yourself. You will always be welcome.

Just look at the reception on Park La Posada and the new pool on Paradise Park. Two prime examples of what we mean. They can only be described as exclusive to residents 5 star facilities. The same can also be said about the pool on the residential park they represent. Maintained to a 5 star standard is what is important when it comes to facilities.