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Two exclusive residential mobile home parks

Mobile homes in Spain.

Visiting a dedicated open all year round residential mobile home park in Spain with Costa Difference Ltd is ideal for anyone interested in retiring to Spain but are unsure as to how to go about it exactly.

A short visit with us will reveal how parks like Park La Posada (Costa del Sol) and Paradise Park (Costa Blanca) with the right facilities and support in place, makes moving to Spain to live a real possibility for everyone. Chatting to some of the residents who live on the park during a visit will confirm that.

Dedicated mobile home parks in Spain are now seen by many as the ideal retirement in Spain solution. This is because buying a Mobile Home or a Park Lodge Home to go onto a residential park in Spain is exactly the same as buying one to go onto a residential park in the UK. The big difference of course is the much better weather and the lower cost of living.

Our dedicated £79 per person four day, three night fact finding visits are all about taking a closer look for yourself. You will be shown both the park and the lifestyle by a resident on the park who will have all the answers to all your questions because they have already gone through the whole retire to Spain process.

Following your fact finding visit you will then be in a position to decide if you want to retire to Spain or not in the future.  You will know how good the park is, plus you will know that everything on the park is conducted in English, which helps of course. You will also know that you can pay for your home in £’s and you will also know that living in Spain with new friends and neighbours on your chosen park is both affordable and easy. You will be in a position to make an informed choice either way.

If you do like the idea of retiring to Spain then Costa Difference Ltd takes care of everything. It does not matter if you decide on a re-sale Mobile Home, a new UK manufactured Mobile Home or a custom built Residential Park Lodge Home because the paperwork is much the same for all three types. Like in the UK it only requires a sales agreement or a new home invoice to complete any purchase.

We are retiring to Spain specialists with a great team in place. The whole team are on hand to show you the two best residential mobile home parks that Spain has to offer. Retirement in Spain is not just about the much better weather, it is all about living life to the full plus a wonderful social life.

Once living in Spain, you will soon appreciate the park lifestyle and community spirit with new friends and neighbours. It also does not matter is you are retiring as a couple or as a single person because the social life is exactly the same. Owning a home for semi-retirement first also works because that means you will be 100% settled when you do get to retire in a year or two.

Not speaking any Spanish is not a problem in the slightest because on the park itself everyone speaks English. The bi-lingual reception on the park will deal with everything Spanish as part of the comprehensive service they offer. Why not check out the idea of retiring to Spain in more detail by requesting park brochures? There is a whole new lifestyle just waiting to be explored.

Park La Posada is a residential mobile home park in the village of Alameda near Malaga on the Costa del Sol. It has been open for over 10 years and has established itself as the premier park to visit. The nearest town is Antequera and you fly into Malaga airport.


Paradise Park is a retirement mobile home park in the town of Albatera near Alicante on the Costa Blanca and that has become the exclusive retirement park in the area. The nearest town is Elche and you fly into Alicante airport. Paradise Park is also one of the very few parks that allow twin unit Park Lodge homes 40 x 20 such as the Willerby Clearwater. The other park dedicated to twin unit Park Lodge homes is Corrales Retirement Park which recently appointed us as the main UK agents.

There are re-sale and new mobile homes for sale on both residential parks. You can also have a brand new custom built Residential Park Lodge Home constructed to how you want your home to be, or choose a design already prepared.

Pets are also welcome on both parks subject to certain rules and conditions within the parks themselves. There are some wonderful walks around both parks enjoyed by both dog owners and residents without pets, adding to the healthier lifestyle that living in Spain offers. Breeds on the Spanish dangerous dogs list are not permitted however.

To help you come and see for yourself we offer four day-three night visits to either park for £79 per person that includes airport transfers and hotel accommodation. A short visit with us will show you how easy it is to retire to Spain.

Why not request park brochures and see what the two mobile home parks offer?

Re-sale mobile homes.

We have a great selection of residential use re-sale mobile homes in Spain for sale. Makes include Willerby, ABI and Pemberton. Mobile homes have evolved over the years on these two open all year residential parks.

Because they come with everything in place and are adapted for all year use by the current owners they are great value. Resale mobile homes make moving to Spain easy and they all come with lots of extras including decking.

The other advantage of a re-sale mobile home in Spain is that everything is included in the one price. This includes air-conditioning, sheds, washing machines and in many cases some quality decking furniture. The decking is what made this home very special when it went on sale.

New mobile homes.

For a new mobile home on either park we offer Willerby BK Bluebird or Regal Leisure mobile home ranges. Prices start from £38,284 including transport to the park in Spain.

With both Willerby and Regal it is possible to see show homes in the UK after reserving a plot. They also have models on display at various mobile home shows throughout the year. Those shows are perfect for us to point out which models will suit you best.

Residential Park Lodge Homes:

Residential Park Lodge Homes are custom built in Spain and you can order one to be built to suit your requirements. Prices start from £45,000 for a custom built park lodge home. All the homes are built to park lodge standard and a visit to the factory in Alicante is well worth it. You will see just how good they are.

We have a show home on Park La Posada so people can see for themselves the build quality. “The Windsor“, is a 41 x 13 two bedroom home with two full bathrooms. It has been designed to be the easiest home to keep clean with every surface only needing a wipe with a cloth or mop. Stress free living built into the design.

This home takes living in Spain on a retirement park to a new level. Full details of this home was first published in our monthly mobile homes in Spain newsletter

The latest Park Lodge Design The Thatcham is also special using the “Suite EFECT”™ system in the second bedroom.

Our service:

Being dedicated to representing residential mobile home parks means we never show clients any mobile home park in Spain that incorporates tourist camping facilities.

You can relocate your existing mobile home from a park in the UK to Spain or from a park in Spain to either mobile home park if the mobile home is less than 4 years old and at least 37 foot long. Relocation information

The mobile home parks:

Dedicated residential mobile home parks are few and far between in Spain which is why we only represent Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol, and  Paradise Park near Alicante on the Costa Blanca.

Both parks are 100% dedicated retirement/semi retirement parks for the over 50’s, with no subletting allowed on the park. That is important to us, because the last thing that the “perfect residential park lifestyle” needs is different holiday makers renting the mobile home next door every two weeks.

The lifestyle we promote on the parks in Spain can be experienced during a visit. With us you can visit two of the best residential parks to find out what living in Spain is all about. It is not simply the better weather.

With our support you can plan your retirement/semi-retirement in Spain.

The parks will deal with all the paperwork required to live in Spain. The NIE (National registration number), obtain the “Residencia” (needed to live in Spain full time), register with the local town hall and register with the doctors.

Part of our service is to arrange a local Spanish bank account for you which means you can use an online service like Transferwise to transfer money from the UK to Spain getting the best currency exchange rates on the day.

Using your UK debit card to make the GBP£ payment for the transfer in Euros € and the money is transferred to Spain in a matter of hours.

How to see for yourself:

You are welcome to visit either of the two parks by prior arrangement on your own whilst you enjoy a holiday in the area. We have residents living on both parks who will love to show you the park and we are happy to send directions.

For low cost flights and cheap car hire we have our own dedicated price comparison sites. Designed to search all the airlines and car hire companies for the best deals to and from Spain.

The Costa del Sol:

Is the location of the outstanding Park La Posada near Malaga. No other residential style mobile home park on the Costa del Sol comes close to Park La Posada in terms of quality, 5 star facilities and service.

Established in 2004 it has developed into a perfect park for the over 50’s. They take care of everything. Their retirement package covering registration is free of charge to get you settled in no time.

The Costa Blanca:

Is the location of the exclusive Paradise Park near Alicante. A relatively new mobile home park (open 5 years) offering a different residential lifestyle that is perfect for anyone who wants to call real Spain their home.

We call this the “organic retirement lifestyle” because everything they offer is in tune with nature. The palm and fruit trees surrounding all the plots adds to the ambiance you can enjoy living on this quiet and secluded park.  The swimming pool on the park is for the exclusive use of the residents.

Paradise Park swimming pool | Mobile homes in Spain

Mobile homes in Spain:

Combined, we offer website visitors the best residential mobile home parks that Spain has to offer. Two versions of the retirement mobile home park lifestyle. Two different 5 star residential (no camping) mobile home parks. One on the Costa del Sol and one on the Costa Blanca.

For us to represent any mobile home park in Spain it has to be a dedicated residential retirement park with all the services available to help our clients retire to Spain easily and stress free.


Getting ready to retire:

For the semi retired, the parks provide a great holiday location to begin with. The advantage is that when you retire in a year or two you will already be settled in Spain and part of the established mobile home park community.

On Park La Posada or Paradise Park you will NOT be living on a camping park with camping pitches as well as mobile homes. You will be on a 100% genuine 5* residential mobile home park with NO tourist camping facilities.

Both mobile home parks provide exclusive first class facilities for the residents, their families, or their guests to enjoy. The bi-lingual park reception takes care of everyone. Not speaking Spanish is not a problem.

Pre-owned re-sale mobile homes for sale on the park makes moving to Spain easy and affordable. They are established on the park with full all year decking, aircon fitted and lots of extras. They are not cheap static holiday caravans. The mobile homes are lived in all year.

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All about us:

Costa Difference Ltd is a specialist company with a great Mobile homes for sale in Spain team in place. We began in 2005 representing Park La Posada.  We have several ways to help arrange a visit including a car collection service (includes up to 4 people) from your hotel or apartment during a holiday in one of the following resorts. From Malaga, Torremolinos and Benalamadena the cost will only be £45 in total for the complete day. Fuengirola the cost will £50 and from Nerja the cost is £60. To book your day out with us please contact us. For Paradise Park we offer a 4 day inspection visit costing £79 per person. The car collection service from Alicante or Benidorm costs 50 Euros for the day and up to 4 people. Ready to start your journey to Spain? Have questions we have not answered online? We look forward to hearing from you.