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Mobile homes for sale in Spain


Mobile homes for sale in Spain. We are a long established mobile home agency in Spain. We are also a company that only represents exclusive open all year 5* residential retirement/semi-retirement mobile home parks and nothing else.  The quality of the two residential parks we represent means we have helped many people over the years retire to Spain. As residents here in Spain they are now enjoying a relaxed park lifestyle along with a great social life. Why not request park brochures and see what the parks offer?

The two exclusive residential mobile home parks we represent (Park La Posada and Paradise Park) are perfect for us in every way because they have all the facilities in place and look after their residents in a way only residential parks can. Retiring to Spain to live on a dedicated mobile home park has never been easier. That is because we are with you from the very beginning. We are here now to answer all your questions by e-mail and we can also help you come and see the lifestyle for yourself for only £79 per person.

Park La Posada and Paradise Park in Spain

We also have a great selection of residential use resale mobile homes to offer clients starting from only £20,000 that are already established on the parks. Great value because they come with everything in place and all adapted for all year use by the current owners. This is all down to the amount of decking some have had built around the home. Up to 40 sq mtrs in some cases and used most of the time thanks to the better weather.

We are also an established Park Lodge Home dealership here in Spain as well. Our in-house design team are working alongside Park Home manufacturers Alhambra Homes in Alicante to produce classic Park Lodge Homes. This means we can offer our clients exclusive custom built UK style residential specification Park Lodge Homes built here in Spain.

The Windsor Park Lodge home in Spain

Park Lodge Home is a home where the combined in house design team works with you to design the Park Lodge Home exactly how you want it. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Size of kitchen? Style of windows and doors? Where they are to be positioned? Prices start from only £45,000 for a 38 x 12 custom built park lodge home including delivery to the park.

The latest Park Lodge Home designed by us, “The Windsor“, is a 41 x 13 two bedroom home with two full en-suite bathrooms. It is currently in production and will be the first of its kind in Spain once it is delivered to Park La Posada as a show home in May.

Because we are a specialist company, any residential mobile home park in Spain wanting us to represent them must offer clients what we consider to be the ultimate retirement/semi-retirement park lifestyle. Wonderful surroundings, large plots (200 sq mtrs plus) and a settled community. The park must also be able to fully support new residents before and after moving to Spain.

Requesting a park brochure will soon show you why we only represent the best residential parks in Spain. At present, only two mobile home parks in Spain are classed as 5-star by us in terms of facilities and services they offer residents. We are very proud to represent them.

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Being dedicated to representing residential parks only,  we do not show our clients any park in Spain that incorporates tourist camping facilities as well. The reason for this is that the facilities on the park/campsite is always shared with the camping clients who are only staying on the park or campsite for a week or two. Campsites are also extremely busy during Easter and the summer. Not so on an exclusive residential style park. The facilities are exclusive to the owners and their family and friends when they come and visit for a holiday.

We also do not represent any mobile home park in Spain that has not completed all the legal processes or yet to be established as a dedicated residential style park with the correct facilities in place. That is very important to us. It is what sets us apart as a company. With Costa Difference Limited you will only be invited to visit parks that we know can offer future residents the ultimate retirement in Spain lifestyle. We can also help relocate your existing mobile home from a park in the UK to Spain. Click here for more information


Fortunately, there are two parks here in Spain that are perfect in every way for us to offer clients, and better still, both parks have a different concept on being residential. That means we can offer clients real choice. Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol, and  Paradise Park near Alicante on the Costa Blanca.

The two parks are 100% “dedicated retirement/semi retirement parks for the over 50’s, with no subletting allowed on the park. That is important to us, because the last thing that the “perfect residential park lifestyle” needs is having different holiday makers renting the mobile home next door every two weeks.

In our minds that makes them 5* residential parks. However, the best way to see if we are right or wrong is to come on a visit and see for yourself. Better still visit the parks websites and watch the videos. Having done so we are sure you will agree.

The lifestyle we are promoting here in Spain can easily be seen and experienced when visiting a dedicated 5 star residential mobile home park. With us you can visit two of the best residential parks and get to see what living in Spain should really be all about. It is not just about the better weather.

It is all about having the support you will need when planning your retirement/semi-retirement in Spain. With Costa Difference Ltd you are looked after all the way. Our clients know that the parks will deal with all the paperwork. The NIE (National registration number), obtain the “Residencia” (needed to live in Spain full time), register with the local town hall and register with the doctors. All this is done for FREE.

We even arrange a local Spanish bank account for you which means you can then use Transferwise to transfer money from the UK to Spain easily and get the best currency exchange rates on the day. We as a company use them all the time. Using your UK debit card to make the GBP£ payment for the transfer in Euros€ and the money is transferred to Spain in a matter of hours.

Both parks are in the “you really must visit” category if you are thinking of buying a mobile home in Spain for retirement/semi-retirement. Our short visits (4 days) to either park only costs £79 per person. You are also welcome to visit either of the two parks by prior arrangement on your own whilst you enjoy a holiday in the area. We have residents on both parks who will love to show you around and we are more than happy to send directions.

We are also able to help clients find low cost flights and cheap car hire thanks to the dedicated price comparison sites we operate. Designed to search all the airlines and car hire companies for the best deals to and from Spain. We have done this to assist clients in coming to Spain and taking a look for themselves. The system has proved very successful. We as a company use them all the time and we are happy to assist anyone who would like to visit Spain and the parks on their own with our help. Simply contact us.

For the Costa del Sol we offer the outstanding Park La Posada near Malaga. No other residential style park on the Costa del Sol comes anywhere close to Park La Posada in terms of quality, 5 star facilities and service. Established in 2004 it has developed into a perfect park for the over 50’s. They take care of everything. Their retirement package is second to none and their initial services are free of charge to get you settled in no time.


On the Costa Blanca we offer the very peaceful and  exclusive Paradise Park near Alicante. A relatively new park (open 5 years) offering a very different residential lifestyle that is perfect for anyone who wants to call real Spain their home. We call this the “organic retirement lifestyle” because everything they offer is in tune with nature. The palm and fruit trees surrounding all the plots adds to the ambiance you can enjoy living on this quiet and secluded park.  The wonderful swimming pool is also a center of attraction as well

Paradise Park swimming pool

Combined, we are offering our website visitors the very best residential mobile home parks that Spain has to offer. Two versions of the retirement mobile home park lifestyle. Two very different 5 star fully residential (no camping) mobile home parks. One on the Costa del Sol and one on the Costa Blanca.

For a park to be represented by Costa Difference Ltd, it has to be a dedicated residential retirement park with all the services available to help our clients retire to Spain very easily and stress free. For that reason, we will never be able to list lots of parks on the website. This is because many parks in Spain also have camping facilities as their core business and tourist campers require different services.

Retiring to Spain for the moment has never been easier. It is all down to the fact that there are some superb resale mobile homes in Spain already established on what is without doubt one the very best dedicated residential mobile home parks in Spain. Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

Park La Posada is the exclusive 5 star residential mobile home park in Spain offering both resale mobile homes as well as plots for new mobile homes. It is SO exclusive, it should really be put on your mobile home parks to visit if you are thinking of moving to the Costa del Sol in Spain in order to retire or semi retire. The facilities, lifestyle and security the park offers are unbeatable here in Spain.


For the semi retired, the park also represents a great personal holiday location to begin with. The advantage is that when they do get to retire in a year or two they will already be settled in Spain and part of the established mobile home park community. It makes moving to Spain one day so much easier because the park deals with all the paperwork in advance.

If living on Park La Posada or Paradise Park you will NOT be living on a camping park with camping pitches as well as mobile homes. You will be living on a 100% genuine 5* residential mobile home park. There are NO tourist camping facilities. There are, however, exclusive first class facilities for the residents, their families, or their guests to enjoy. There is also a bi-lingual park reception that takes care of everyone. Not speaking Spanish is never a problem here.

Pre-owned resale mobile homes for sale on the park also makes moving to Spain very easy and affordable as they are already established on the park with full all year decking, aircon fitted and lots of extras. They are not cheap static caravans that are used mainly for two week holidays. These mobile homes are lived in all year.

Costa Difference Ltd is a specialist company with a great Mobile homes for sale in Spain team in place. We began in 2005 by showing Park La Posada to our clients first and foremost because of the sheer quality of the park. When doing so we also show the locations of other mobile home parks in the Antequera area during our dedicated four day three night  Mobile homes for sale in Spain not on camping sites park visits for comparison. In fact,it is fair to say that anyone looking at mobile home parks in the Malaga, Antequera area will ultimately kick themselves one day if they did not visit Park La Posada at the same time. It only takes a quick phone call to arrange a local collection.

We offer a free collection service from Antequera or Mollina to help you come and view Park La Posada, if you are in the area for any reason.

We are also offering a car collection service (includes up to 4 people) from your hotel or apartment so you can enjoy a holiday in one of the following resorts and see the park and area during your stay. There is no need to hire a car if you use this service. From Malaga, Torremolinos and Benalamadena the cost will only be £45 in total for the complete day. Fuengirola the cost will £50 and from Nerja the cost is £60. To book your day out with us, to see the parks and area, please contact us.

For Paradise Park we also offer a 4 day inspection visit costing £79 per person. We also have a one day visit service from Alicante or Benidorm costing 50 Euros for the day and up to 4 people.

Retiring to Spain has been the dream of many people over the years. That will never change no matter what the EU and UK agree to. The better weather used to be the main reason for leaving the UK. Now it is how the neighbourhoods have changed over the years. Many people do not feel at home any more in the UK. On the parks it is very different. All the residents are there for the same reasons, to enjoy life and to have something to look forward to each day. Life can be that simple once retired.

Ready to start your journey to Spain? Have questions we have not answered online? We look forward to hearing from you.